Can You Destroy a Toyota Camry

Can You Destroy a Toyota Camry

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about the indestructibility of the old Camrys in this case it’s a 93 Camry with
a four-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission now it may look a little
beat-up as we walk around it and when we look inside it looks like goats have
been chewing on the armrest in the middle and yeah the paint’s faded it’s
got a different door on the gas cap here on the tail light it even size crack and
someone smashed into the trunk the electrical window doesn’t work anymore
and you can see the hood on the driver’s side even though it’s closed that’s a
big gap from being hip where the other side it’s still relatively normal but it
still runs like a clock got 318 thousand miles on it but the air-conditioning
still blows cold as ice and even though it’s only got a four-cylinder engine and
an automatic transmission look at this it still takes off like a rocket ship
got plenty of acceleration and sure it balances quite a bit one you
hit bumps well hey the shocks and struts are all worn out on it but it
still goes down the highway now this was a luxury model has
the pneumatic struts to hold the hood up instead of having that little rod on it
and amazingly enough they still working hold the hood up no you see my customers
modified it he’s got these giant wires cuz he put a fancy stereo system on it
but the old toy alternator is still good enough to run all that power back in 93
when they were making these things they over engineered them so they lasted and
the 2200 cc four-cylinder engine they could run for
ever this 93 has got the original engine the original transmission the
original air conditioner they built those things to last sure maybe they
didn’t paint them they couldn’t most day he saw the hood but hey it’s still
running and it’s not rusty it’s just corroding and check this out look at the
headlamps 1993 they made them better in those days know when he’s first came out
I had customers at bottom and they said we road tested one and thought oh it’s got a v6 or v8 engine it they open the hood and see it’s only a
four-cylinder engine that is one well-designed four-cylinder engine now
they didn’t sell many of these in the United States with the 5-speed standard
transmission spot years ago I had a customer special order one and that
thing could burn rubber in all five gears it was an extremely fast car but
it made him mad because back in a day if you got the standard 5-speed
transmission you couldn’t get it with power windows so he had to buy it with
hand crank windows and he was mad cuz he wanted power windows but back then they
didn’t make them now they were well thought out car to a cavernous trunk
that goes on and on and back seats in a Japanese car back then they had a lot of
room you didn’t feel like you were squeezed into a sardine pan now sure
this car seemed better cosmetic days but it still runs like a clock heck I got my
youngest son one of these ages ago use he ran it into walls even flattened all
the tires one time but the thing just kept going it had a lot of dings and
ripples in him and I got a lot parts from junkyards like hoods and things
when he kept breaking them know where we go order the car you can see they still
got some of these plastic pieces you can take them and throw them away but the
main thing about these are the big solid metal right here so even if you went
over a speed bump rather than hitting the bottom of the engine it would just
scrape this part of the frame which is a great design on these cars it certainly
saved it when my son was driving his a bottom of that thing man it was all
scraped but it hadn’t touched the engine or transmission and a big advantage even
if you own one today as tell many of the parts are interchangeable
give me an aftermarket door handles really it’s just two different ones so I
applies the gradient even back then I think I bring one the other day took me
like five minutes on the internet till I found one three blocks down the street
at an autozone and it cost me less than a hundred bucks the whole brand-new
radio they’re still cheap to drive and repair and being that old ditch your
tiny sinks is dirt cheap because after all they’re just a four-cylinder engine
I drove one from here to Big Bend with speed limits 85 and I went 90
once I got outside San Antonio the speed limit went up to 85 the whole way
no problem we’re all cruising down there and back other than having indigestion
for meeting at a really bad Mexican restaurant near the border he’s all
Camrys were pretty much indestructible monsters with just a tiny bit of
maintenance and if you want to get the ultimate rat car hey this old camry
could be the car for you so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I had 320,000 miles on my 95 Camry. I sold it recently. In 18 years I replaced the EGR, the thermostat and alternator. I kind of regret selling it.

  3. A solid argument could be made for that generation of Camry to be the most reliable vehicle ever built. I just saw one on Craigslist yesterday with 130k on it advertised for $2,400—with decent maintenance, that car still has 200k left in it

  4. My pops has the 5 speed Celica with the same 2.2 5SFE engine as that Camry and with over 200k miles still running strong. Very reliable engine.

  5. There it is, I'm getting my wife one of these. 35 years old and just getting her license. Looks like it will be a great first car.

  6. Hey how are you? I am hoping you will reply or someone that knows about cars! I am looking for a car (first car) A guy has 1993 Toyota Camry Le for 1200! He just told me he kept the tires rotated and oil changed. It has 232k miles the inside is SPOTLESS,& the outside is SPOTLESS!!! Would you buy it?

  7. My Dad lives in San Antonio & He has always had Camry's. Now He has a 2006 with 107K that has always been serviced by the Dealer. He has been buying Toyota's from the same Dealer & having the same mechanic for years ~ they even moved locations & he stuck with them…

  8. Back in 2015 I sold my 1996 camry with 196k miles for $2100 when I was in college. I thought the car was near the end of its life. Had I known Scotty's channel at that time, I would keep the car and it could probably run another 200k miles, haha. But the good thing is that I bought a new camry to replace the old one. So I'm going to see how many miles can I put on this one before I destroy it. hahaha

  9. Most Insurance companies in Canada want touch older cars, they think they are slouch a "Risk", ooohh! So they charge a ton more.

    Probably safer than some new Kia made out of tinfoil with an under-designed suspension.

  10. I never really paid much attention to these older Camrys. Now that I own one I see them all over the place. Seldom do I go a day without seeing at least half dozen still on the road. I bought a 2001 V6 and was surprised how well made it is. Mine had 140K and still drives with no rattles. I have put a fair amount of money into it, BUT I know what I have and most stuff is easy to do and parts don't cost an arm & a leg.

  11. The Japanese are smart. Why didn't they take over Hawaii in WW2? It would have been interesting. Thanks for the great cars, Japan.

  12. Used to own a 95 camry. Got 365k miles before it bit the dust. The engine blew before the tranny did. That car was worth every penny.

  13. If I wanted to destroy a Camry id take the od off or revv to max rpm or whatever pump can do and take as fast as possible as long as possible

  14. Had a 90 LX 5.0 Mustang and had a front coil spring break just drivin down the road, it slammed the front end to the pavement and ripped out the driverside steering and busted the the rotor off the mount, ripped the oil pan off and snapped the crank. All because it broke a coil spring, how does a coil spring snap in half.

  15. That alternator is a AutoZone alternator, those headlights are DEPO clears. I'm almost certain this is the US model, with the VIN beginning with a "4", the shocks and paint didn't last very long. I have 3 '95 2.2 Camrys. The VIN on all of them are "JT2SK". They last a lot longer than the US made versions. If you're looking for one, look for the JT2SK MODEL.

  16. Got a used 96 V6 LE Camry with 193,000 miles for $1,200 and it still runs really smooth and all the electronics inside work great. If you're trying to get a used Camry I recomend to try and find a V6 because they are faster and more fun to drive and will last longer

  17. I had a 79 Toyota Corolla wagon that I paid 200.00 for about 1995, and I drove it for 14 years delivering pizza. I put 700,00 miles on it and it was 15 years old when I bought it. It finally rusted/worn out after probably a Million miles. I drove it to the scrapyard and got 350.00 for it.

  18. The camry & corolla 90-92 made in Japan late 92 – 15 made in Australia, even if you live in the US or anywhere have look were its made that goes for Hilux & Land Cruiser too!

  19. got my self a 1993 camry 5 months ago. it's got 283,000 miles on it and so far after replacing the brakes,tires, and rotories It seemed to be doing just fine…. until the alternator quit so I replaced that my self. The bad alternator killed my battery so I picked up a battery from Walmart for 50 bucks and here I am waiting to see if it will quit on me or just keep going with regular fluid changes. It vibrates just a bit when I put it into drive,reverse but you told me not to worry about it so I won't. However I keep hearing a pop in the back when ever I go over a bump. is my first car by the way and is running strong.

  20. My 01 camry LE has the 2.2 auto. Got it with 94k, now has 120K miles. Eats about 3 quarts of oil a month and has a horrendous tick that hasn't gotten any worse with the last couple thousand miles but hasn't gotten better either. Guess I just got a lemon

  21. hey scotty I got a 2001 Camry for 400 bucks 245k miles all original but the girl says the water pump was making alot of noise and squirting coolant.. is it possible for a 4 cyl 2001 Camry engine water pump to visibly squirt visibly leak ALOT of coolant when it catastrophically brakes? I really want the car I just bought a 100% original 2005 Corolla auto with 246k miles exactly and it runs like brand new just needed a new gas cap the original was just flopping around.. said they drove 50km with the engine light on from the gas cap like that on my scanner fixed that and the plastic intake were they press the 2 pieces together on the 1zz I believe it had hairline air leaks all around those cracks as my idle would surge 740 to 840 every 20 seconds I replaced the intake gasket but the old one looked like it was still sealing 100% but could be wrong but then I used black RTV around the intake "seams" were they pressed the 2 plastic molds of the intake together and my idle is 100% dead on 730rpmto 740rpms some times 630 to 640 rpm also but it never surges more than 10 to 15 rpm when it used to surge 80 to 120 rpms also it just sounds more pressurised now when someone blips the throttle for me.. buut I am bow concerned if my USA version plastic intake baffle is rattling it kind of sounds like it to me.. soo I'm wondering if u can pressure test a really old dried up looking 1zz plastic intake and see if they do have hairline air leaks. around the seam were they pressed the "2 halfs of the molds" to create the plastic intake in entirety.. AND please help us find out IF that 1zz plastic intake 240k miles + had a rattling baffle… I really want to run this same motor until 500k+ without changing anything my wife drives like slow as u can so.. it's her car I want to get a Lexus is300 I love toyotas now and for ever.!!

  22. Sold my cousin a perfectly good 1999 Camry and she drove the thing a year and a half over the date for the next oil change before it finally blew a rod (I changed it before selling it). She called me and said it was my fault for not taking care of it. Smh I should have kept it

  23. Just bought a 1994 Camry with only 175k kms on it (Canada). But I’m having a hard time registering it cuz it won’t pass the safety inspection. Engine and tranny are in mint condition but everything else is not. Suspension, muffler etc. Should I keep it and work on it or sell it back?

  24. I bought a 4 cyl 2005 Camry a few months ago and am happy with it so far. Can I expect it to be as dependable as the 5th generation Camry?

  25. Hell, I had a beat up (only the body) ‘97 Camry that we put on 289,000 miles and the darn thing wouldn’t die. Ugly as sin yet Sold it for $1100 in 2013 AND it wouldn’t reverse 😀
    —mechanic special.

  26. I own a 96 camry… at almost 300,000mi, it's still a beast, low maintenance, great on gas, body is good, the interior is exceptional (thanks to weekly armorall and upholstery cleaner).. I couldn't be happier.. in this cars 23 year life span, I've owned a jeep wrangler, and chevy zr2 pickup that was born and died in less than 15 years

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