Car dealership scam [How to file a complaint]

Car dealership scam [How to file a complaint]

So you purchased a vehicle from a car
dealer, but something went wrong. Maybe they didn’t provide you with the
paperwork necessary to register the vehicle, such as the title.
Maybe they didn’t pay off the lien holders. Maybe they sold you a faulty
vehicle or maybe they’ve gone out of business and they can’t be reached. If
this is you, you have some options. Option number one is to work with the car
dealer directly. Maybe you have done this or maybe the car dealer is uncooperative.
Option number two is to file a complaint with the DMV business regulation section
or your state’s licensing board. Your state licensing board will know of
previous complaints with the car dealer. The only problem with this option is not
not every state has a special department that handles auto dealer complaints. If
your state does not have a special department like this you can file a
complaint with the attorney general or the Better Business Bureau. Option number three is to file a claim against the car dealers surety bond. Every dealership
except dealerships in Ohio should have a surety bond. The surety bond is a
protection for you, the consumer. If the car dealer has not fulfilled their end
of the bargain, you are free to make a claim against their surety bond. Surety
bond claims are harmful to dealerships so they usually get their attention
right away. You can learn about surety bond claims in our other video. If the issue escalates and you can’t get it resolved with any of the previous
options, you might need to seek legal counsel and sue the dealer in small
claims court.

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  1. I am currently in need of help because I was sold a used car from the dealership and after having it for 2 months I found out it had some missing parts, the two catalytic converters were missing, I called them to let them know but they said that they did not know the car was missing them because they did not do a smog check or a basic check up on the car when they bought it. I need help, idk what to do, I working things out with them but they just keep ignoring me,

  2. Hello!! I just bought a used 12' Jeep Wrangler and signed everything on a Saturday, before signing contact I asked the dealer twice for a Carfax on the Jeep and stall and forgot to ask for it (kids were tired) and checked the very next morning (Sunday) Carfax and has a accident report. They did not disclose that and still gave me a normal price instead of a way undermarket price.. what can I do ithis happened in Oklahoma City thank you!

  3. Do you have any video's on what is best way to file a complaint against a car warranty company that is out of state?

  4. How do I find the Surety Bond provider of a used car dealership to file a complaint? How do I find out who their Surety Bond Provider is?

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