Car Buying Mistakes , That Will Cost You Money Free Car Dealer Training

Car Buying Mistakes , That Will Cost You Money Free Car Dealer Training

What’s up, good evening everyone another episode come join me tonight? rocking some 303 gear We’re gonna be doing some videos on some of their merchandising this week checking them out. Probably really good company Can’t wait to see how it all works out Meanwhile as the title says common mistakes while buying a car Happened to me this week guys that happened to me this week and I just wanted to do a quick video on that because I really feel like it’s something that can actually help a lot of people and You know what? We all make mistakes. It’s no big deal. We make mistakes super fast. We make mistakes continuously all the time every day Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s the perfect car buyer Nobody nobody nobody so what we gonna do we got to program our brains to limit mistakes Because I made a major one this week and it costs me some money Um quick quick little background on it. I had a ball out of dealer General motors and he’s the used-car manager. No big deal. Anyway, he needed a late-model So we picked it up for him and it came out of, Pennsylvania No, big deal had 18,000 miles on it should be a slam-dunk Get it he calls me two days later. He’s like Jamie, uh, we’ve got it we’ve got a chargeback I said why what’s up? He said that they ran it through the shop and it had rust on the brake lines and of course, you know that they can’t certify anything that’s got rust on a brake line period in the story and I was like And I couldn’t do anything but take it. What’s up? What’s in Auto Buffalo again? JJ? Yeah, what’s up buff? Yeah, so this cost me money guys. It cost me money not to pay attention this week and You know only lost a few hundred dollars, but I gotta thinking, you know That’s probably a pretty good video of all the stupid things that that you miss Because you don’t really take the time to check them all or you’re too big of a hurry Maybe they’re pushing you too far as a block Maybe you’ve only got a little bit of time if you’re trying to buy wholesale. Maybe you’re trying to accommodate the consumer That’s selling it to you There’s all kinds of reasons that can kind rush you along and what happens is a lot of times you you end up jumping or Not taking that extra step and it cost you a little extra money in this particular case it cost several hundred dollars We don’t have a choice to babysit you Especially if you for you the whole size everybody knows I primarily do that But long story short if you get into wholesaling and you’re servicing Large dealers or people like that that are certifying their cars and you’re buying late model You got to be the best of what you do and if you make a mistake that’s on you not them and then you’re gonna have to eat it because guess what the guys gonna buy 20 cars from you a month or whatever and When you call a car off? It’s got to be just like you said and if it’s not guess what they write the bill and you pay it When loser draw that’s the car business So let me go into a few of them that I ran across A few of them that I ran across so far one Just like I said check underneath those cars because let’s let’s talk about underneath the car for a second what you’re trying to scan for super quick when you’re underneath that car The first thing obviously you’re looking for is oil leaks Now just a quick reference in your mind I know a lot of y’all buy used cars that are really used 200 thousand miles Maybe you’re buying, you know, fifty sixty thousand miles But so if you have a leak that’s happening between the transmission and the engine marriage. That’s generally a really bad leak That’s gonna be a rare oil seal If you have some oil dumping out around the harmonic balancer, which is the front of the engine kind of in the bottom That’s okay. That’s a little front crank seal. And if it’s dripping from the top Generally speaking. It’s a valve cover Pin it on the car unless it’s a BMW. It’s not a big deal. Even BM does not a big deal It’s just a paint, but you get my point there’s different levels of oil leaks that we got to deal with and you know, if the Transmissions leak in and if you miss something like that, even if it’s just a dried seal on the bottom of the trainee This can you know, it can cost you several hundred dollars like a crank seal. You can easily spend a hundred or two on that But the rear main seal the only way you’re really going to fix a rear main seal there’s two ways actually one generally speaking is you have to remove engine replaced the seal or the transmission replaced the seal and The other way is sometimes you can put some like Lucas in it if it’s cars been sitting a long time Maybe though that you can swell the seal up and it’ll be fine from there on out But that’s all really that’s really a shot in the dark. You kind of gotta anticipate how bad it is So you really want to pay attention to those little oil drips under there and each one of them kind of has their own meaning And of course if you see something like power steering fluid that’s on the ground and it’s coming from the line That’s simple if it’s coming from the rack big no-no like that a power steering rack can run you some money It’s just little things like that that we got to pay attention to so when you’re driving the car if you feel a little hum or a Little too much play in that steering just kind of cue into that. It’s really nothing small. You really kind of need to know What’s going on? The other thing you pick up from looking underneath the car? This is real simple guys. This is like hey, you’ve got just a minute I want you to jump under that car and spin around and see what you got so I always bring you a little flashlight take a look under look under those rocker panels and rocker panels are right down the door sides Okay, and what we’re looking for and they’re looking for a rot and rust Auto buffs on here tonight. He’ll tell you in, New York I’ve seen three four year old cars down there. They don’t even got no metal left there But if you’re in the Rust Belt that’s you really want to check that because this is where your brake lines of stuff for running usually somewhere close to there and if you’ll just take three seconds to look if you have Big heavy rust influx and on those rocker panels from the soft sitting on there don’t mean it’s a bad car But it can cost you money if you’re in the resale, so You know you get into the brake lines and by the way buff this car I checked into it It was titled and Buffalo and ended up in Pennsylvania somehow from some wholesaler which we ended up buying from and then we thought it was coming from the GMAC line, but it wasn’t and anyway, so Yeah, so it’s Buffalo New York, you know the car so that’s a year old and here we’re dealing with this But long story short. Oh, wait, wait, wait Auto ate a bottle of purple power and water no more oil leak, so You know if that’s the case, you’re good to go brother. You gonna have to take that shot You gonna have to worry if that Parker not sometimes the oil leaks already been fixed and nobody cleaned it up Sometimes the cartridge needs to be driven. I’m not saying throw it away. It’s not worth it I’m just kind of pointing out that you might have to just put a little little finagling to make it happen You know what? I mean, just be cautious So looking under those rocker arms. I’m in the arkham rocker arms That’s the ninja and forget that we’re gonna rock our panels on the bottom of the car They can be a DUP. They can be a done fast and nasty So definitely take a look at that kind of get that light underneath that rear trunk section – right where the leaf springs are usually at or The springs in the clothes whatever you can see anything You can kind of see up there and just make sure that frames intact and you can kind of see the bottom Floorboards if it’s all clean. It’s all good. That’s no problem. But here’s what happens if you miss that and Look at your exhaust. So it’s what you’re basically looking for down there It’s kind of you know, a quick look you don’t have to study it I mean, you’re just looking for obvious jump, that’s wrong But if that’s what’s actually if you can see that then you’re gonna on your mind. Oh god I cannot pay I can’t play clean black book for this car and then And if you go You know, if you go deep on the car, you know, you’re not real likely you’re gonna sell it and make money Which is our name of our game? so sometimes it’s better to walk away that look underneath the belly just to take a look at what she’s what she’s hiding and And that’s just simple you don’t even gotta have nothing for that man guys You just flip it and look at it If I would have done that the other day I would have made money this week instead of losing this week is that I bought a different car On that particular unit. And so that unit would not all lost money for me But like I said, once it’s done it’s done when you tell a used-car manager your words good, you know If you if you show them a piece of junk guess what you ain’t never gonna sell them in another car You ain’t buying any of their cars and you’re gonna be blackballed just like that So you need to you need you got to take care of them. So, my bad I lost some money because I wasn’t paying attention. You think I don’t know better. Of course. I know better I was in a hurry easy drop my guard. Boom. Got me. Just that fast okay, so he could have made me take the car back to but he didn’t say that they already had it sold I kind of Know the deal with Matt, but they could have made me take the car back then I didn’t worry about trying to wholesale a late model and you know, they’re not as easy to sell as you might think to the You got to find another dealer pretty much. Okay now walking around as you’re walking up to the car There’s a few other things you can kind of like just just quickly do Um, I always try to look at this in my mind. I look at paint damage number one Forget forget body lines. Just forget that for a second. I’m looking for paint damage. I’m looking for orange peel Trash in the paint Just anything like that. I separate my mind. I’m like, okay first things first Is there anything cosmetically wrong with the paint that I’m looking at? because if not if you walk up to it looking for a wreck and you the car just doesn’t have any that has pretty straight lines you tend to not really look below the The lines on the door you tend not to look at the rear quarters. You tend not to look deep into the fenders and You know, you just you’re not looking for because in your mind, you’re in a hurry. Let’s go go Go go go and then at the end of it, you’re like I could have seen this carbon painted with a wet brush But you didn’t because in your mind, you’re like I am in a hurry. I’m just looking for either bodywork or vice versa You’re not looking for the body lines. You’re just looking for clean paint. So kind of look for those two now They don’t got to be perfect guys. I understand. You’re not buying brand new cars out here You’re just trying to I’m just trying to give you an overall thing of things that I’ve passed on or I’ve been in too much of a hurry to Separate on the missile man. It’s cost me money one time or another Okay, so on the exterior, that’s fine. And Always pay attention to your tires and let me tell you why it’s okay to get some wore out tires. That’s fine But what you really got to pay attention to is how they’re wearing or they’re wearing on the inside Are they wearing toward the outside or the back tires wearing to the inside or the outside if it is? You know that we have a potential Suspension issue right here. We know we have a suspension issue how deep it is You’re not gonna have time to figure out so in your mind. You got to be like hey, man Alright, okay. They’ve got to get my Alignment done. I got to get something done. This cars been hit the frames bent Sometimes something’s not adding up now. If you’ve got four ball tires, that’s cool. We can deal with four flat tires But I mean flat they’re running across all the threads are running or burning at the same thing that people just wore them off That’s fine, but when it’s wearing to the inside or wearing to the outside or there’s something oblong on it That’s a suspension issue that we can catch immediately by walking up and you know We asked without let’s get real deep inside the car. But okay, so this should talk on that one The next thing that we tend to miss is glass damage Because we we’re trying to take in so much that the human mind as long as everything’s cool We tend to overlook the small cracks or anything But you got to remember if you’re trying to put her out there and you want a pretty man You’re gonna have to pop that glass in there. So you’re looking at a couple hundred bucks That’s kind of a minor one, but you know it can cost you moving into the test-drive a few things that I have in My history of life that I have forgotten or didn’t check that came back to bite me One of the simple things is this is so simple I’m sure you do it but always remember to do it is you got to put that car in reverse I have bought cars before running through the lanes on the red light and I’ll be like yeah hit me. Hit me Hit me. Hit me We’re at $1500 who cares I go get in it the test drive and I can’t back up because there’s no reverse I’m under red light. I would have never bought the car if it was disclosed They didn’t have to disclose it cuz it’s under a red light So, you know buyer beware. Yes. I should have done it. But since I couldn’t I was like ollie to be Alright and I end up with a carnita transmission. So that’s a simple one for the inside a couple other simple ones that can cost you a lot of money that we tend to you know kind of like blow over is the idiot lights So some idiot lights are okay like a brake light I’m okay with a brake light that generally means you got low brake fluids, maybe a master so some of the name quite right with the brakes but brakes are pretty inexpensive an ABS light Can be something simple Or it can be like the module which can cost a lot of money. So if you see brake light, okay, you see ABS light Unless you got like a scanner then kind of isolate it so The things that can trigger an ABS light is just your sensors on your on your brakes they’re built in all four wheels most cars have 4-wheel ABS now, so Those sensors right there one gets dirty, you know the line gets cramp that can throw an ABS light I’m not saying you throw away the car just keep in mind that it may be a sensor $60 It could be an ABS module that you have to have pumped at the dealer So in that case, it could be five or six hundred Just don’t buy it with an open heart. No, you know don’t have the arms open wide welcoming her into your life Just know that okay, you can come but we have an ABS issue. So you’re really not a clean book car You’re barely an average maybe a little back just on that alone because abs can cost you money Frank line across your little abs can cost you a lot So let’s talk about the SRS the airbag lights This is a biggie. Okay, so We have scanners that pick up SRS but the problem is yeah. There you go. ABS superiors right here ABS models can be a nightmare. Oh just a nightmare. Absolutely a nightmare But the airbags so here’s what happens with airbags. This is this is just you jumping in a car This car is so pretty it smells so nice. Everything’s going right and boom. There’s the SRS But okay, does that mean you throw the car away? no once again It’s just a red light to you that says stop I need that this could be five hundred Thousand bucks real quick and real easy. Is it a clock spring or the whole module like what’s going on? What caused this to happen? It can be simple but much like the ABS module it can be big so you kind of gotta have to buy it with at least worst case scenario or instead of making it a hundred dollar problem in your head at least give yourself a $500 window because if you don’t More often than not it’ll cost you if not saying it will always but it can an ABS module It can pop you Okay, check engine lights you could care less about a check engine light emissions On the check engine light. No problem. Let’s say it says random misfire, but the engines running smooth Something like that. I’m okay with so what check engine light would I a? Little you gotta always check. You gotta pull the codes on these cars because if you don’t believe me, you’ll be like, oh my god If you don’t pull them Then you’ll be like, oh my god, you’re something bad will happen and it’s happened to me so the worst case scenario is you’re buying a car and it looks great and you pull it up and The check engine lights on for incorrect gear ratio The transmission mods throwing one on you and you got transmission issues or you’ve got some deep circuited Computer malfunction if you’ve got a computer can’t read guys. These are big deals If you get into like the firing If you get into something that’s not firing like with Chrysler’s Then you know you’re gonna have you can get into it You can just get into some big issues. If you’re not familiar with whatever the codes are So, please any of these ASE certified guys jump on here, they’ll tell you hey Just be careful, man Chicken go down like real quick and real hairy real quick with an engine light Now if the car is running and I can drive it pretty good. It’s a check engine light, but I don’t have a scanner It kills me, but I would still put a number on it and buy the car. Okay, because You got to use common sense – even though the modules say but if everything feels good smells good and you know Whatever that that’s still good. I’m not telling you not to buy it. I’m just saying Exercise a little caution for you, just so you don’t lose money whether your consumer watching this or dealer Those things can really eat you up and especially if you’re not mechanically inclined where you have the ability to kind of fix it yourself Or at least we can get yourself mad enough trying to fix it Then they can definitely catch you catch you in the they could catch you another thing. All right, so enough about that Another thing – you got to pay attention to on when you’re when you’re in there This is a simple deal but can cost money look for flickering lights If the dashboards got a low connection or it’s got pulsating lights That’s generally a grounding issue or something to do with the computer It couldn’t be just a domitor cluster, but that could be like an empty can of worms that you’re kind of like Might be might may or may not you know what I mean? Like it’s just most things in your mind start paying attention because if you see flickering lights, that’s an electrical problem Electrical problems in automobiles is like a black hole It literally is it’s a black hole You can just go on and on and on it could be something really simple, but it can go on and on and on Congratulations, mr. Watson he took his he took a zero class today. Hey cool, man. It’ll be a great dealer What type of scanner do you use we’ve got about four different ones one of my favorites actually, the one I’m looking at right now is the Dude I can’t it’s probably you have strokes you can’t remember anything it’ll come to me in a second when I’m talking but I’m looking at buying one and apparently at five grain it out does the The snap-on I know I’ll get a lot of slack over that but it apparently does and I’m gonna try it out Somebody hold cross there’s only two it’s it’s that one in that one. I can’t think of the name of it. Um Okay, you got a car with erratic signals on all four corners, what do you think okay, so that car pops up Okay on all four corners That sounds like a like a short or a bad relay almost It really does sound like a relay kind of fired up if I just had to guess but once again Endless, this is an endless. This is an endless hole you dig and go down when you jump in there But hey, you know what? We’re all about doing it. So maybe we can fix it easy. I don’t know. All right I’m so test driving This is another big deal. Oh, by the way, when you’re sitting the car very simple too easy Remember check those windows check out your power a little convenience group stuff you would be surprised how many cars I’ve gotten into and I just Forget not and I preach this gospel that I check the front window back window get talking about something else and never check the rears Never check the locks Half the time I turn the AC on I’ll be talking to somebody not going through the one two three four You know what? I mean? These are just simple things where you’re sitting there You just kind of blow blow blow blow blow blow go and I just pass on them and missile and angel What’s up, baby? Girl? What’s happening? Tennessee what’s up, girl? Okay, so test-drive I was getting into the test drive reverse, let’s definitely check out reverse So one of the things I always I get you know You get kind of maybe you got some ifs waiting or whatever are at the sale You’re just kind of overwhelmed and you can really only go straight lines at the auction A lot of times lets you find like a cool parking area. You can do the circle But you can do those sharp turns and you gotta when you take the hard left turns you’re listening for the clicks We all know that cv axles We all know it but we don’t do it every time and we go to back left and right if you hear a humming That’s not gonna go away That could be something as simple as like a wheel bearing Once again, none of these are deal breakers, but it’s all stuff that costs you money You know what I’m saying down the line and I always do the brake test meaning I get up 15 20 miles an hour master brakes, you know pretty aggressive and I listen for rocks or bumps and um, you know, Maybe maybe she doesn’t have any maybe she’s good tight if a car is nice and tight I’m good If you start hearing clunks then kind of investigated a little more because you could be dealing with anything from struts to who knows what and That’s a big deal ball joints that sort of thing So you gotta listen for that kind of stuff on the test drive and if we’re on a straight and narrow And I’ve done it I’m not judging anybody for missing it because I’ve done it a million times you get on the straight and narrow you nail it you rock and roll you go and then you come and you stop and you go back you never put the thing through any kind of A’s and beat racks Never really put the hard sport you never really checked the car out heavy on the on the thing and under I realize that guys you only got you know a Real short time just put it in mind and I’m not saying don’t buy them if they bump and jump a little bit I’m just saying that if If something does happen, it can cost you money. That’s all I’m getting done my brothers and sisters All right. I let me catch up with you guys Okay, I was thinking I was thinking it was short but everything looks good underneath, okay, all right Yeah, my brother. I would definitely erratic sign is usually sign of there is a short in one of the bulbs or it is electrical relay almost always But when you find that out, please let me know so we can share that Lol posted on Facebook for you. Thank you. Yes, by the way I see designs takes care of all of our a lot of our social media and our graphics arts now Sup, bro, man, if a guy’s asking 1800 hours for a car, how do you get it for eight to nine hundred? Okay, I’m gonna say it’s very easy It’s easy. If you use the the right mentality, which is, you know, when someone sells you on new furniture You have to sell him at his cars worth eight or nine hundred dollars just reverse selling used you know, you got a use class you got to work it, but you can Where’s my t-shirt? Haven’t got it yet. Oh Yeah and make an offer all you can tell them James all they can say is no yeah, that’s true You can always just make the offer and if the money’s right there if they need it right then They will sell there’s no doubt about it. Um Anyway back to the test drive we’re rocking and rolling. Everything’s good You pull back in always look under that hood guys, and you know a few things I’m gonna throw out there I’m already over my time limit dang it but and sometimes when the car runs good, I’m just like I’m good on the car, man. I don’t need to check. I know my shit. I don’t got to worry about it I can pull the engine rebuild it backwards. I can rebuild the transmission. I can rebuild the body I can rebuild it. I can do anything me me me me me and then my dumb ass doesn’t open the hood and boom it’s got water in the oil but It’s gotten better loaded up in the oil the transmission. I mean not the transmission the water. I mean the Cooling doesn’t have cooling it is just water and I bought this car without being Smart and checking and now I’ve got a wonder does she have a blown head gasket a leak somewhere? So I didn’t paying attention to all those little things that you got to look for And that’s kind of the gist of where I was born with this tonight guys I wasn’t gonna beat you down or anything. I was just gonna say, you know what you can make mistakes I’ve been buying cars for many many year and I have made all the stupidest mistakes You can possibly make and it’s all mistakes that I knew better than to do And the best thing you can do is put yourself. Whatever works for you But get yourself a little system be like, alright, I’m here buying a car So I’ve gotta crawl underneath first kind of do my little checklist. I’m not even looking at the hood yet I’m gonna sit in this car pull through my little checklist I’m gonna pop open the hood go through my little checklist. Make sure all the lights then I’m gonna worry about buying a car Unfortunately in real world application we see the car or after we see it. We’re after it. Yeah, it’s just like We just throwing money away tens of thousands of dollars annually by not just taking that few extra minutes So that’s my gospel. I’m preaching to you tonight I know y’all can laugh. It was pretty funny that I got burned on a 17 model But hey, that’s what it’s like being the car man. Sometimes you win and some days of course You got to make it sound like well, I knew that it had rust. I just thought it was okay. I was just kidding He knew I didn’t know All right, okay, so we’re gonna open the forum up for a few minutes thanks, Jamie and auto buff I’m trying to go buy a car tomorrow and need to get it cheap as I can. Hey James Well, let me tell you what brother. The first thing you do is take the emotions out of it Go look at that car as just a mass ly produced piece of merchandise and look for its faults I mean you obviously are gonna fall in love if you like it. That’s not gonna be a problem What you need to do is slow your roll son. You need to take a look at it and Make sure the exhaust that’s another thing guys walk past the exhaust this is gonna sound terrible Like there’s gonna be some medical doctor tell me not to do this If you walking around the back of it and you smell that sweet smell of antifreeze You know that there’s not supposed to be any antifreeze in the exhaust How it skidding in there? Whether it’s a head gasket something dropping from the intake who know? We know we got something going on that ain’t supposed to be going on so sweet smell from the exhaust and I’ve bought head gasket jobs before just based on being cocky and Knowing everything and it’s cost me out my ass Um, but yeah should have to GT Yes, yes, it does happen it happens quick and easy before you even know what happened Which hey what I can’t argue man, I can’t argue the point I mean, you know, we we work on a law of averages. We hope we win more than we lose But there is a case out there you can lose more than you win and the less you check it out the more that will happen and So God knows it’s a lot of things to keep up with and it’s a very simple yet complex process But we’ve got to pay attention to it and to maximize our profits Like this young man. James is trying to buy a car tomorrow My man, just go through a few things I said if you want to look on my base channel I’ve got how to buy used cars My checklist that I use and I go through about I don’t know six or seven things from the test-drive the walk arounds. I Get rules kind of specific. I probably need to update a new one and long story short You know, we all make mistakes James but you know go cheap you can always go up but you can’t come back down I’m sorry, you can’t go up you can always come down as far as the seller and If you’re the buyer you can start low and you can always come up So there’s always a positive into this possibly at the end of the rainbow for you. All right Anybody else got anything going on by the way guys? if you get a chance if you See hakka ass angel angel. Do we have our t-shirts listed on the end of our Anyway, look around our channel somewhere. You’re gonna see our t-shirts. She’ll pop up in here and tell us in a second Anyway, so we’ve got our stuff but that’s not that important. So we’re looking for cool ideas for t-shirts And I got a bus wife. She’s Inaudible thinking it was some pretty funny stuff We’re trying to figure out incorporated and then we got some folks in North Carolina that came up with one for the boneyard Just driving a hearse in –card –card man t-shirts. We’re looking for car enthusiasts car people t-shirts It’s kind of based around the tribe that we kind of keep going with and I will see what happens meanwhile I’ll let you know what’s going on this week before next Tuesday. You see the 303 right here 303 has sent me some products and They want us to test them out. I guess they really liked our discussing how to clean a disgusting filthy door panel and We’ve done a few of those where we use the vlr and they of course want us now to check out their stuff They’ve got some they’ve got some spray wax. They’ve got some tire and rubber stuff. They’ve got some pretty cool stuff I’m really looking forward to it. I was reading on their site where they do stuff from each amato options So they’re pretty they’re pretty well established company and nice and every review I seen on them is ridiculously awesome So we’re really really really excited about it. Hey James, you have a website Jamie. Yes. We actually do have a website That’s on Jen now why it’s not up We’re not 100% sure we did have we’ve went through two now and we’ve crashed both of them But this one is a WordPress and it’s supposed to be able to handle traffic. It just isn’t there. Ah As is means as is yes apt. Oh, there is some truth to that too and Unfortunate is when it’s as is if you’re the one who bought it it still has is so that kind of works in few ways Yeah, let’s see yes they are along with the cell phone cases yeah, there is an ass for every seat Keep them funny build a collection series. Yes, that’s exactly what we’re thinking T-shirt says selling the dream. Not the project. That’s right. Sell the sizzle. Not the steak. I learned that real young as a kid I didn’t get it till I was like my second year in the car business and I was like I get it now You want leather seats in a cetera? Because that makes you a cool cat the fact that it doesn’t have any fenders on it It doesn’t matter think about what you could be when you find a fender that matches this car 102 in Arizona today. Love you, bro. All right. What’s up? All America Dream Chaser. Yes. We love you guys, too And by the way, crazy stuff happening Last month, we just we went the we exploded onto the scene last month. We videos that were hitting a hundred thousand views in less than a week and Just things started getting crazy. Our subscription rate went through the roof and like I said, we had some major companies contact us want to do business with us and And the thing is is like it’s it’s product kind of based and I don’t really get into like I don’t bring people In to buy and sell because we did we just can’t manage the volume I mean, we have almost seven eight hundred thousand people a month stopping by our site So, can you imagine me taking fielding phone calls from 800,000 people? I just can’t do it But I can review stuff I can share life experience with you. I can do some stuff like that I mean we will work as much as we can and of course any bites on this channel know that I am available you can hit a brother up on on ass What is it called face bait? No Facebook and Instagram it all goes to my phone I just hear beeps and I try to respond so It’s just as how it goes anything else going on has some lady C’s leggings also working on Halloween t-shirts sweatshirts Yes, yes, but angel tell them how to find them it should be posting around most of our videos, but there should be a link in our home page that has the Teespring thing we have some cool stuff more importantly look out and tell me if there’s anything you want another thing, too They kind of automatically price some I thought they were too high I think they priced something like twenty one dollars and the the girls things were like forty four But I think that’s way too high carmen believes in being cheap. So Angel, we’re gonna to work on being cheaper gotta be cheaper for the supply and demand It’s below I’ll check the homepage. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Jamie your video qualifying difficult customers was funny you were talking about financing strippers. My son was right there too funny You know, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on that and It’s so funny and I’m not gonna pick out any demographics, but I am gonna go back to the strippers for a second Strippers, although you could probably have a much better much better Career choice, let’s say we can have a little better career choice as far as a future is concerned. Okay, let’s just go there and probably a little more acceptable to The general public I will give you that in specially when you get into the Bible Belt. We are in the Bible Belt It may not be as well received as say being something else Anything else but I will tell you those girls. Those girls are real They keep it real they they will I mean they don’t come to the car lots and they don’t they don’t sit there and try To act like strippers when they get there they’re all business and they understand that they got to have a ride and they understand how they get paid and You can count on them. I mean they get they come and pay their car payments whether you Appreciate their particular arts and crafts or what everyone call it or not They do do a reasonably good job of producing income and they are extremely reliable. So I’m not advocating support your local strip club Well, I’ll leave that to you. But anyway You know, what if Jane gets a hold of this video my ass is gonna be grass I can’t go the deep into the stripper thing, but I’m gonna go with the love on that. Let it go So this the stripper thing is pretty funny, um, but anyway, all right guys anything else before we wrap it up tonight I see designs guess. Oh, yeah. Yeah angel and Jen are really good friends Angel, don’t even think about it All right Buff don’t put your wife on this. Don’t let her hear what we’re doing right now Okay. All right Meanwhile, I guess that’s it and we’ll be back Tuesday night live at 8 o’clock and long story short We’re gonna have a couple videos coming out this week they’re gonna be product oriented and it’s gonna be disgusting as filthy and disgusting as I can come up with and And God, yes, that’s right It’s got to be like some kind of a way to make a living. Yeah. Yeah, that’s right I believe I could have been a stripper. I could have done that. I Mean look at that. Yeah, how how do you think the light would have shined off that bonehead? I’m just gonna and throw it right there I got some moves you I don’t know about the moves. I got that’s the car man moves got some move Anyway, I’m not gonna be stripping All right, so, all right, that’s it. That’s it. We’re gonna wrap it I’m Way over time now, but nothing but love and peace from the r-va Please come back Tuesday night if you haven’t subscribed do it. Meanwhile, we’ll see ya. Peace out You you sure you want to stop stream

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  1. I've been watching some of your flip videos showing real cars – I really enjoy them – good stuff ! Will there be anymore in the future ? How about a full flip from start to finish and show the numbers for the car , supplies ,etc.. then how much it sells for ?

  2. ABS has only really bit me working as a mechanic, pulled in a Chrysler 300c in the MIDDLE of my shop…replaced the entire ABS module…start the car, can't pull it outta park until a Chrysler tech reflashes it…boss wasn't real happy about that since the shop was full and couldn't get around the car. I did move it with jacks…but something to consider when repairing your own cars to flip.

  3. Been trying to get into flipping cars myself and have found your videos informative and well thought out, thank you for helping us all figure these things out. The tips to help families and friends even just buying cars is really nice of you as well.

  4. Your channel is awesome brother thanks for your help. I am getting ready to open my second dealership. So excited!

  5. Do you check all this stuff on every car you buy? My old boss would literally buy cars as they rolled into the lane with only walking around them for two seconds. He spends 100k per week without ever even driving the cars let alone checking them out. I was just about the only dealer that went out the day before auction and tested out every single car. I don’t understand how so many people can buy cars without checking them out, how can they sleep at night? Or am I just overly paranoid? I never bought one car that needed work done and they were all solid cars. What’s your opinion?

  6. Awesome info – thank you – Thinking of starting a dealership here shortly. All the information is good to me.

  7. Type up a checklist. Use the checklist to inspect the vehicle. Don't rely on memory. If possible, bring a second person. Have him/her read the checklist while you perform the inspection. Let the person with the checklist know what you find and have them make notes about each issue. This keeps you focused on inspecting the vehicle and them focused on documenting the problems you find. At the end of the inspection, use the checklist to either negotiate your price or determine you need to walk away. This simplifies the inspection and negotiating process and forces you to conduct a proper and thorough inspection. In fact, before you leave your house to go inspect a car, have a pre-departure checklist to make sure you bring your scan tool, multi-meter, check for recalls, known issues, etc. If you don't do your homework before showing up, you're already at a disadvantage.

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