Can you do a Burnout Up on Two Wheels?? AND Ken Block Tests his Hoonitruck in China!

Can you do a Burnout Up on Two Wheels?? AND Ken Block Tests his Hoonitruck in China!

– (laughs) Yo, we are
just standstill right now on two wheels. Your boy over here, fancy
footwork steering work, just keeping us up. Oh boy! (engine revving) (laughs) Straight burnout right now. (engine revving) I don’t think I’ve ever
been terrified in a car doing two miles an hour. – (laughs) You like it? – Dude, that is insane! What the (beep)? You can say it, what the (beep)? (upbeat electronic music) – So we are out here, or
I am out here in China. I believe the city’s called,
bear with me, Zhangjiejia. Zhangjaijie? I’m terrible at it but we’re here. (upbeat electronic music) – [Narrator] Zhangjiajie
is a city, region, and national park located
in a remote Northwestern part of China’s Hunan province, about 600 miles from Hong Kong. Zhangjiajie is even older than Nads with a recorded history
dating back to 221 B.C. Recently archeologists digging within the city limits of Zhangjiajie unearthed stoneware that
was believed to be fashioned about 100,000 years ago. In modern history, the
Hallelujah Mountains, in the blockbuster film Avatar, were directly inspired by
Zhangjiajie’s floating mountains. In addition to those famous stone pillars, tourists flock to the region
for a few other photo ops, including the world’s highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge. And the site of Ken Block’s Return to Death Defying
Hill Climbs in Climbkhana 2. 999 Steps make up the Stairway to Heaven, Heaven’s gate that is. The attraction is a naturally formed arch sitting atop the 99 Hairpin. Cliff’s edge turns of
Tianmen Mountain Road. I would have just taken the cable car. – Oh what? – [Camera Man] Hey (laughter) – I heard you’re driving today – [Camera Man] I don’t know, I don’t know anything about that. – If you’ve been on Facebook
you’ve probably seen the stunt show where there’s like Fast and the Furious cars and all kinds of other crazy things and we’re going there. What’s it called? – It just has some kind of
extreme stunt show thing Stunt Masters. – Oh Stunt Masters? Is it Stunt Masters? – Yeah, Okay, it is. Stunt Masters. – It has a lovely mural
of Vin Deisel out front. – And Paul Walker. Actually, today would be
Paul Walker’s Birthday. – [Camera Man] Happy Birthday – I only know that because
it’s all over the trip. But we’re actually, we’re
here filming ClimbKhana, ClimbKhana, ClimbKhana. (Thrilling Music) But we’re actually, we’re
here filming ClimbKhana. But this happens to be the same location that we’re using to like
shake down Ken’s car and we went there the
other day and just scouted and we realized that they
had a bunch of drift cars and some other weird
things like semi-trucks that drive on two wheels. So it’s Friday night,
we got nothing to do, so we’re going to go check it out and I’m going to try and
see if we can get this guy behind the wheel of an FD.
‘Cause they had an FD there. – Sound’s like their problem. – [Brian] Yeah, totally
sounds like their problem. Yo what’s, this looks good on you. – Yeah, nice shirt. – [Brian] I know, it’s nice. – Like big boy shirts, you know. – [Brian] Yeah. – Like we’re going out somewhere – [Brian] Yeah, yeah,
it’s like almost fancy. It’s like, this is like
sweater like material. – Yeah, yeah. – [Camera Man] Look who’s here – Hey baby. – [Camera Man] ShiShi, whoa whoa Shi this is a PG-13 program. Shi-Sh-ba-ba (Unintelligible) – Two out of ten. – [Camera Man] Two out of ten? – Two out of ten. – [Camera Man] Shi-Shi-ba-ba? – Shi-shi-ba-ba – I have to teach you
guys how to say that. – Shi-shi-ba-bah is bad (Laughter) – Hey you guys made a good decision not bringing bad daddy Braddy over here. – [Camera Man] Why would we ever do that? – [Brian] We don’t travel
with Bad Daddy Braddy – [Camera Man] Yeah, we love him but – [Brian] For international
different reasons – [Camera Man] Honestly. – This (beep) is full auto – [Camera Man] Can he travel? – Probably not. – [Camera Man] Yeah, he probably can’t – He’s probably not allowed
to leave the Country because of his parole. – How many is that? – [Camera Man] Uh, that’s
my third or fourth. (Electronic music) – Welcome to Burnyard, China. – [Camera Man] Yeah. (motorcycles revving) – Helmets, nah. In China, safety is like 47th. (clapping) (Car Engines) (Tires skidding) – I don’t know what I
just signed myself up for. I’m coming. I’m happy to be here but
I’m also happy you got A.C. Is it going to be weird cause I’m, I’m heavy man. – Eh, no problem. – [Hertrech] All right, all right. – German power. – [Hertrech] All right. – You know the differential
slip work, may be broke. – [Hertrech] Oh really? – Yes, but, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no (unintelligible) No, no, no, no, no, It’s broken. (unintelligible) (Laughter) – Yeah, he said nope. So, I’ve been in drift trains and tandems and stuff like that but, never like this. Oh my God, oh my God. Oh, Oh – [Driver] Whoa! – [Hertrech] Oh, not, what! Oh man. Yes! Hello! – Hello! – [Camera Man] That’s crazy. Oh man. Whoa! (Screams) You’re under that car,
you’re under that car. Whoa, yo! We’re underneath a car. Yeah! (Announcements) (Honking) (Cheering) – [Hertrech] Nice Job. – Stunt show yesterday was dope, got to do things I’ve never
done in a vehicle before. But today, we’re going
to handle the HooniTruck shake down for Climb Khana two. – Who? – Camp blocks arrived, the truck is ready, he’s going to do some test treads in the same spot we were in
yesterday at the stunt show, watch him shred, I’m
going to try and actually get a ride along with him ’cause I’ve never done that. And maybe I’ll get to
drive some Chinese 350Z’s. Who knows, who knows. Big boy, big boy and a little
boy in the big boy seat. – Hey I got cases, all right. – [Hertrech] Yeah, well
carry them to the back. You’re young and strong. I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. (upbeat music) So we’re back at the Stunt
Masters team facility and their nice enough to
let us use their facility to test the HooniTruck ’cause you know it gets basically broken
down and put on a, in a container, shipped to
where ever it needs to go and then they put it back together. So, the car needs to
get tested, shaken down, make sure everything’s right
before it goes on a mountain, that one, one of those mountains. Before it goes on the mountain
and gets tossed around because you know there’s
a lot of dangerous cliffs. (Electronic Music) – [Announcer] The Hoonitruck
debuted on Decemeber 17th, 2018 as Ken Block’s latest tire
slaying weapon of choice in Gymkhana Ten. The truck is loosely based
on a 1977 Ford F-150, and I use the term loosely, loosely. There is not much of the 1977 model left on the tube-chassis
Hoonitruck because the cab, grille, headlights, and emblems are about the only stock
pieces remaining on this Ford. The dream team in Detroit speed helped Bring Ken’s tire
killing vision to life. The engine package may
resemble the twin-turbo V6 in the Gen two Raptor, but the similarities end there. This hoonitruck is powered
by a rowdy 914 Horsepower Ford performance 3.5 liters ecoboost prepared by Roush Yates Racing. All of those power is
transmitted through a sadev six-speed sequential race transmission and a rally-bred all wheel drive system before vaporizing all four
of the 315/35R20 Toyo Tires. Ken selected the 1977
model because his father had a truck like this. He learned to drive, did his first burnouts, and likely launched his
first jumps in that truck. Keep on truckin’ Ken. – [Camera Man] Oh, there she blows. Anything top secret I need to
be worried about right now? (laughter) So it looks like Hoonigan Racing
division has mostly gotten the car together, we’re changing the color up
on some wheels over there, some body panels are getting
dialed in because you know, when you drive the way
we drive shit happens. This thing is bananas. (Music) – Yo Ken, you want to tell
people what we’re doing? – Uh, shake down. – Where are we? – Yes, China. – Specifically? – Heaven Gate road. – And which prefecture? – Hunan, Hunan? – No technically, oh yeah. – So, I get to go drive that thing. It’s only like my second
or third time driving it. Let’s see, in Kanatan, Goodwood, and (mumbling) – [Camera Man] What’s
it like being so busy you can’t even drive your toys? – Sometimes its not so rad. – Come here. For Ken Block, test use only. At what point are you at in your life when your tires show up and
they got your name on it. – [Camera Man] What’s special
about these new tires? – It’s the same tire they used for Jim with a different rubber in it. So we had a very stock rubber and and the one for Jim Kanatan,
but this has rubber in it that we use for (unintelligible) – So it’s basically like, this is like a 500, it’s supposed to
be a 500 treadwear tire, but it has like the compound in it, of like a 200 treadwear. – [Camera Man] So extra
sticky, extra smokey. – We’ll take ’em to the track after this. Set some times. – [Camera Man] Yeah, all right. – Dale’s putting a new
sponsor on the truck, Omaze, they’re doing some rad giveaways. – [Camera Man] You going to
give about the Hoonitruck? (laughter) I think that look just says you got fired. (Laughter) (Car Engine) – So we’re out here in Zhangjiajie, China (Car Engine) – That thing is absolutely bananas. (Car Engine) (Tire Screech) – Did you see the way he? – There’s no need for that – [Camera Man] Doing good? You look excited. (Laughter) – [Camera Man] Thoughts? You haven’t see this thing go in a year. – Um, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen it in awhile,
but it seems, insane. – [Camera Man] So how’s
it feel driving this thing for the fourth time? – It feels good. The
surface is really slippery – [Camera Man] Oh yeah. – I mean doesn’t it look like it’s just moving around really easily? – [Camera Man] It moves really easy. – Yeah, this is like the complete
opposite of the mountain. Something’s wrong with the drive train so, – [Camera Man] What’s wrong with it? – I don’t know, and the good thing is it happened here but, we put more grip
down with this thing. It’s good to have something happen now and not up there. – See, and that’s where Ken and I differ. He felt something wrong so he stopped, I usually (Laughter) – I felt something wrong
instantly, so I stopped. – Yeah. – Yeah, and when he came back in, his diff casing wasn’t leaking
fluid all over the floor, like his usually is. – Well, we live on different, we live in different worlds okay. – [Camera Man] How you
feeling after the first test? – Impatient Hurry up and wait. You break parts, you fix it, you wait, do it again. – [Camera Man] Well for a broken car it worked pretty damn
good, it looked like, at least from the outside. – It’s just the CV joint. – [Camera Man] Okay – So, not that big of a deal, that’s why we do the shake down you know. – [Camera Man] Yeah – Make sure, put pressure on everything, the crappy thing though
is this road is uphill and all concrete and scored
so there’s a ton of grip. So, this area has no grip,
that area has all the grip. – So while we wait for
the car to get fixed Brian is on director duty. So for those of you that are always like, why isn’t Brian working on his car, why isn’t Brian this and that, it’s cause he’s directing videos. Right Brian? I’m explaining to the people why you’re not working on your car. – Oh, cause I have to do stuff like this. – [Camera Man] Cause
you’re directing videos. – No one cares about that, they think we make some
kind of like a night. (Car Revving) – I want to know like, how
many turns is he going to do? – He’ll run behind you once, one rotation, two rotations, three rotations. – [Camera Man] That’s some, you got some big boy problems right there. – I can squeeze into anything. – [Camera Man] You want
me to take the door off? – Doesn’t seem as if I’m built for FDR7’s. – [Camera Man] You fit. – I literally cannot drive this. All right just locked and loaded with HHIC in the Hoonitruck. (Car Engine) – Woohoo, yeah boy That was just the donuts, he wasn’t even going too
fast and it still feels wild. How do you get use to that? – I thought I heard the car
breaking up a little bit and then Derek told me, Herts in there, it’s actually 300 pounds. – [Hert] Excuse me, 295, 295. – [Camera Man] It’s good? – Yes. – [Camera Man] Awesome, you got it. – And like that, my segway
dreams are banished. (Recorder music) – [Camera Man] Does it make you
want an all wheel drive car? – Doesn’t really make me
want one, but it’s sick. I think all wheel drive would be fun but also it’s a lot of work. – [Camera Man] So you
think that all wheel drive is harder than rear wheel drive? Cause everyone on the internet thinks that all wheel drive is easier? – I mean once you’re use
to it it’s probably easy like for him it’s easy
’cause it’s all he drives but, you’re not just going to get in there and adjust yourself to
that, I don’t think. – You don’t like the hood? Do you not? It’ll look better with logos. – I don’t really like it. – Her and I both like the hood. Yo comment below if you like the hood. – Oh boy. – [Brian] I dig the hood. – Brian, as long as it makes you happy. – [Brian] It was just something to make it a little different, we
didn’t have a lot of option, the vehicle came straight
from England to here. Normally we would do
like a whole new livery, but this things been busier than all of us this year, traveling the
world, without Ken somehow. – [Camera Man] It’s the cutest argument. – This is how we argue now, this is what it looks like after you do fifteen years together,
subtle passive aggressiveness. So last night while we
were here at the show, at the end and one of
the guys, Michael right? – Think that’s his name. – It’s Michael until we can
correct it, and then we’ll. He told us he can do the bicycling, you know riding on two
wheels and doing a burnout, and then showed us video proof. So we’re like, yeah, we’re
going to have to see that in person, ’cause we still
think it’s Photoshopped. – [Brian] I hate to call
these dudes out for it but I just have to. – Go for it. Yeah. – Beep Beep, really, really
they’ve been really nice to us, and like this vehicle has
an appropriate sticker on it it says Nissan, but this one, just
puzzles me a little bit. I’m not going to say anything, but if you know what’s wrong
with that, you tell us. So this is what we were hoping your boy Hert could come drive, but uh, she’s not running huh. Oh, wasn’t expecting that under the hood. – So it had a 13B in it,
but uh, it got a little wild and so they swapped the SR into it. – All right so I got
to do this last night, but you going to play, you’re going to do some fun stuff today. – Yes, today we play. Play hard. – [Driver] No hands, 360. – Brian] This is wild, no hand. I don’t understand how we
haven’t rolled over yet. – Clutch and throttle. – Oh so this is a manual transmission, so you, look at you,
you’re riding in there. I don’t understand how
we’re not flipping over. We are just stand still
right now on two wheels. You’re boy over here, fancy foot work, steering work just keeping us up. Oh boy. (Car Engine) Straight burnout right now. I don’t think I’ve ever
been terrified in a car doing two miles an hour. – What the hell did he just do? – You like it? – [Brian] Dude that is insane. We were at a stand still. – I saw. – [Brian] He’s, the whole
time we’re stand still he’s like just clutch kicking,
keeping it in position ton of steering wheel work. And then you got to do it. – Let’s go. (Screams) – It never gets easier. – No hands – [Hert] No hands, put your
hands back on the wheel. – He’s insane, he’s trying to do a donut, he’s trying to do a donut,
he’s trying to do a donut! Oh my God, you are sketchy,
but so good at the same time. Yo this is insane. He’s doing a donut. Yes! Jesus. Dude, he’s a machine. Look at the tire. Starting to cord right here. – [Camera Man] By the way
I don’t know if you know, but you screamed when
you went up the ramp. – Oh really? – [Camera Man] It was
like rollercoaster scream where you’re like, who’s screaming. – Anybody judges me for that, you try it. – [Camera Man] Yo, my dude. Holding the car up with one hand. – It’s insane. – All right so the thought is, now we’re going to to
donuts around the car stalled out on two wheels. (Car Engine Revving) (Screams) – Yeah! – Damn (Laughter) – [Camera Man] We just
officially scum bagged that one ’cause they felt like they
had to push it harder, and then that car fell on that car. We’ve never had that happen before. – If we push them any farther – [Camera Man] It could get bad. – Yeah, I think we should,
we should let them live. VHS viewers I hope you
enjoyed this mans talent. I hope you, enjoy this
entire teams talent. They are amazing, they need
to be seen by everybody. Like, they go on two wheels, five deep. I don’t know what kind of
tandem train you call that but it’s like nothing
I’ve ever seen before and do it like it’s every day work which it technically is for them, ’cause they do this every day. Talk about seat time, that’s seat time. Like no matter what you set your heart to, you do it every day, you’re
going to be that good at it. – That’s a wrap! – Woo! – What is that? It’s like something out of Mad Max. – [Camera Man] And by the
way, not actually springs, just pieces of metal with
rubber tube wrapped around them, to look like springs. That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. – If you run water in it it’s hydraulics.

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