Car Buying Mistakes , That Will Cost You Money Free Car Dealer Training

Car Buying Mistakes , That Will Cost You Money Free Car Dealer Training

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  1. I've been watching some of your flip videos showing real cars – I really enjoy them – good stuff ! Will there be anymore in the future ? How about a full flip from start to finish and show the numbers for the car , supplies ,etc.. then how much it sells for ?

  2. ABS has only really bit me working as a mechanic, pulled in a Chrysler 300c in the MIDDLE of my shop…replaced the entire ABS module…start the car, can't pull it outta park until a Chrysler tech reflashes it…boss wasn't real happy about that since the shop was full and couldn't get around the car. I did move it with jacks…but something to consider when repairing your own cars to flip.

  3. Been trying to get into flipping cars myself and have found your videos informative and well thought out, thank you for helping us all figure these things out. The tips to help families and friends even just buying cars is really nice of you as well.

  4. Your channel is awesome brother thanks for your help. I am getting ready to open my second dealership. So excited!

  5. Do you check all this stuff on every car you buy? My old boss would literally buy cars as they rolled into the lane with only walking around them for two seconds. He spends 100k per week without ever even driving the cars let alone checking them out. I was just about the only dealer that went out the day before auction and tested out every single car. I don’t understand how so many people can buy cars without checking them out, how can they sleep at night? Or am I just overly paranoid? I never bought one car that needed work done and they were all solid cars. What’s your opinion?

  6. Awesome info – thank you – Thinking of starting a dealership here shortly. All the information is good to me.

  7. Type up a checklist. Use the checklist to inspect the vehicle. Don't rely on memory. If possible, bring a second person. Have him/her read the checklist while you perform the inspection. Let the person with the checklist know what you find and have them make notes about each issue. This keeps you focused on inspecting the vehicle and them focused on documenting the problems you find. At the end of the inspection, use the checklist to either negotiate your price or determine you need to walk away. This simplifies the inspection and negotiating process and forces you to conduct a proper and thorough inspection. In fact, before you leave your house to go inspect a car, have a pre-departure checklist to make sure you bring your scan tool, multi-meter, check for recalls, known issues, etc. If you don't do your homework before showing up, you're already at a disadvantage.

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