Car Auction Buyer / Buying Service from

Car Auction Buyer / Buying Service from

Hey Guys, Chris here from I thought I would take the time to put together a quick video about one of the other things that I do Of course I flip cars for a living, but I also source cars for people as well So I source cars for private buyers from auction & from other traders as well & in this video we are going to look at two recent examples. One is for Mark. Mark was looking for a BMW 640D and one is for Steve, Steve was looking for an Audi A6 Black Edition I sourced one of these from Auction and one of these from a trader as well Im at BCA Birmingham today at an Audi sale. Its only open to traders as you know I do a car auction buying service & car sourcing service & thats what I’m here to do today This is the Audi A6 Avant that my customer is after Its a 2 litre TDI Ultra & its the black edition so its really popular You can’t buy these under £29,000 on Autotrader You’re looking above £30,000 really He’s hoping to snap up a bit of a deal from the auctions today Hopefully, he’s set himself a realistic budget so theres a very good chance he will win this I expect there to be quite a few strong bids on this But you know what. If you set a realistic budget based on what they are going for on Autotrader Set yourself a couple of grand under maybe three grand under That money is then in your back pocket & thats the whole idea of this service to save YOU money on main dealer prices Im just about to go in to the auction now Unfortunately I can’t film in the live auction hall as they don’t allow it So i will give you an update once the auction is over, Wish me luck! Well great news, the Audi sales just finished & we won the car So my customers going to be really happy. He had a strong budget The nearest priced Audi A6 Avant on Autotrader was £29,000 He’s just won it for under £26,000 & thats with all fee’s included. So he’s going to be happy it got it at a good price Thats what its all about, buying cars at auction. I do a car buying service, a car sourcing service… YOU can save money on dealership prices I was contacted recently by a guy called Mark Mark lives in London and was after a BMW 640 Diesel We initially took a look at auction but we found it quite a struggle to get the exact spec that he wanted. So as well as sourcing from auctions I can also source for people from other traders This is part of my service & in this case thats how we found this car Watch the rest of this video & see a little bit about the 640 Hey Guys, Chris here from This is my Car Auction Buying Service Im at Birmingham International Train Station to meet Mark He’s bought a stunning BMW 640D I can tell you… It is a BEAST! He’s got himself a really good deal He’s used my Car Auction Buying Service The car has come over all the way from Ireland We got it off another trader who took it as a part exchange on a Porsche cayenne He was looking to move the car on Mark was looking for a BMW 640 Diesel You put 2 and 2 together and you get a cracking BMW 640D it is a fantastic car It looks amazing and it handles…. well you can imagine what it handles like! Its a shame i have to hand it over Thats part of the service He’s bought himself a stunning car & if you are looking for a car for yourself or for a family member check out my Car Auction Buying Service Hey Guys, I just wanted to add a little bit more to this video I want to say thanks very much for all the great comments i received on the last video The Big Flip It really does mean a lot to me when you take the time to add a comment As you know I respond to all positive comments so its really worth taking time out to leave me a bit of feedback Its much appreciated! I would also like to say thanks to all those that have subscribed to my YouTube channel If you haven’t yet please do so Its free and doesn’t cost you anything I produce a video at least once a week if you have got the time please give me a thumbs up as well & come over to & check out the blog Ive added a fantastic new feature where you can search for all the cars that have been sold at auction recently & what they actually sold for Its a great tool and funnily enough there is a video about it if you’ve not seen The Big Flip 1 take the time now to watch that video Please do give it a thumbs up & add a comment Thanks Very Much!

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  1. Chris you need to log daily man! i check my youtube everyday lol just see if you have uploaded!! can't wait for another video!!!

  2. Hi mate. Does your book have any advice on buying salvaged cars, repairing them and selling them on or is that something you don't do? Cheers

  3. Thanks for the videos Chris. I have a question about Consumer Rights Act that protects buyer for the first 30 days after purchase, how do you deal with these issues, do you have to issue an unconditional refund within first 30 days?

  4. Amazing videos! +1 sub today! Wanted to ask you what do you think about the Ebay auction? Do you have any experience? Have you bought or think to bid on cars there? Yes/no and why? 🙂 Thank you!!!

  5. great video and channel. what are the quickest cars to flip?. ive always had luck on cars around the 3-5k. thinking bigger now but still a risk! keep up the great vids mate

  6. Hi Chris, I'm 18 and a huge car fanatic, got a few grands saved up and I want to use it to flip cars – probably not high end, but somewhere to start with. I haven't got a clue where to begin, can you advise?

    Great videos by the way, I'm learning a lot!

  7. I want to get into flipping Audi BMW and merc specialising how do I get acess to these high end auctions

  8. great videos mate. Just a quick question, you can source cars under the market value, how come you're not sourcing and just selling for a profit in the open market instead of doing it as you car buying service, or does your car buying service give you a good margin? just wondering really. as it seems like lost profit, but what do I know! Cheers in advance

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