Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos?

Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos?

Piano: Barthol & Berlin
Year: 1915
Very used, $600.00 This is equivalent to the value of a Volkswagen Beetle 1983 Piano: Beüthner
Year: 1953
Used, $6,400.00 This is equivalent to the value of a Toyota Corolla 2013 Piano: Playel
Year: 1958
Restored, $15,000.00 This is equivalent to the value of a Jeep Renegade 2018 Piano: Yamaha C7X
Year: 2017
New, $47,000.00 This is equivalent to the value of a Chevrolet Suburban 2018 Piano: Yamaha CFX
Year: 2017
New, $363,000.00 This is equivalent to the value of a house in Florida Subscribe to this channel

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. …. I miss the Bösendorfer’s Sound to make Claire de lune the revelation it can be. The “bath” in rich overtones no Yamaha nor a Steinway has gotten there yet.

  2. Dá pra perceber uma sutil diferença na textura dos timbres, mas nas mãos desse exímio músico tudo fica perfeito!

  3. I want to hear 👂 this…🎹….on every street corner on the planet…🌍…🎹…🌎…🎹…🌏…🎹…👂🔝👍😉

  4. The first piano sounded like you were mashing the keys really hard. the second sounded smoother and more relaxed. The 3rd sounded like a combination of the first 2 but more echo. the 4th sounded like the 2nd one but with less echo then the 3rd. The 5th the black keys where very noticeable.

  5. yes, i hear something different about them. BUT what we hear here are not just price differences!

    we hear different builds and different ages, too!

    fact is a vertical small piano will never really compete with an open horizontally built orchestra piano, duh! the bigger it gets the fuller the sound even in high pitch. afaik to achieve evenly full sound and volume the thinner high pitch strings are built in as multiples – more space, more multiples.
    small pianos have their usecases, though!

    also, the open grand piano lets the sound roam freely and instead of anything absorbing the sound the open lid refelcts the sound into the room really beautifully. BUT you need enough room for a piano like that, plus if the piano is to big for the room the sound can seem overwhelming to a listener as well as the player, because it's too loud and the sound hits the walls too much, so all the different notes are banging through the room. a small piano is a much better more beautiful solution for a smaller room or if other less loud instruments are supposed to be heard over the piano (unplugged).

    old pianos on the other hand have a bit of a fragility in their sound, especially at high pitches. this might be because of differences in builds or worn out parts, i don't know about that. what i do know is that the wooden frame ages. wood shrinks and expands with differences in humidity. modern houses are so well heated and insulated that the air is much drier than those pianos were built for. due to dryness the wood shrinks, can even crack, and therefore the pianos frame loses it's tension and ability to host a beautiful full sound (in german we call this part of an instrument "Resonanzkörper" = resonance body. for a guitar or violin that's the wooden box. transferring sound to those parts and enabling said part to resonance the sound is not trivial and an instrument builder who can make this happen for all/most pitches is a true artist). to help an old piano humidifiers can be inserted.
    old pianos are also very different to play because usually the mechanics are really responsive (worn out) to very light touch. you really need to get used to that, the most played keys are "worse". especially higher pitches must be played very delicately otherwise they sound sharp and harsh, if you play them to delicately though the volume just doesn't make it.

    as always with instruments: a well practiced player can compensate most of an instruments "spleens", they can adjust their technique easily and are not distracted by the act of "operating" itself. they often already have experience with different builds and know why something sounds weird and how to fix it already.

    a beginner really needs an instrument where there is more room for little mistakes or impurities in technique, like hitting piano keys with different inertia by finger.
    the learning process with a high quality/well built instrument is much more fun, because it's so much easier to make it sound great.

    if you want your kids or yourself learn to play an instrument do yourself a favor and give access to a good instrument. it's much likelier to stick to practice if the sound is pleasant from the start.

    btw. expensive doesn't equal good quality. take an experienced player with you to test the instruments, second hand or vintage instruments can be a good option to save money

    a cheap, bad instrument is much likelier to be a waste of money and time for a beginner, plus is often not to be resold at a reasonable price. for the practiced player it might be a fun and eye opening experience to figure out how to coax a bad instrument to give beautiful music.

  6. Big issue: first have all of the pianos tuned and regulated… THEN play them to compare. In this video the more expensive pianos are in tune, the less expensive not so much. Make the contest fair!

  7. Fala, cara….blz ? Gostaria de saber onde vc visitou esse show room…..sobre a diferença, eu violonista e guitarrista consegui só ouvir diferença pra mal, no mais barato, nos outros não, e no mais caro deles, um pouco de mais brilho nas notas. Mas tenho certeza que vc como um puta pianista, sentiu cada um deles. Abraços…..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Nothing really matters about the price of each piano's. You can make a difference of what you're comfortable with, and the melodies. As long as you put your heart into the piano it will play gracefully, and make it's own music.

    I'm sorry if you don't get it…

  9. The first one’s hammer felts were completely worn out, hence the crazy amount of attack, so not really a super fair comparison there.
    I skipped through the video to get more direct comparisons. I loved the first piano for its character and out of tune charme. Loved the last one because it… just moved me emotionally. Wow. Usually I’m not the sort of person that expects to like the most expensive instrument the best, but this really really did something to me.

    Thanks for the video!

  10. Первый можно было сравнивать с велосипедом.
    А последние два в наушниках за 10 долларов, и телефон за 150, очень трудно почувствовать разницу, хотя разница конечно есть.

  11. The 600 $ is clearly different. But it was also a piano. The others were grand pianos. The cheap one has a bit more charm in the sound. I come from a musical background but even I had a hard time hearing the difference between the last few grand pianos.

  12. The 15000 dollar Playel sounds best. But if the comparison had to be honest they all should be played in the same room. The acoustic is different and it alters the sound so much. It could make 600 dollars piano sound like 360 000 and vice versa.

  13. The difference between the upright piano is that the bass strings are shorter and in order to produce the low tones the winding wire has to be heavier to produce the lower tones with the same volume as the strings in the upper registers. The upright pianos had a string length of about five to six feet. The grand piano was limited only by it's length and the strings could be longer and still vibrate cleanly with lighter windings. Also the sound board, which is most important in producing the sound was larger in the grand piano, and in more expensive pianos was specially carved in different thickness to vibrate in harmony with the strings. You get what you pay for guys…

  14. Они все звучат отлично и каждое пианино по своему понравится каждому уши у всех разные,а вот цена на первое пианино и эвивалент сравнения не совсем совместим учитывая развитие автомобилестроение для всех годов доллар ведь в те года по серьёзнее считался да авто любое тоже не дешовое было так что считаю сравнение не умесно в данном случае слишком большие временные промежутки,а вот сравнивая пианино скажу одно для меня первое лучше всех других по звуку крнечно

  15. まー、最初のピアノは昔ながらの・・・、男性が引いても女性が引いても同じに聞こえるってやつですよねー。違う?




    一応、何十年もかな? クラシックは聞いているので以下略。^^


  16. По этому видео, больше всего понравился Блютнер за 6400$

    C другой стороны сложно понять, так как разные помещения, разная акустика

  17. The first is the classic saloon piano. For others I think expensive ones have a smoother and cleaner sound. Is it possible that the sound is better with time?

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