Car Buying Tips & Advice – 3 Tips for Shopping at a New Car Dealership | Edmunds

Car Buying Tips & Advice – 3 Tips for Shopping at a New Car Dealership | Edmunds

At Edmunds, we hear concerns
from many new car shoppers. Don’t worry, guys. We’ve got your back. Edmunds has the
following three tips to minimize stress and make
it easier to shop at a new car dealership. Tip 1, contact the
dealer from home. Find the specific vehicle
that most interests you on the dealer’s online listings. Text, email, or call and ask
for the internet manager. Give the stock
number of the vehicle and ask for an out
the door quote, which will include your price,
taxes, and any applicable fees. Compare the quote against
your own pricing research. You can also contact
other dealers in your area and ask for their quotes
on identical vehicles. Once you’ve identified the right
vehicle at the right price, set up an appointment
so the dealership can have your vehicle
waiting and ready when you arrive for a test drive. Tip 2, do a thorough test drive. Drive the car on a route
that closely matches your everyday commute, whether
it’s on highways, byways, or alleyways. Pay close attention to its
acceleration, handling, and braking, but do
more than simply drive. Evaluate other
important features, such as cargo space, seat
comfort, and infotainment. And don’t be afraid
to ask questions. Your salesperson is
trained to know everything about the vehicle
from bumper to bumper and can demonstrate any of the
features that interest you. Tip 3, check on
incentives and warranties. Ask your dealer about any
special financing and cash bonus offers you qualify for. These are offered by the
automakers themselves and can vary from region to
region and from month to month. Dealers may also throw in
free maintenance visits, such as oil changes and tire
rotations, as part of the deal. And be sure to ask about
warranties and other available add-ons, such as paint
or wheel protection, so you can consider them before
you’re in the dealer’s finance and insurance office. Follow these three tips,
and you can be confident that you’re getting into the
right car at the right price. Edmunds has all the
tips and information you need to buy your next car. Subscribe to our YouTube
channel and learn more.

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  1. An out the door quote over the phone (we need you to come in), do you have the vehicle (of course they do), have the car ready (not a chance in hell, see "do you have the vehicle"), oh I couldn't stop laughing.

  2. 1. Check your credit, all three bureaus. Fix any issues.
    2. Check with your bank / credit union as to how much & what interest rate you qualify for.
    3. Test drive or better yet check the major rental car lots and see if you can rent the vehicle. Test drives are generally a joke.
    4. Get a VIN of a similar vehicle off of a dealer website, contact your insurance company and find out what it will cost.
    5. Get on Edumnds and find the invoice (it's a PITA, thanks Edmunds) price for what you want including the color.
    6. Get on Yelp!, read the reviews sort by "Newest First" and find a broker(s).
    7. Call / Email broker(s) as to what you want. You know the invoice price per Edmunds. They generally deliver the vehicle to your home or office. Have a copy of your drivers license & proof of insurance ready.
    8. If you don't buy the vehicle outright, contact your insurance company and get GAP Insurance (it's very cheap) and add the vehicle to your policy.

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