California Car Dealers can save over 37% on their Surety Bond in 2018!

(upbeat music) – [Mike] Hi, this is Mike
from Your Car Dealer Bond, and I wanted to mention
something that we’ve got going. In 2018, we’ve had bonds
just selling off the shelves, in different areas,
either wholesale bonds, and this is either the 10 or
the $50,000 bond, or bond. And then there’s the
retail car dealer bond, and of course those are the $50,000 bond. These are all California,
limits that I’m mentioning. But in 2018, we’re not only offering rates as low as $475 for a $50,000 bond, our one year price for a $10,000 bond is as low as $175 a year, just depending on credit, of course. Also depending on citizenship status, how long you’ve been a dealer. So of course, your experience matters. But you’re gonna notice that
the rates here second to none. And the service is even better. So definitely, if you need a
car dealer bond in California, either a $10,000 or a $50,000 bond, look no further, your car
dealer bond is going to- We think that we can help
you in different ways than any other surety bond
agency in this country. And we’re gonna give you some value that you’re not gonna see anywhere else. And we’re gonna dare you to compare what we’re offering in
comparison to others. And there is a difference
between Cadillac, and there’s a difference between Nissan. And there’s no knock on Nissan, but they’re certainly not Cadillac. And there’s a reason
why people are coming, used car dealers, they’re
coming by the boatloads, either retail and wholesale,
over and switching their bonds, or getting their bonds from day one from Your Car Dealer Bond. And we’d love to show you why. This is Mike from Your Car Dealer Bond. I’m the president of the company. I’m the founder of the company. At this point, I’ve got
over 20 years experience deep in insurance, deep in the bond industry, specifically for California
used car dealers. Again, we help car dealers
across the country, but our niche and our experience
really is overwhelming when you’re looking at
what we do in California. So if you need a car dealer
bond, give us a shot. (car honking) (upbeat music)

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