Camaro SS vs Dodge Challenger RT | STREET RACE!

Camaro SS vs Dodge Challenger RT | STREET RACE!

In this video, you’re going to learn
everything you need to know about this 2016 Camaro SS 6.2. You’re not only going to
learn everything you need to know about this car we’re also gonna take it to the
strip, in Mexico, and we’re going to see what this thing can do against the Dodge
Challenger R/T as you guys know we did have a Camaro SS
race on this channel unfortunately that car was way to modified!
It was not a fair match! It wasn’t fair! That’s right I said it! So you know what
guys we’re gonna see what this stock Camaro SS can do against this pretty
much stock off challenger r/t this is the rematch I’m Jeff from modern muscle
two and three and today you’re gonna learn everything you need to know about
this 2016 Camaro SS 6.2 alright guys I am here with marrow kid
and his 2016 Camaro SS and he’s going to tell us everything we need to know about
it all right yeah so what do we got right here so we got a 2016 Camaro 2ss
wrapped in army green pretty much stock everything except for flowmaster outlaw
it’s all ok ok so this is the 6.2 450 horsepower pretty that’s there it’s
pretty much the scat pack trim of the Camaros to want to start her up damn it’s loud all right well that’s
sounded pretty good want to go for riding it alright alright
guys we’re gonna go for ride you can see how fast it is and if I should back out
of the race dan you’re even Google down alright guys it’s time to answer the
age-old question the Dodge Challenger r/t faster than a Camaro SS 6.2 what do
you think you know alright well we’re about to find out because we are going
to my favorite place in the entire world it’s called Mexico we’re gonna go to
Mexico and we’re gonna see what this baby can do all right you want a hunk all right yep stand it all right still like a 25000 summon you are Oh all right guys the race is over and it
didn’t go well your thoughts are they pretty good I
think I could have done better oh yeah okay okay how so I get better
front tires maybe okay if I get better you happy Ned owes these things I don’t
know but you are not skipping at all you had really good grip on these things and
I think I had a I did a video with another guy I think he sounds like a
hell caddy I like a thousand horsepower think I had the exact same ones you have
okay and these are track and the road okay these are really sticky yeah okay
yeah I think that was an advantage and then guys I made another huge mistake
so in anticipation of this video I thought that I could get upper hand by
taking off my spare tire so I took it out yeah so I try to give myself an
upper hand what’s going on guys so it’s the day right before the race and I have
a really good idea I’m gonna take out the spare tire in my car
therefore I’ll get a really good chance to you know really beat this Camaro SS I
cannot wait guys I think this is really going to help don’t tell
you’ll never know but honestly guys I think it ended up making my car slower
one thing I noticed was that I didn’t really get a lot of traction I feel like
my traction is a lot weaker now I think the car has a second delay due to the
fact that the weight is gone from outside of the car from the back of the
car so I think that’s what’s happening with it all my other races I’ve never had it
like an issue where like I would always go but this time it would skip and I
would have to wait and you’re already gone but by the time I even started
moving so this isn’t that fast but this thing definitely needs to have a spare
tire so I’m doing another video like today so I’m gonna go back home and put
that shit back immediately cuz that was a huge mistake on my part
you guys are wondering if you take out the back tire of your car it’s not gonna
help or it helped me in my case oh I figured actually gives me an advantage
with the weight on the back of the car any other things and thoughts girl your
car’s loud he’s loud okay of course I kept back yeah yeah yeah and these ones
here man these things are fast really really fast 450 horsepower it’s no joke
it’s fast that’s what people are saying if you were saying dude why even racing
SS is like you they’re not they’re not an RT level huh Mike yeah well is there
another v8 a video one okay so that so this is the entry-level VA you’re all
your v8 starting at 450 basically shit okay yeah so I don’t think there’s
really nothing blows the v6 think I could be that one damn okay all right
well I think I’m done with these SS cuz they’re definitely I guess out of my uh
my fare they’re faster anything Instagram maro
kid arrow Kade underscore if you want to learn more about his 2016 Camaro 2ss
very nice interior you guys know all my information do it like it subscribe
thanks King guys hope to see you soon until next time

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  1. Modern muscle if you plan to race a 6.2 or a 5.0 you gotta step up to the 6.4, I like Camaros but stock vs stock… No comparison, Mopar for the W.

  2. ur mandark laugh tho lol…..ur talking about being fair in the beginning then u race a 5.7 against a 6.2 like wtf? haha

  3. Your car needs gearing badly. It also seems that the reaction time between you mashing the pedal and your car reacting is way off. Maybe a tune that also has a transmission tune might help.

  4. Dumb comparison. Why is a Mopar 5.7L V8 racing a Chevy LT1 6.2L V8? The Mopar 6.4L V8 Scat Pack is the proper Mopar engine to race this guys car.

  5. Go trade that dodge in and really walk the walk in Camaro SS. No hard feelings that that dodge is like heavy battle ship, next to an sleek smooth Camaro SS. Don’t waist anymore of your money in the pit

  6. what if the police officer is just sitting on the side of the road then they see you speeding then he might give you a ticket

  7. This is a pointless waste of time there nowhere near matched he's initiating start every time and u drive like a paraplegic thanks for wasting ten mins of my life …

  8. It’s funny a spare tire in the trunk won’t make any difference 😂 lol. By the way the 6gen LT1 SS IS 455 horse power not 450 STOCK. A Camaro 3.6 v6 is just as fast 💨 as your RT. 😐

  9. What does the challenger have to make it sound like that asking for myself cause I want mine to have that mean sound as well

  10. In we have a HSV GTS R W1in Australia that would eat both of them and just from the factory stock as is when it comes to muscle cars you loose

  11. It’s pretty obvious that u don’t know shit about racing or cars what so ever…. how can u compare an rt with an ss wtf went through ur mind😂 plus American muscle cars or rear wheel drive cars don’t race from 0 on a public road …. do us a favor and delete ur channel .. 😁

  12. 2ss ftw! i can't wait to get the new 10 speed! or a used 2016 or 2017 vette stingray, which eats camaro's due to less weight, better traction.

  13. So I have a stock 17 Camaro RS LT2 V6 manual and I raced a 17 Challenger RT w/ scat pack… And we were head to head!! I was like wtf!! I figured he would blow me out of the water!! So I went home and looked up 0-60 times it says RT S/P is 4.4, and the Camaro V6 is 5.1 (even though I have gotten 4.9). But that's insane!! That just blows my mind!

  14. A few mods to the RT and he would be on par with the SS. But stock for stock displacement always wins.

  15. I doubt a tire will make a big difference. I think you holding a camera while driving is a problem.

  16. Im a dodge challenger fan but rt doesn't stand against camaro ss now an challenger str8 , hellcat, and demon would smoke that camaro

  17. Bruh complete bias over chevy u couldntve used the rs over the ss or the srt over the rt? And u said last match wasnt fair but this isny fair at all

  18. Stock it not as fast but you can make that 5.7 fast enough to smoke the camaro but i would like to see that ss race a hellcat lol stock

  19. Finally a real result.
    If the SS was smoking you like that then the 6.4 you raced should of did same if not better.

  20. Man I already know how you feel that you want to win that race but you really want to win in a race. But damn you need to get a new car like a scat Pack or shaker 6.4l thoes can pull quicker in stick or automatic they don't play 😈😈😈😈😈

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