Bye Bye Norco, Hello Devinci! – Bike Check Devinci Wilson | Jordan Boostmaster

Bye Bye Norco, Hello Devinci! – Bike Check Devinci Wilson | Jordan Boostmaster

Well you guys, I have finally moved on from my Norco Truax. While I really enjoyed the bike, it definitely was time for something else. Most of you know the issues I’ve had with it Breaking the frame by crashing into that tree Finding a crack in the weld under that seat post twice in the exact same spot. This past year I was riding the fourth Truax frame That was replaced under warranty You guys were all saying that I need to get a new bike and move on. And I agreed completely but my problem was that I was unsure of what to get. So I just kept riding what I had and I spent 2017 with my eyes peeled for what I would like to ride next. I knew it was finally time to get an 8 inch travel DH bike I’ve been riding for about 14 years And with all that experience you really start to get picky and really know exactly what you like in a bike So I did a lot of research on the geometry specs of a lot of different bikes To try and get what I want and make sure I’m getting the right size for me as well I really wanted to have a 26 inch DH bike since I missed out on those bikes when they were a thing So I looked at some bikes with interchangeable Wheel sizes, but I eventually decided on the 2014 Devinci Wilson So while I was cleaning up my bike I really wanted to take off all the stickers and just make the bike look really nice and clean So here’s a tip, if you want to get rid of stickers or any sticky residue off your bike What you want to do is use paint thinner. just dump some paint thinner onto a cloth and just keep rubbing along that sticky residue That’s on the frame. It may take a few minutes to really get it all off, but it really will work I bought this bike only one week before going to Utah and so I really wanted to make sure it was running well for the trip. After test riding the bike a bunch and Examining it and going through the process of cleaning it up I would notice things like the rear rotor was bent so I had to get a new one, the rear coil had some chips on the paint so that was clearly damaged I found out that it was tightened way too tight which causes stress on the coil I also replaced the frame bearings as well they’re not too expensive. But despite some of those annoyances things like the suspension did feel really good I kind of went all out with cleaning a few different parts like the rims I was surprised how dirty the rims were so I took off the tires, cleaned them up really nice So now let’s take a closer look at what’s really on this bike For the cockpit we’ve got a Funn stem with an Answer handlebar Now, I will be replacing this handlebar soon because I realized I really don’t like the feel this one It’s got a very low amount of rise and it also has no upsweep at all Troy Lee design grips We got Shimano XT Deore brakes, but the front caliper is actually a Saint Quad Piston While the rear caliper is just the regular XT Deore The rotors are Shimano ice tech rotors. I’ve got a nuke proof headset I’ve got some nice yellow Mavic Deemax rims and hubs We’ve got the brand new magic marry on the front It’s the downhill wire bead, Vert Star and on the rear tire is a Maxis Minion So for the suspension I’ve got a rock shocks box or World Cup Solo Air 200 millimeters of course Got a Fox shocks DHX rc4 and I put a 350-pound spring on it and so then we’ve got st. Cranks core pedals the rear derailleur is a ceramics ten speed just an SDG seat We’ve got a straight line bash guard. You can tell it’s definitely got a few bashes on it and You can see the rear triangle is not the original Rear triangle for this bike so it has been replaced at some point and I have no idea What could have happened because the guy bought off of never mentioned anything about it? It’s just something. I noticed afterwards Roll in Aha all the feed Whoa Whoo all right Oh I Do think that the da Vinci Wilson is really great for me that geometry is actually quite nice for me He really does feel like exactly what I was needing in a bike just something a little bit bigger Longer a little bit slacker, but not too much. Just enough for me, and I’m really happy with it Thank you guys for watching If you enjoyed it leave a like and subscribe if you are interested in seeing more be sure to check out my patreon page

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  1. I know it's fucked up….but I was lmfao when you were laying on your bike shirtless unconscious looking!!! On another note.. do you get cable noise from internal routing? Mine was a mf on the troy.

  2. Not sure why you'd want a 26er i had a 2013 wilson for 3 years but i bought a 2017 wilson and the 27.5 wheels are better at everything.

  3. Did you finally get a large frame? I actually prefer the medium frame over a large. Large feels good in air but sluggish around berms and tight trails.

  4. Sadly even the new 650b model have issues with the carbon seatstays. All their owners I know got them replaced under warranty

  5. Nice bike and good tip two get them sicker s of it all the best on your new bike looks good likes ☃️🎄🌬🚵🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚲🛴🦅👏🏻👏🏻🤘🏻👌🏻😜

  6. yo great vid those downhill sections made me cling onto my chair although gopros do make it seem smaller than what they actually are

  7. I want the same bike but the 2012 SL one with a Dorado on it,but soo far what do u think of the bike?
    Dose it perform well in big jumps,Speed stability,and more.Thank's!BTW NOTICE ME senpai.

  8. Using a heat gun to soften the stickers is an alternate way to remove. Solvents can sometimes have an undesired side effect to the finish or material integrity. If you do use a heat gun though, don't get things too hot either as that can go bad as well. The resin in an advanced composite like Carbon fiber has a limit to how much heat it can handle before the resin breaks down and ruins the composite forever.

  9. love your content dude, dont forget you are pushing these bikes to their limits, riding them in the park all the time 🙂 keep up the vids <3

  10. I rented one of these a Silver Star expecting to love it… and I didn't, which I found surprising as I loved my old Devinci Hectik…. much preferred the Intense M16, that bike was super playful.

  11. Hey, anyone mind giving my MTB channel a quick check? I am 18 and I am determined to get recognition for my work, many hours go into each and every video!
    Be sick if you left a sub! Cheers everyone ! 🙂

  12. The rear triangle is the original one. It is made out of aluminum to not stiffen the bike too much and give it a bit of flex.

  13. @Jordan Boostmaster For your bars, check out the vibrocore bars from Spank, I'm using there 777 Bearclaw vibrocore bar, and my arms, after longer rides my arms aren't so fatigued afterwards. It also comes in with the options of a 15-30 degree raise, depending on your choice.

  14. I have the same rear shock, would be nice to know if you put any air in it, it is possible to put air, but do i need it cuz i also have the spring

  15. Congrats on your purchase of the Devinic Wilson! Hey, I strongly recommend using Ronsonol Lighter Fluid to remove decals (stickers)! Try them out. They are cheap and they work. Love your vids, by the way.

  16. Surprised it took you this long, new bike looks great I to made the switch from Norco to a Devinci still wanted to keep it Canadian.

  17. Your bike dont really look fine I'd rather be patient and wait when i have enough money to buy a great new one and not used

  18. OMG!!Back in October of last year I bought the same 2014 Devinci Wilson and just sold my Norco Truax 2. Hahaha!! My Wilson came with I9 wheel set and a RS Viviid RC2 coil rear shock which is awesome!! Upgrades include RS Boxxer RC converted to Team with the new RS Charger Damper. SIck!! 350 coil spring to a 400 spring and Xt Brakes! Love it!!!!

  19. Hi dude, I liked your video, please tell me what do you think about NORCO range A7.2? because I have a bicycle NORKO Fluid LX 2012, a good bike, But I think about Norco range A 7.2 of 2016. Interested in your opinion, is it worth buying or paying attention to another supported bike?

  20. Where about a in Utah did you travel? Planning a trip out to Moab in the near future. Don’t know if I wanna take the DH rig and hit some of the rolling hills or take the trail bike and do the whole enchilada!

  21. This guy LITERALLY has the worst bike info in the world and or the worst bike luck. You'd think after 14 years he'd know what to buy but instead he buys a lemon for a lot of money without knowing it was a lemon from a quick test ride and lookover.

  22. If you crash onto a tree again-knock on wood, hey, what a coincidence-, you have all the reason to scream…


    Save ride, Jordan.

  23. I got an Ellsworth Dare recently…probably a mistake because I'm in Florida and its so flat…there is some great riding right by my house but it's not dh bike stuff…but I got it second hand…just cool to see that I'm not the one riding a used bike…it gets comments from everyone and it was a dream to own one when I was in Cali…to bad I'm not there to bomb now but I love it

  24. i got one too now the only difference is that mine is with the original canecreek double barrel shock and with 2015 fox 40 kashima and avid code brakes . It takes corners like a bat!

  25. Dudeeeeee! It is you! You are that guy that crashed in to the threa!

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