Can One Bike Do It All? | Blake Races The Sea Otter Downhill And Cross Country On A Hardtail

Can One Bike Do It All? | Blake Races The Sea Otter Downhill And Cross Country On A Hardtail

– Welcome back you beautiful people. I’m out here in Sea Otter and I’ve got my one
bike, my Nukeproof Scout. It’s a Hardtail and I’m going to put myself to a challenge to two races. The downhill and the cross country, ahhh can’t wait. (upbeat music) (vortex closing) Right, my first event that
I’m going to be taking part in is the downhill race,
the Hardtail category. This is my Hardtail, this
is my Nukeproof Scout. I’m running plus size tires on this bike. It’s definitely going to help
me on those rough sections because there’s a lot of
traffic on this track. Now apparently it’s quite short. It’s just a few jumps at the top and then it gets a little
bit rough down the bottom but there’s a lot of
pedalling so the Hardtail is definitely going to come
into its element for sure. Now I am clipped in. When I like to race the Hardtail, I found that being clipped into a bike is definitely going to
help me because it’s rough and I don’t want my feet to bounce off. Now the front end of my bike, I’m running super plush because
that’s the only suspension I’ve got apart from this nice
2.6 Der Baron tire on the rim. So I’m clipped in, I’m
running a full face, I’ve got my number board up the front, apart from that I slam
the saddle super far down. That’s it and I’m clipped in. That’s my whole set up for downhill. The cross country’s a
lot different though. (upbeat music) Oh this is first day of practice on my Hardtail doing the downhill. It’s windy and I know
there’s some jumps in it so I’m going take it easy. This is my first run in so
I’m just going to take a look. I’ll see you in a bit. (upbeat music) Oh, gate. I don’t like the gate. Just brings nerves. First run, chill. (upbeat music) Literally just cruising,
just to see what it’s like. Scoot! Whoa. Oh that’s a bit rough through there hey. Rough, rough. Pedalling to the finish which the Hardtail is
going to be at, amazing. Day one of practice went really well. Was all about trying to find
the fastest line on the trail. Basically just finding
my line for the race. Now I’m not going to
lie, it was super rough but very, very fast. Now it’s time to head back to the hotel, get an early night because
tomorrow is another big day. (moans) All right after 24 hours
and laying in my hotel bed, might as well be called hospital bed with food poisoning, I’m
all right a little bit. It’s Saturday, it’s race day and it’s time for downhill on my Hardtail. I’m excited and I’ve
only done one run on it but I’ve come super early. Came through on the mist over Sea Otter. It looks beautiful, it’s warm, there’s no wind today which is perfect. I’m going to set up my rig,
going to set up a few things and go up to the start
and do some practice runs ’cause I need a little bit more practice and my tummy is, it’s all right, it’s all right. (upbeat music) (car hoots)
Done. 10 minutes, let’s go. Not going to lie, I probably won’t even
get practice by 10:23. Look at the line, it goes
all the way down to there and the start is right at the top. Like I’m going to be sat in
that queue for, like till start. There’s no practice. Cool. (upbeat music) Feels awkward now with a camera in my face and everyone around me. (upbeat music) Nearly at the top. We still got like, probably a hundred more
riders in front of us and by this rate, I think
we’re only going to do one run and then lift up and then I got wait ages. So I might go and get
a coffee or something and a cake, yeah. (upbeat music) (bike rides on dirt trail) I need to put more tire pressure in here. My rear’s too soft. Whoa. (bike skids on tar)
(chuckles) Oh my goodness me, one and done. Practice over but I jumped
all the jumps apart from three. There was a step down
which I forgot was there but I know where it is so
I’m going to jump that, then there’s fast flat out bit, then there’s another, I got it. I did say on camera when I was riding, I need to put more
pressure in this rear tire ’cause it came into a turn
and it just went whoop and I was like ooh don’t burp because that’ll definitely
ruin your race run. Now, quick bite to eat. I need to be up the top for two pm. That’s when my race run starts. I’m actually really excited
about it ’cause it’s super fun. The jumps at the top are
sick and then the rest is, pretty flat out and I like it. There’s one section, then
there’s another one that’s like, little rollers. They can catch you out. I think I can just gap
the whole lot really. All right. Few bits, put pressure in, get ready, have something to eat, race run.
– Ow! (chuckles)
– Sorry Jack. (upbeat music) Right I’m on time. Actually they’re running
a little bit late. I just went up there to speak to them and they’re running half an hour late so I want to go down to the jumps but I haven’t seen any
Hardtail riders anywhere. We’re a dying breed man. Hopefully I got someone to race against. I’m going to go entertain
myself with some jumps. (upbeat music) I’ll see you at the bottom. We got daily MTB Josh in front of me. – What’s up dudes.
(chuckles) (timer goes off)
– Two, one, go! Hi Blake.
– Hello. – Count you down?
– Yeah. – Three, two, one, go!
(timer goes off) (upbeat music) (audience cheer in background) Oh, that’s horrible. (bike rides on dirt trail) – Is you senior?
– Yeah. Nice one.
– Good one. – Good job.
– Good job. Whoa. Hardtail, done. Now it’s time for cross country. No. So just finished downhill. Now I’m going to have to set
up my bike for cross country but I need to put these tokens in my forks but I don’t have the tool
to put these tokens in. So I’m going to wander around the pits and these guys definitely
will have something for me to help me put in these tokens ’cause we’re all here to have fun and everyone’s here to help. Aw, that’s a nice Jeep. That is a freaking nice Jeep. First of, let me get a
picture of this Jeep. Look at that Porsche. Nice. No Jeep though. Those guys might have, they might have. All right, look at this.
(chuckles) Got tools. (air releases) So, what I’m doing is I’m taking this off so I can place these in there and what these do, it gives you more
progression that’s for sure. Look at that, I’ve only got two in there. Now, this fork can take
five so I’ve got four here. Now, that’s definitely
giving me more progression plus I can run a little harder front end for the cross country
because I don’t want this to be bobbing when I’m climbing. So that is my first little tech bit that I’m going to change about my bike. The next will be my wheels and my tires. Now we’re talking wheels here. So I’m changing up my wheels from basically my everyday wheel and
what I use for the downhill. Now I’m moving over to these ones. These are the FSA SLK Full Carbon wheel. Now I haven’t got my discs on yet but the weight difference is insane. Here’s the numbers on the
screen, are pretty crazy. Look at that. I’m definitely going to
feel a difference between the weight difference
between these carbon ones and these pretty aggressive build wheel. Do you know what, this is my first ever race
at a cross country race and it’s an international one. Does that mean I’m going to be racing cross country more often. Well let us know in
the comments down below if you want to see more cross country. Nice. It’s light, lighter than it was but it’s still not full
blown cross country bike but I have transformed it into something that is going to be little bit easier to pedal around that huge course. That is all ready for tomorrow. Now to go home and have a good rest. (upbeat instrumental music) Oh, ready as I can be. The start line is underneath us, on the track and then we go up into the hills and I know everyone
else, Neil, Doddy, Steve, GMBN and EMBN crew all
on track to shout at me. Give me advice and stuff. (wind hits mouth) (chuckles) So this is the warm up lap. (chuckles) This is the warm up area and yeah. Just going to get ready to warm up. I drop in about 10 minutes time. There’s one thing that’s
quite prominent here. Lycra, Lycra, ooh free ride. But there’s Lycra, Lycra,
Lycra, Lycra, Lycra, Lycra. I’m just keeping it free ride man. Baggies all the way. Back to my roots. I should of brought
Lycra, maybe next time. (upbeat music) – Go! – [Steve] Go Blake, come on – [Steve] Push it,
push it, push it, Go on. How you feeling, nice or super nice? – Nice, already.
(chuckles) (upbeat music) – [Steve] Yeah Blake, let’s go! – [Neil] Let’s go Blake. (upbeat music) (Blake panting) Ahhh nice, nice. I thought it was supposed to be 14 miles. I’ve done here like 18 miles. That was so, so good. I thought I was going to cramp up. – I saw you, that was amazing.
– So so good. The trail is amazing.
– Yeah I know. – Ah there you go. Doesn’t matter what bike you have, Hardtail for the win. Even though I didn’t win.
(chuckles) So there you go. A Hardtail can do anything. Just with a few tweaks for
two different disciplines, I got to race downhill and cross country. What should I do next on the Scout. Maybe the longest downhill
race in the world. The Megavalanche, can it actually do it? Don’t know, let us know in the comments down
below if I should try. Now if you want to stick around, don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe ’cause you’re missing
out on some rad stuff. If you want to keep
watching us guys on GMBN then don’t forget to hit this little video right at the side. CX Bike versus XC Bike. Give us a thumbs up like and I’ll see you at the next one, see ya.

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  1. Wow great races! Love that you did xc race and 7th is unbelievable for that bike! Well done. Love that gmbn crew came out to support you!

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    Anyway, off topic. I like comfort. Unless you’re racing and winning really matters please use some common sense 🍻

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