Can a Disabled Person Drive a Tesla?

Can a Disabled Person Drive a Tesla?

[Cambry] This is the first car I’ll drive
in 2019. Should I give you a warning? Ready, set, go! [Music Playing] So if you remember back when I made the off-road
wheelchair and surprised Cambry with it, there were a lot of questions in that video of how
she can drive a car. Cambry, can you drive a car? [Cambry] Yeah, I just use hand controls. [Zack] Would you like to show everyone how
you use these hand controls in a Tesla? [Cambry] Yeah! Let’s get started. [Intro] So a lot of people think that Tesla autopilot
is a way to get from point A to point B, but that’s not quite the case yet. It still requires, you know, a driver. And everything that Cambry needs to drive
this car is in this bag. They are called hand controls, and I’m going
to show you how they work. [Zack] So this is Cambry’s first time actually
driving the Tesla, and this particular style of hand controls…every hand control is a
bit different and this is more of a temporary solution. [Cambry] The ones in my car are permanently
bolted in, and you operate a little bit differently than these ones will. [Zack] But they have the same basic principle. So right now these temporary hand controls
are set up around…there’s a strap around the steering wheel. This one goes down to the gas pedal. And this one goes down to the brake pedal. So as she grabs this lever right here, pushes
in for the brake, and then she pulls back for the gas pedal. And that’s how she can drive. Are you ready? [Cambry] I’m ready! [Zack] Let’s do it. [Cambry] I feel really nervous. [Zack] Okay! [Cambry] This is the first car I’ll drive
of 2019. [Zack] It’s a good car to start with. Alright, is your seat belt on? Safety first. Explain to us how this setup is different
than the setup in your Subaru. [Cambry] In my setup, if I push forward, it’s
the brake, and down is the gas. But if I go down, nothing’s going to happen. So it’s just…there’s going to be a learning
curve. [Zack] Are you ready? Moment of truth. Okay, I’m going to explain how this works. So in order to work this whole thing, make
sure the brake’s on like it is right now, pressed in. Remember, pulling back towards you is the
gas pedal. If you want to put it into park, it’s this
button right here. If you want it to go into drive, you click
it down hard all the way. And that gave us the D right there, which
means we are in drive. And so if you release on the brake, like if
you just let go of the hand controls for a second… [Cambry] You want me to? [Zack] Yeah. Nothing’s going to happen. [Cambry] You tell me after! [Zack] And the reason nothing happened is
because here on the display panel, we don’t have creep enabled. So the car is never going to roll forward
by itself. Now remember, the hand controls are pretty
sensitive. So if you pull back slowly, then we’ll start
inching forward. [Cambry] And there’s a chance I might not
have to use the brakes as much as I would in my Subaru. [Zack] Exactly, because of the regenerative
braking. But you’ll…you’ll get a feel for that as
we go. There you go! [Cambry] Just taking baby steps! 10 miles an hour. [Zack] How does the regenerative braking feel? [Cambry] It’s nice. I feel like I’m…like I’m not applying the
brakes, but it just feels like it’s naturally slowing like I would with a brake. [Zack] You got the hang of this! So regenerative braking is actually pretty
awesome. A) you never have to use your brake pads so
you hardly ever have to change out components on the Tesla because it’s a super simple design. You have your internal motor and then your
batteries. There’s no oil changes…nothing like that. The nice thing about it is that A) it’s slowing
down for you, but B) it’s also charging the batteries in the Tesla. So you’re actually gaining mileage as you’re
gong down hills or you’re coming to a stop. It’s using that energy and putting it right
back into the batteries again, which is pretty cool. You ready for the acceleration? [Cambry] I can just gun it. [Zack] You’re right. Cameras are going. [Cambry] Do you want a verbal warning? Like ready, set, go! [Music Playing] [Zack] Very nice! That is sweet! Phew! So Cambry has the hand controls figured out
pretty well. We’re going to take it on the freeway and
we’re going to try out something called autopilot, which is kind of a game changer for the disabled
community. A lot of people, like I mentioned before,
think autopilot is a way to get from point A to point B, but that’s seriously not quite
the case yet. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, calls autopilot
more of a hands-on system instead of a self-driving system. We’re currently on the freeway, and there
are pretty well defined lines on either side. And right here there’s a little gray indicator
saying that the car is ready for autopilot. So we’re going to have Cambry just tap twice
down on this joystick. This notification is now blue and the car
is driving itself. [Cambry] This is…wow! [Zack] How are you feeling? [Cambry] Anxious. [Zack] Ha ha! She’s watched me do this, but she’s never
been the one in control. This is the hands-on self-driving system. Cambry still has to stay alert. So about every 30 seconds or so the car will
make sure that the driver is awake and alert by having them apply light force to the steering
wheel. But the nice thing is that Cambry doesn’t
have to use her hand controls when she’s in this autopilot mode right now. Her hands are completely free. [Cambry] This is so weird. I’m always using my hands to drive in one
way or another, like even with cruise control. Like I can’t be free with my hands. [Zack] There’s a curve in the road and the
car is handling everything for us. It is going around this curve in the road
and keeping us a safe distance from other cars. So you can see all the other cars in position
around us. So you can see that car in front of us just
passed, and you can see it on the screen right there. And then right here it says apply light force
to the steering wheel and then it lets you go back into hands-free mode again. Perfect. Very nice. Okay, so we’re still in the Tesla. We’re going to try out autopilot again here
on this road. This one’s a little bit more curvy, so we’ll
see if Cambry likes it. Alright, the green icon is there. Double tap down. Alright, the road is turning. How are you feeling? The car’s doing all the work for you. [Cambry] Yeah, well I got nervous the first
time it turned on. So we have 3 lanes right now, and because
I know this road, it’s going to end up in just 2. It’s now…oh, I’m not even doing anything,
it just did the signal and it moved us over to the other lane. [Zack] Yeah. [Cambry] Okay, that’s awesome. And we’re still in autonomous driving. I just signaled and it found an opportune
time to turn. [Zack] It’s way easier than driving a normal
car. So what are your thoughts on autopilot? [Cambry] It’s a little nerve wracking right
now just because I’m not used to it. But it’s pretty incredible. [Zack] One of the reasons the Model 3 has
such a big screen in the center is so that they can actually watch movies while they
are driving down the road. Autonomous driving is still, you know, five
or ten years out. There are so many like regulatory approvals
they have to go through. Right now if you turn on autopilot, it’ll
still blow through stop signs and stoplights. So you still have to have a driver making
sure the autopilot is not going to mess up. But it’s still, you know, pretty fun. The cool thing about owning a Tesla is that
it gets constant updates. So right now where the autonomous driving
is, you know, pretty much just on the freeway or on roads that have well defined lines. It’s going to get improved over the next 5
or 10 years, and this car already has the hardware to get those software updates. It has the cameras and the sensors all around
the side. So when fully autonomous driving is finally
legal, we won’t have to go out and buy a new car. This one just receives a software update and
it’s ready to go. So one thing people might not think about
is when they’re parking, obviously handicap parking stalls usually have like a space next
to them where the wheelchair can get in and out. Cambry, have you ever had any problems with
parking before? [Cambry] Yeah, when all the handicapped parking
spots are taken, I’ll have to go to a normal spot. I try and make as much room between the car
and my car so that I can open the door wide enough to get out, but I can’t guarantee that
that car is going to stay where it is, and that when I come back there’s not going to
be another car close to me. [Zack] True, because her door has to be all
the way open to get from her wheelchair into the driver’s seat. Now normally, we wouldn’t think twice about
this situation with the Tesla right behind us and a car right next to us. But with Cambry, she can’t fit through that
tiny little gap, but Teslas have something called Summon, which is pretty cool. Elon has also said that you will be able to
drive your car like a little remote control from your phone in the future. As of right now though, it’s just forward
and back when your phone is within range. And I’ll show you how that works. So all we have to do is just jump down here
into summon. It gets the vehicle ready for us, and then
we can go forward and reverse right now. So we’re just going to bring it forward. The car turns on. No one is driving right now. Totally controlling it from my phone. And it even steered a little bit to avoid
me standing here, which is pretty cool. And there is nobody in the car! [Cambry] And there’s plenty of space to get
in. [Zack] So Cambry, what do you think of the
Summon feature in the car? [Cambry] It’s an awesome feature that opens
up doors for more individuals with disabilities. Um, and I also think it kind of makes the
car feel a little bit more life-like. So it’s fun! It’s like a little puppy. Like, come here little puppy! [Zack] One interesting thing about Teslas
is if you walk into the Tesla dealership and just buy one outright, you don’t get a whole
lot of special perks. But, if you use someone’s code, usually there’s
a perk attached with it. Like currently right now, you get 6 months
of free super charging. That’s like getting 6 months of free gas for
your gas powered car. It’s pretty cool. The perks do change with time. So if you are interested in buying a Tesla,
I will leave my code right here for you so you can get that 6 months of free super charging. And down in the video description. So now only are Teslas some of the quickest
and most powerful cars on the market, but they are also the closest cars to the fully
self-driving that is the future. And I’m excited to see where things go. If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments. I’m sure Cambry will be there to answer them
for ya. And thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. If no one mentioned it already, it's "person with a disability", not disabled person. Having a disability is an attribute of the person, it doesn't define them.

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