Buying Yaak Bus

Buying Yaak Bus

What’s up everybody I’m on my way to Libby Montana right now to To, ah, buy me a school bus We’re gonna convert it into the sickest tiny home luxury RV, you’ve ever seen. It’s gonna be called the Yaak Bus. you can follow us @yaakbus here on Instagram or on Facebook, but the whole idea is to be able to build this really incredible school bus use it for the launch of our new company and be able to to promote being outside, being outdoors and Allow me to be able to go hunting and fishing for a couple months at a time without having to worry about anything Be totally off-grid, totally self-sufficient it’s gonna be awesome, so I hope you guys enjoy the ride and Over the next three months there’s gonna be lots of videos And it’s gonna be really fun to to see what happens with the project so you guys doing awesome, and we’ll talk to you soon

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