Car Dealership Prank

Car Dealership Prank

omar rumbles lopez okays a
twenty-year-old who was out fired from a car dealership in austin texas and the reason why he’s in the news
today is because he pulled a prank at ought at the car dealership that used
to work at all the car is that’s uh… were sold at that dealership were remotely deactivated so people
weren’t able to get into their cars an advocate he also activated their
horns so people who bought cars from that
dealership couldn’t get into their cars and therefore it was going to be a lot so uh… thousands of people had to get telefax
to tell their cars away it was just a huge disaster and now he’s facing uh…
criminal charges and a felony breach of computer security because he did all
this to a computer c i think he’s a tech now that’s a pretty big move answered added got at first before agnew
the severity of it because i thought these were just cars parked at the
dealership that we’re getting ready to be sol right i do realize that these are
cars that were already sold and these are people that are at work or people
who are trying to get to work uh… that we’re you know victimized by
this so first i thought that’s kind of funny
but then when i realized the severity of it and i realized that these cars
already sold in these poor people are trying to figure out what’s wrong with
their cars that’s not a yeah i mean think about it if you want to ask your
car and it was doing on you know i mean yeah i could see had first thought it
was exactly what you did which was that it was something that happened in the
live event at the right around the deactivate a hundred cards for something
which would be kind of funny i guess depending on line fire but yet that’s now that’s too much any
email last night r_t_c_ think that it would be a fun
prank you know twenty year old guys i just got
fired and let me do this is going to be funny but he didn’t realize the severity
of it either and he’s in a lot of trouble he’s going to of based on a lot
of criminal charges because of its so the heck with it much more clicks the young turks dot com

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  1. Pranks are suppose to be funny. Being stuck somewhere with your horn going off isn't funny. I would beat his ass. Hopefully he stays in jail and someone has fun opening his trunk.

  2. This kid sounds like the right sort a guy that should be working for Goldman Sach's. He screws thousands of people and destroyed their means of getting to work. Imagine if he worked on Wall St. he could screw the worlds economy and get a bonus for doing it! Give this kid a couple million and a pat on the back. Jail time?! Oh please, he's a hero. He needs a Congressional Gold medal.

  3. Felony? I guess, if one HAS to get to work on time so bad that it's comparable to getting beaten the fuck up or getting similarly assaulted, but it's still a felony. Same sort of thing as the drug wars. Should it really be a felony? Bullshit.

  4. I don't think this is going to destroy his life… probably a fine, community service, maybe a short jail sentence.

    some probation, and needing to find a new career path.

    If he pranked all the cars on the lot, that've been good move, but yeah kinda dick thing to prank people who bought from there, its not customers fault he got fired.


    Does ANYONE like the idea that their car can be remotely ANYTHING after it's in your possession and you own it???

    Why are there remote computer systems in my car that my dealership can actively hack into at anytime?

  6. The guy is creative, but pretty stupid.
    why he thought messing with newly purchased cars is funny is beyond me. The purchasers' needed their cars, so I doubt they found it funny, and the expense of towing, maintenance, and finally the time for court.. This was not a prank, it was however, a crime. charge him, and fine him. He does deserve punishment.

  7. man this is a bullshit video you know deep down those two thought it was funny. It was a dick move, but more than likely it was deserved. all dealerships treat their employees like shit unless their mom & pop shops.

  8. I'd take an old school car that could be fixed with a screwdriver and socket set.
    Some cars in the 50s got 50 mpg and they were boats on wheels. Now 50 mpg is only possible with a dinky car that takes $2000 just to fix the bumper.

    Gotta love progress.

  9. Uh – I didn't know cars had this built in capability? What other data can the cars share with their manufacturers? Is this only a feature of OnStar?

  10. Why the hell would you give the option to make car horns go insane to anyone who bought from you? I see no use for it at all.

  11. stupid thing to do, but I don't think he should be branded a criminal for it.
    I mean who hasn't done stupendously stupid stuff in their young days.

  12. this sort of prank may bring to light the possibility that the problems Toyota is having may be sabotage

    good idea to look at the Auto Workers Union/competition

  13. Getting revenge on the dealership is one thing, but messing with all those non-involved people is another. I still think it's funny though, especially the charges against him.

  14. Sounds to me like the prank excuse is just a copout as the guy clearly did such a thing because he was bitter for being fired. I mean there are pranks and then there is revenge.

  15. Dissapointed. From the picture I thought he'd plastered newspaper all over the cars which would've been much funnier. We did something similar to my mates car except we used industrial cling film and he had to cut his way in using only a pair of school scissors we supplied him with 🙂

  16. This guy is still sloppy compare to Cenk, but he's acceptable like that one blonde that replaced Ana for a little bit. You can't replace the main cast, but he's a decent replacement unlike those two idiots with the macbooks that guest host most of the time.

  17. @genie0390 Did he ruin the day of a bunch of people? Yup, but does that mean the rest of his life should be ruined by being branded a criminal? Not IMO, certainly not if he now realised the severity of what he did.
    That said, why was he able to do it anyway? Why does the car dealership have that capability? Do they sell a car under the assumption they will be repossessing it?
    PS. Wth why did YT mess with the comments interface

  18. Dude where have you been this tech has been around for at least 10 years. Glad to see you are waking up to our nanny state. If you have a car that has onstar or a similar service you need to take that system out of your car. Even if you don't use the service your car might have the system installed. Good Luck!

  19. cenk is a lazy motherfucker! how many days vacation does he need. just kidding, his girlfriend is a good host.

  20. wtf? I am lost how did this happen? Are all these cars connected to a network? It sounds like Bs to me. Someone aware me.

  21. If a 20 year old can figure out how to shut down hundreds of cars from his computer, it demonstrates: 1)cars shouldn't have remote diabling features, and 2) he should get a job in computer security, a "white hat" hacker.

    I knew a kid in college who cracked the school's financial records system & gave a bunch of kids free lunch forever – he was expelled, then promptly hired by some computer company.

  22. @acexbox: All cars sold out of the Texas Auto Center dealership are outfitted with a networked device that can remotely immobilize a car to "remind" people deliquent in their payments that they need to pay off the car. So yeah, it's totally true, although it was 100s of cars and not thousands of cars that were affected, Ana must have misread that part.

  23. There is actually cars that runs an embeded OS from Microsoft now. Lucky I think that it only operates Media, GPS/Maps and such. Else "Blue Screen of Death" and "Three Rings of Death" could gain a deeper meaning.

  24. If people had to pay like hundreds of dollars to have their car towed or received tickets or summons for this prank, then yeah sure. make him pay those bills or fines, but otherwise its harmless. The fact it affected 1000s of people though is what makes me side against him completely though.

  25. For fucks sake do you "where is Cenk" people even google or go to their website?

    He's away at the moment, from memory in London. Go look it up like I did a week ago.

  26. no, i'm referncing the person who played the 'prank'
    the dealership didnt put the remote lock device
    they wouldnt be allowed to
    who allowed to be given the power to lock
    or open any car they want??
    he put them in, illegally
    he messed with the cars

  27. This reminds me of when I worked at Burger King. There was a kid who stuffed raw meat into the milkshake machine on his last day of work. Last I heard, BK sued his ass off.

  28. @sovietlemon: Read an article! The dealership equipped all cars sold with the remote lock system so that they could immobilize cars and ensure people wouldn't be late in their payments. He didn't install anything! All he did was access the system and activate it. The dealership installed it, and no one but you is debating that. And until you have the car paid off it's technically the property of the dealership, even if not wholly, which is why they can repossess your car for being late.

  29. @assemblyguy: He didn't do it as a "prank" he did it because he got fired and this was his way of getting revenge on the dealership, so they'd have to deal with all these people bitching about being locked out of their cars even though they were up to date on payments. He's just a pissed off dickhead.

  30. @upplsuckimcool16: 1) It's not hacking, because it's what the system is designed for.
    2) Until you pay off the car in full the dealership owns the vehicle, which is why it can legally be repossesed if you miss a payment.
    3) No I hate this idea, could a car be deactivated while it's zooming down a highway for example/what if you had an emergency at the same time that they deactivated your car?

  31. @KeybdFlyer: Like a lot of people don't even realize the microphones in OnStar enabled vehicles can be activated remotely, meaning that OnStar reps can listen in on any OnStar car they want without you even knowing.

  32. @pongman: Not to nitpick but Ana read that wrong, it was 100s of cars not thousands. So the scope is considerably smaller than most people think, still a dick move though.

  33. Screw the prank, why would anyone even agree to buy a car at a dealership that can remotely deactivate the vehicle? Late on a payment or not, that is unacceptable to me.

  34. first thing is first why are dealerships capable of controling our cars after they sell them to us? i will not buy a brand new car because you cant fix it without a computer and stupid dealerships are capable of these things so i blame the manufacture of this and the kid be justified for being screwed over by the dealership here is sticking it to the man!!! lol thats all….

  35. @d1sgustpated and i tell you it will never happen to me i can still fix my car on the side of the road with a flathead of nothing else if needed instead of getting screwed by dealer/manufacture and still get 40 mpg… down with big cooperation im sure the kid had his reasons we all have through life with stupid things we have all done regardless of who you are!!!

  36. oh my god

    cenk is missing, i must leave a comment about this and ignore the heavily-thumbs-upped comment at the top that explains why cenk is not here

  37. @Pinkspiderable every person who cannot start their car because of this hacker run the risk of losing their job. Practical joke much?

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