Can You Daily Drive an Old Project Car?

Can You Daily Drive an Old Project Car?

Can you daily drive a project car? Alright, so obviously we all have
different kinds of project cars. We’ve got guys building their cars for the
track, we’ve got restorations like mine, lowriders, stance boys, we’ve got cars
built for the drag strip, cars built to drift. Obviously each different kind of
project car comes with it’s own different challenges. Can you daily drive an old
beat-up car? Alright look, let me tell you a couple of my stories.. driving my
project. Or let me, so I daily drove the Datsun for a very long time. I actually, I
lived in Pensacola. I used to drive up to Atlanta and back once or twice every
single month, and it sucked. It really sucked. I actually got to the point where
I was scared of this car. I actually ended up selling it for a more reliable
car at one point, which didn’t work out because I bought it back a year later.
Thankfully I was able to find it again on Craigslist. So let me let me tell you
a couple of my stories about driving this car. So I was 17 when I bought it,
and I didn’t know, you know, anything about cars. I knew what kind of cars I
thought were cool. I didn’t know how to work on a car, or what precautions to
take, so right after buying it, like within the first couple weeks, it had
really really old tires. And, so I’m driving it down the street, and I
hear “Bang!” and one of the old dry rotted tires actually blew up and ripped off
half of the front passenger side fender. Keep in mind you’ll definitely get
pulled over a lot in an old car, because something’s always broken. Whether you
know it or not, something is always broken. I mean I’ve been pulled over, I’ve
been pulled over countless times in this Datsun. Luckily I’ve never gotten a
ticket, but for some light will be out.. There’s always a light out. Lights are
always going out in this car. It’s crazy. Just, there’s always something wrong with
it. And so, what, while your daily driving
this car… You’ll notice there’s a big difference in your progress when you
have a daily driver. When you have a daily driver you’ll end up doing more of
the things you want to do to your car. You’ll end up doing more of the fun stuff.
Whereas while your daily driving it you have to do the boring stuff. You’re gonna
have to be replacing hoses. You’re gonna have to be fixing wiring. You’re gonna
have to be doing all sorts of stuff that’s just, it’s not, not what you
thought you signed up for you know? But that’s part of it, and that’s the.. that’s
what’s gonna teach you how to work on cars really. Having a project car that
you can daily drive is awesome, really. Everywhere you take it out someone’s
gonna want to talk to you. Everywhere you go, somebody wants to, you know, tell you
about their car, or hear what you have done to it, And it’s cool, and you
actually meet a lot of people that way. I mean honestly it’s an awesome
experience and you learn a lot about cars when you’re forced to work on it
all the time, but things are gonna go wrong, and some of the things that go
wrong are gonna be really expensive, and if you don’t have anything to fall back
on, it’s not fun. See the problem for people
like us is that if you have a project car, chances are you really like cars. So
chances are when you pick out a daily driver, it’s not gonna be a cheap
reliable daily driver. You’re gonna pick out something else fun, and then your
money is way split. Is it worth it to daily drive your old project car? I think
it is. I think it’s a good experience. I think it’ll teach you, you know, a lot of
what you need to know if you are really into cars. Having a project car that you
actually daily drive while everyone else’s is sitting in the garage is really cool.
You know, it’s a little bit of bragging rights. Is it smart? No. It’s.. it’s not
smart. I don’t think my Datsun will ever be a daily driver again, because it’s fun
for a while until something breaks. And people are scary. Other drivers, as you
know, are terrifying. And when you’re in a 40 year old car, if you get into a wreck
it’s.. it’s toasted. It’s gone. Bye-bye. So it really comes down to how much you
love this car, and how much money you have. If you enjoyed this video, make sure
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See y’all next time.

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  1. Ive always totally rebuilt my old cars then drove them daily from my first car when I was 16.. A right hand drive bug eye sprite, Ive had a lot of datsun Z cars , old mini coopers, lotus europas, VW scirraco, side curtain sprites, Austin Healey 100-4 and other sports cars when they were "just used and old cars" I always worked normal jobs to afford to fix them , Im not a trust fund baby .Im 64 and building 2 datsun Z cars.Both will be daily drivers .One as a raised All terrain Datsun Z. Driven in the North East the other a lowered Florida car.
    A project daily / can let you down do to worn. Parts. Of coarse looking at every component in the car to estimate failure…helps to buy most needed parts first eventually its mechanically sound.
    Harbour Frieght becomes a good
    Also buying parts online before they fail saves you money and peice of mind if it does go, you already have it.
    If its a classic car.
    Buy a "buyers guide" from Classic Motorbooks.
    It will detail known trouble areas with your car…being prepared always helps..
    And now we have YOUTUBE every thing you need is on a forum or on a youtube channel ….this is the fastest help a man/women with a broke down car can get!

  2. The thing about driving your classic daily. You can find your car in a Parking lot.
    You become a celebrity everybody wants to talk about the car, or tell you their story.
    You never have to push it off the road alone. Volunteer s come out of the wood work to help.
    You become a true expert on your car….so much so, you dont trust any garage to work on it "properly"
    You know all the parts you replaced,… And all the ones , you havent replaced!
    You know a Haynes manual is very useful and a Chilton is useless.
    You know exactly how much gas you have at any given moment.
    You know no body can steal it, because you know they dont know , all the tricks to start it and to keep it running. ( self built security system)
    You will always be , either very early for an appointment or fashionable late….planning even a local trip is a complete adventure.
    You are very very smart as a Eagle Scout , your prepared, you carry tools and spare parts, and a flash light.
    You have replaced your wind up jack for a small floor jack.
    You know how to tighten your lug nuts in a criss cross pattern and how to tighten them so a wheel does fly off "AGAIN".
    You have hand cleaner and clean rags….so you dont look like a bum to your GF.
    You some times smell like exhaust fumes , but rolling the window down for a few brisk miles
    Helps the smell fade a good bit and you just look and smell "outdoorsy"
    You understand just how unique you are , you have so many adventures every time you go for a drive. While every one else just goes from point A to point B asleep at the wheel.
    Your mind is racing to think what could be next …and how will be the best way to fix it and get to where Im going "AND BACK!
    Complete and UTTER Satisfaction…..that only another Car guy/girl that drives their classic as a Daily can understand !
    Road Warrior to Road Warrior.
    There is NOTHING you cant fix…
    …….now where are my vise grips..

  3. Shit, I've always loved Datsun Zed cars. The 280ZX is the ones I always liked the least just because it looked like an ugly version of the S30s. Seeing yours has made me look at it in a different light. Thanks man.

  4. I think its good to daily your project car
    Good for learning
    Good for knowing your car
    Good for your safety cuz you HAVE to fix the thing otherwise you wont be able to drive
    And, yeah ! its funny

    two drawbacks :
    rust, using it more y know it'll rust faster -> good excuse for a complete rust proofing
    and yeah he mentioned it, accidents/wreck could be deadly

  5. I daily my project. It is a commitment and forces me to learn and make progress on the project. There will be plenty of road side time and plenty of busted knuckles. It is a love hate relationship haha

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