Calculating Taxes : How to Calculate Auto Sales Tax

Calculating Taxes : How to Calculate Auto Sales Tax

So, you’re considering the purchase of a new
or used automobile and you want to know how to calculate sales tax. My name is Faye Jones
and I’m going to talk to you about sales tax calculation on the automobile. The tax rate
on an automobile depends on what state you’re in. There are different tax rates that apply
in different states. For instance, I’m in the state of Florida, in Pinellas County,
and my sales tax rate is 6%, plus a 1% surtax. It also depends on warranties and the titles
and that type of, those types of add-on documents that are involved in the transaction. So,
recap, if you’re going to buy a vehicle, it depends, the tax rate depends on what state
you live in and possibly what county in that state you live in as to how much sales tax
will be charged on that purchase. I suggest you contact your local sales tax authority
and confirm the sales tax rate before your transaction is completed. That way, you can
verify that you’ve been charged appropriate rate on the purchase of your new or used vehicle.
Again, I’m Faye Hill. Thank you.

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