Can You Use Vaseline On Mountain Bike Suspension Forks? | Ask GMBN Tech

Can You Use Vaseline On Mountain Bike Suspension Forks? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Hi, this is ask GMBN
Tech, our weekly show where you get to ask
tech related questions about mountain bikes
and we give you, well, hopefully we give you the
answers that you need. If you wanna ask any questions, get involved in the comments below. Make sure you use the
#ASKGMBNTECH for any questions so we can easily pick those out Or alternatively you can email them to us at the email address
just the bottom screen. Right there, it’s [email protected] Now first up this week is from Ian Offen. He says, “Why do hardtail
mountain bikes tend to have a thru axle at the front but a quick release at the rear. When it’s the rear end
that takes more impacts. I know riders like
control of the front end but every bike I’ve
ever had, the rear axle, bearings, etc. goes first. It’s the majority of my
repairs stroke expenditure.” Okay well firstly let’s
look at the suspension fork so the suspension fork
really relies on the axle as part of the structure. You’ve got the brace at the
top and technically if you look at the mountain bike
suspension fork compared to a motor bike fork,
we’re actually inverted. We call motor bike design inverted but that’s arguably the right way ’cause that was how it
was done the first time. So the motor bike design has twin crowns and it has the bigger part
of the fork at the top, the smaller part at the bottom
and it’s clamped together. But because of the size
of the motor bike fork and materials used in them, they can’t make these
clamps industrially sized to avoid flex whereas if
you did that same design on a mountain bike and
some brands have done this, if you look on screen you
can see a Manitou Dorado, you can also see a Marzocchi Shiver, and also a nice shiny
new single crown fork called the Intend. These forks are all fantastic but they’re never gonna be
quite as stiff as the other way which is what we know as
the conventional design. Now way back when everyone
was running quick releases, this was the weak point
in the suspension forks, now you have the brace that
helps add a bit of torsion and stiffness between those two legs but really it’s the axle
that does everything so it’s really really important
to have that up front. And now it’s universally
known as the best way, even see it as takin’
across onto rigid forks and onto road bikes and gravel bikes now and the system now effectively is like an oversized quick release. It works on the same principle, it will screw into the actual fork itself and will have a cam operated lever. Of course there are some easy options that just have an Allen key head on. But out back on the bike
you think the bike frame in particular on a
hardtail is the structure, it’s built as a thing, the
wheel simply sits in there and the quick release is there
to hold the wheel into it, it’s not there to do anything as such with the frame rigidity. It’s a little bit different
on suspension bikes because again it can be used for that. Most suspension bikes these
days are warming to the idea of using or certainly have
already been using some sort of bolt through or a
quick release type bolt through rear end on them. Now the reason you’re getting
more problems on the back of the bike isn’t I don’t think because it’s got quick release. I believe it’s just because the rear ends of most bikes take the
most amount of abuse. Now if you ride flat pedals
even more abuse out back but we’ll get to that
one in another question, another time. The whole point I’m saying is
you’re body weight is based around the back of the
bike when you’re descending and going flat out, the
suspension fork out front takes that shock but the shock
still has to go somewhere and it’s gonna hit the back end, majority of weight is
on the back of the bike and then of course it’s
what the transmission does. All of that torque pulling and
twisting through everything so you if think if you do have
a bolt through on the back, you could arguably save
yourself some maintenance that might occur from the
twisting of parts of the frame, they’re gonna prematurely wear bearings, but really it’s just the whole
thing is gonna take that sort of abuse and really that’s
why you’re getting that. Now regular maintenance is
obviously gonna help here. If you’re riding with any bearings that are slightly
knocking, slightly loose, they will certainly get
substantially worse by the end of the ride because all
of that driving force, your body weight, the
torque from the pedaling, all of that stuff going through that back end is just
gonna mash those bearings to pulp so just keep an
eye on your bearings, make sure you do some overhauls in fact I think I should
probably do a hub overhaul video on GMBN Tech soon just to
make sure everyone’s topped up on that because it’s an
important one to do and something that people overlook quite frequently. All right next up is from Mudkip Man. And I’ve just got the new nukeproof scouts with the brand X Ascend Dropper Post and it came feeling pretty
gritty and had to be pulled apart by hand to the upper position. The stanchion was not
scratched thankfully. My Dad recommended using
some vaseline under the seal and now it works magic but
is it harmful to the dropper or any other suspension components and what might have been
wrong with my dropper post in the first place? More importantly, can I just use vaseline as suspension grease? Well okay first up your Dad
did absolutely right thing in taking the seal back and
putting some grease under there in the first place even if it was vaseline because you think of the
manufacturing process, thousands and thousands
of components like that go through at some point the
grease pot is gonna run out so it just sounds that
your particular seat post has been unlucky. I’ve ridden those before, and the ones I’ve ridden
have been absolutely fine so I’m convinced you just
had a bit of an anomaly but thankfully it wasn’t
scratched and it sounds like it’s working great now. Just make sure you keep on toppin’ up because just the nature of
a suspension fork going up and down when your dropper
post goes up and down. It can ingest mud and muck under that seal which of course dries out
the grease that’s under there and it can lead to scratches
on that stanchion post or a stanchion jeep so yeah
keep doing exactly that and it’ll stay working. Okay, so vaseline as a
suspension grease, right, so what do we know about vaseline? Well the first thing a lot
of us will have learned in school is vaseline shouldn’t
be put near anything rubber. Use your imagination for that one however it’s a little
bit different in terms of suspension components because
vaseline isn’t that harmful to the types of o-rings
and things that are used within suspension components and in fact some dedicated
suspension manufactories that make their own greases,
there’s a lot out there, there’s Buzzy’s, there’s
Slickoleum, there’s Rockshox Butter or SRAM Butter that’s available. There’s loads of options
on the market and a lot of those do have petroleum
in them so I looked into this in a bit more detail just
to confirm my suspicions and you guessed it they
pretty much all have petroleum of some kind in ’em. Now I was looking into this because I noticed Slickoleum make greases for other manufactories
but they don’t specify what ingredients are
in their actual grease. Now you look on the safety data sheet, you’ll see that their concoction if you wanna call it
that is a trade secret. They don’t wanna announce what’s in it so I looked into Buzzy’s
grease which we know is made by Slickoleum and you guessed
it on their safety data sheet, it actually gives away that
there is a petroleum basis to their grease. Now this is the same with
SRAM Butter which is made by Maxima Lubricants, again
it’s a petroleum based grease so all of them, all suspension based greases
out there really are designed for use on those sort of seals
against bushings, o-rings, all that sort of stuff
and they’re perfectly safe but there are a lot of
differences between vaseline and dedicated suspension greases. Now vaseline of course
is gonna be far thinner and it’s actually gonna just
disintegrate a lot quicker than a dedicated grease. The dedicated grease is
designed to stay there, designed for that job and yes okay they’re a bit more expensive but that’s what you’re payin’
for, a dedicated product. At the same time, smart
move on your Dad’s part for knowing that the
vaseline would be fine there, just make sure if you’re
gonna continue using that, use more of it more regularly
because it will dry up in time and you wanna monitor
that it doesn’t damage any of your suspension components
or dropper post components. Next one’s for the tall people. So this one from Robert Pike. Doddy, a tip for tall riders please. I’m just over six foot two, got long legs and I ride an extra
large size 29er hardtail. My seat is set perfectly height wise but it’s really high compared to my bars. I want to shorten my stock
stem which is really long and raise my handlebar height to take some weight off
my hands and relieve some of that pain on my hands and wrists. Can you tell me again
what size stem you use as I’ve got pretty straight
handlebars and tell me about the rise you have
on your handlebars. Fingers crossed it will make sense. So on my Mega which is a size extra large, I’m just over six (muffled) so
we’re very similar in height. It came with a 50 mil stem but I actually found it
a little too long for me ’cause I’ve got long arms
and a bit of a shorter trunk hence I always go for a
shorter stem and a wider bar. That suits me, it might
not suit you, it does vary. So I’ve got a 38 millimeter rise bar and a 35 millimeter stem
and on that particular bike ’cause it’s exceptionally
long I’ve got I think three or four spaces under the stem. Now normally I wouldn’t
have a front end that high like on my new Canyon Neuron, the front end’s quite a lot lower. Bike’s a bit shorter so I
like to have bit more weight onto the front tire, if I’m loading it whereas on the longer Mega
I feel like I need to be in the middle of the bike a bit more ’cause it’s such a long bike. Now you need to experiment with this stuff and I would say to you one by one with the stem so let’s
say you said a long stem, you haven’t said how long,
if it’s 80 millimeters, I probably wouldn’t go any shorter than 60 because you’re changing
the extremes of a bike here and by if you change nothing
else, you just change one of these things like
the length of the stem, it’s gonna bring you bolt upright. You’ll feel like you have
to put your saddle back on the rail so then when you’re climbing, you’ll have too much weight
on the back end of the bike and not enough on the front
so it’ll wander around but you could for example have
a shorter stem so go for 60 and then a wider bar so although
your position comes back, your shoulders’ll come forwards again as your handlebars come out slightly. They’re all directly related. Now make sure you do play
around with these things and if possible ask a friend
if they’ve got I’m sure between your riding group someone’s got like a slightly longer stem
they might not be using anymore. You could just try the size or failing that someone
will be able to help you and try a few options on
stem’s basis for height. Also bear in mind the higher
your stem goes effectively, the shorter your top tube gets because you’re bringing it back. If you’ve got a bolt
that goes slack (muffled) will get even shorter even quicker. Of course you have to
go quite a way for it to make a massive difference
but we’re talking five, 10 millimeters, yeah, it
does make a difference in the grand scheme of things. The best thing to do is experiment with it and in fact you’ve given me an idea of, I’m gonna make a GMBN
Tech video on the effects that these sort of things make. I’m just gonna accentuate
it out on the trail but in the meantime good
luck and I hope you find what sort of setup suits you. Ooh, a tricky one from
Justin Was In Buffalo. Doddy, got a good question. I’ve got a 2018 Canyon Strive
and I have the Rochshox Monarch Plus R on it but I want to install a Fox DPX2 upgrade. Do I need to install it upside down? Love the show by the way. Been here to beginning and
really appreciate your input. Thanks, Justin, appreciate that. I actually had to look
at this just to check because it’s very unusual for a bike owner to have the shock upside
down when it’s clearly a lot of room in the frame,
there’s no obvious reason and I think you do have
to run this upside down because of the fact that
the top of the DPX2 shock if you’re to run it the correct way up with the piggy back and
the shock and adjusters at the top there essentially
the shape shifter system where the top shock now is I
think it fouls it very slightly when the whole system moves. I run the compression where the
shape shifter brings it back in and under compression. I don’t think it’s actually
compatible that way which is why Canyon speck it upside down. A little bit annoying
granted because the fact that you’re access to the climb switch if that particular
model has a climb switch on it means it’s further
down but the thing that you all probably know
that I’ve discovered is on the Strive when you actually put it in uphill mode actually the
climb switch is less relevant because the position
you are in on the bike, it’s up to you though. DPX2 is a very fine shock,
it just does mean you’ll need to run upside down but you
could run it with a lockout and have the lockout remote on the bars. That would mean having a lot
of remotes on your bars though which would be unfortunate. All right next one is a
shock related question from Aaron Ashmole. Hi, Doddy, I’ve got a Fox float CTD shock. Can I run it in trail mode
on less bumpy descents or will it still damage it? No, it’ll be absolutely
fine so the CTD stands for Climb Trail and Descent
so Trail basically means you can use it when
you’re out on the trail. The idea from Fox was you use it on the more undulating
terrain and you have it in descend first flat out
bits where there’s no sort of charge, you gonna pedal,
it’s all about descending. The shock’s gonna be completely open and then you can flick
it onto the climb mode when you’re goin’ back up
that climb to get to the top and basically your bike’s
just gonna react a lot less. Now you’re not gonna damage
anything by running in this so don’t worry about that. I’m just gonna explain to you a little bit about how the system works
so you’ve got the dial on the top here with a lever,
a three position lever. This one actually doesn’t
have three positions because the one’s been cut away. This drives the cam at the
top, then there’s a little pin like a shaft that goes
all the way down here and you can just about
see here some shims, basically with this you have
three different positions allowing different amounts
of oil to flow through with different amounts of
resistance to go through that circuit that’s
built on the inside here. Now by closin’ that, you’re effectively stopping
the oil come through there which means it’s effectively locked out. However in the big impact,
the shims will simply move and allow the oil to pass. You’re not gonna damage anything. In time if you were to run
it let’s say for example in a fully locked out mode and you ran it in that all the time and you’re goin’ out, you’re jumpin’ off flights
of stairs and doin’ that sort of stuff, you can basically
get an oil leak on the inside. You can damage the oil seals and you can probably just
bend those shims a little bit just through misuse but it’s no biggie because the shims don’t cost a lot and at the end of the day,
you’ll be lookin’ at service. It’s nothin’ crazy so
don’t worry about it, continue using your lockout lever for exactly what you’re usin’ it for. You’ll not damage it. And last one is from Harvey Lakey. I’ve got 2018 specialized
pitch comp 27.5 hardtail. The drivetrain is Shimano
Acera rear derailleur and altus from derailleur. It’s a three by nine cassette. Now I’ve been wondering
is it worth converting it to one by 10, one by 11, or one by 12 as I’m jealous of my Dad,
his mates and friends. The area I ride is not very
flat and hills are quite common so I need a really big
and a really little gear. Yeah okay well firstly
try not to be jealous of anyone else’s bikes and their gear, just love your own bike, get to know it, and get ridin’ it basically. You will toughen to it,
you’ll have to ride anything on it regardless of however many or however few gears you have. That said, if you wanna upgrade, yes, of course you can do this
but it will cost you money to do it so my recommendation
firstly is wear out that transmission that’s oilin’ your bike. If you’re to take it off now and sell it, you wouldn’t get that much
money for it so you may as well use it to the best so
ride it until it’s worn out. I’d recommend you get
yourself a chain checker because then you can
monitor the wear on it and then when it’s finally worn out, then hopefully at that point, you’ll have saved up enough money to get yourself a one bike transmission. Now I don’t think you need
to go as hard as goin’ for a one by 12 and it will
cost you more by doin’ that. I reckon you’d be quite
fine goin’ for a one by 11 or a one by 10. It’s no problem, you’ll need a cassette. You might possibly say got a three by nine as you say could go one by 10
on there on yours no problem. You might need a different rear hub if you wanna go any bigger because the free hub body
itself is slightly wider. That’s when it starts costing money so back to my original
point is start saving now and just get on with your
riding for the time being. Don’t worry too much about them. In fact, just get really thin,
perhaps you’ll destroy ’em on those climbs and in doing so, you’re gonna wear out
your transmission anyway which means hopefully at that point, you’ll have enough money,
you can upgrade your wheels at the same time get yourself
a new chain, a new cassette, a rear derailleur and then
you can just get one bike on your existing cranks at the front. Nice and simple. And there we go, there’s
another weekly ask GMBN Tech in the back. For any questions, let
us know in those comments or hit us up on email
at [email protected] And for a couple more videos, if you wanna see that brand
new 29er Whyte (muffled) downhill bike, click right down there and if you wanna learn a bit
more about body position, particularly helpful if you’re
super tall or super short and you’re a mountain
biker, click down here. As always give us a huge thumbs up if you love what we do here at GMBN Tech and don’t forget to click and subscribe and share our content. Cheers, guys.

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  45. The guy with the 3×9 transmission wanting to go 1x. I do a lot of street riding with my very old 3×6 gears. I've been looking for a new bike. Some of the low gears in the 1x systems are lower than mine, but not one of them has a high gear high enough even for an old duffer like myself. Is there simply no need for say the 4.0x top gear on 2x and 3x MTB transmissions?

    And because I can only judge gears by comparing them to what I'm familiar with 26" Low .88x (28:32) High 3.43x (48:14) I definitely want a lower low gear for climbing. 1xs are a bit better at this end. My top end is okay (for me) but I use it a couple of times on a ride, (Probably mostly on pavement) and I wouldn't want to go any lower.
    The top end of an 30:11-42 is 2.73x (Adjusting for the difference between 26" and 29" wheels I do this. Wheel size x (Front/Back)/26, For 26" wheels. So 26x 3.43/26 = 3.43 but a 29 x (30/11)/26 = 3.05x much lower
    Low gears: .88, for 29" wheels 29x (30/42)/26 =.79 The 29 to 26 of course is just 1.12x (front/rear)

  46. You said not to put Vaseline on Rubber but you can put it in your fork but suspension forks have rubber seals

  47. #AskGMBMTech how do i improve my spring coil fork and increase its travel distance its kinda stiff 🙁

  48. #askgmbntech How much noise should air shocks actually make when compressing? just moved to MTB from road so haven't used shocks since the spring only era. There's valves etc so I guess it maybe should puff & pish; but to what degree? and Does it get quieter in higher end models?
    It also sounds a little like it's moving water through the valves but it's never been wet 🤔 guessing that's oil.
    Running a hardtail with RockShox Recon Solo Air set correctly for my weight at about 100psi

    Maybe a video idea for those newbies to understand what the right noises are on their bikes?

  49. Please stop with the music, it’s utterly annoying, you can learn so much from Andrew, so the music is just a pain in the rear.

  50. Can You Use Vaseline On Mountain Bike Suspension Forks? 5:30. You guys need to up your description and time tagging game.

  51. I am going to use Lubriplate. If it's good enuf for automotive, a freaking bike won't even come close to testing its limits.

  52. #AskGMBNTech I have a Connondale Trail 6 hardtail with a basic sr suntour 100mm front fork with lockout. Each time I ride, the stanchions leak black thick oil. Very little in normal rides and a bit more on cross country rides. Is this normal?

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