Car Dealerships + Crony Capitalism = Sorry Tesla

Car Dealerships + Crony Capitalism = Sorry Tesla

now we’ve been share your story with you
from are all cross country different states have been going around saying you know
one for companies like Tesla speak in a matter
at are they gonna need car dealerships if
there are car dealerships they can sell cars in our state I that’s the craziest thing you’ve ever
heard right i mean you if you believe in the free market well you certainly wouldn’t say bed
companies like Tesla can’t sell in your company because there are many
antiquated car dealership but in our system a chronic Abbas and where the car
dealerships in local states are incredibly powerful of Corsica and now it’s happening again this time in New Jersey is a new regulation that would require all new
car dealers to obtain franchise agreements to receive state licenses so unless you
have a car dealership franchises I’m sorry we’re gonna have to deny your
license now they just say that this hey or known as the Sun all lower just
freshening up a regulation here and explain a little further in
Associated Press the regulation adopted Tuesday by the state’s Motor Vehicle
Commission by a six to 0 vote on let it was close effectively prohibits companies from
using a direct sales model which cuts out the middleman and takes
people’s directly to customers to smaller retail establishments in
other words the vehicles would then be cheaper to
you they wouldn’t the car dealers wouldn’t get the mark them up and then in Noida know and what their
stupid ass harrowing grade and all the different tricks that they
tried to do to get you to pay higher interest rates in higher leases and higher prices and it
goes on and on and on we got a good racket going then what companies like Tesla to screw
that up so when they gonna do they don’t compete with that I’m could
be marketed get don’t be ridiculous know they’re going to go to get was the
101 they’re gonna go buying a local politicians and they’re going to
have them in force regulations to say the pestle
simply cannot exist in that market now maybe
goodbye to the internet but you can they can set up a retail shop we can actually
see the car well the I Kevin Robert speaking for the republican
administration in New Jersey chris Christie’s administration wait a minute I thought chris Christie
was defender the free market says this funny line sis Tesla first
began operating in New Jersey 1 year ago it was made clear that the company would
need it engage the Legislature on a bill to establish their new direct sales
operations under New Jersey law how do you like that for the most
obvious code word in American history you gonna need it engage the legislature since you mean gayness with a lot of
money and the car dealerships did sorry we’re not even gonna give you a
license that’s how crooked politicians work and it’s not just near Jersey it’s
happening all across the country if your conservative you should hate
that if you’re a libertarian you should despise that if you’re liberal Israeli your progress originated but nonetheless
I legislators do it all over the place and certainly
the Kings ovett as a is the case in New Jersey republicans
what happened free-market ways a fair all that now all the sudden when somebody Greece’s
you a little bit puts money in your pocket engages you all the Sun you know you a damn about the free
market by the way wabash back doctor

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  1. They should just set up a shop where you can't actually buy the vehicle… just talk to an agent who will help you pick out the right car or whatever, but not actually purchase the vehicle.

  2. Vote with your Rothschild funny money geenbacks. I know my next car will be a Tesla Model X, I don't care what hoops I have to jump to get one.

  3. Disgusting. What the hell is happening in America? Why the hate for something that should be a source of national pride.
    Tesla represents the future.

  4. I think this will ultimately be a win for Tesla. The first part is that people who want one really want one, and most of them would be willing to cross state lines to get one. And the second part is that this will never stand up in court, which will again boost Tesla. The lawmakers will look like what they are: greedy, lazy, malevolent troglodytes.

  5. The real bread and butter for dealerships is maintenance, and Teslas are almost maintenance free. About all they need are tires, wipers, and washer fluid.

  6. The 85 Richest People In The World Have As Much Wealth As The 3.5 Billion Poorest. thats what fucked up capitalism is doing to world…

  7. I don't get why they can't open "dealerships" but only allow people associated with their company open them and then funnel the money back to Telsa.

  8. Car dealer here.

    1. It's not a racket, it's a legitimate business.
    2. There are no 'tricks' and the very suggestion is laughable.
    3. Profit is not a dirty word. It's a Capitalist society, after all.

    That said, I don't agree with the limitations being placed on Tesla. But then again, when was the last time you bought milk direct from the farmer? Middle men are going to happen in all industries. Picking out car dealers shows your negative bias towards dealers because of your misinformed perception that we're all crooked sheisters, and that dramatically cheapens your argument.

    FACT: Manufacturers hold dealers to exceptionally high standards of service. If we don't maintain that standard, we lose the franchise. And we don't just sell cars, we service them, repair them, provide spare parts and often employ hundreds of people. So just be careful what you wish for.

  9. Americain were forced to bail out failing car companies Ford, GM and Chrysler (seriously, who buys a chrysler anymore?)  so that Ford, GM and Chrysler could turn around and crap on them. I hope Tesla Motors does not go the way of the inventor its named after, Unbelievably innovative but deliberately buried and almost lost to history because of greedy parasites.

  10. I find this to be a surprisingly effective add for Tesla. I wanna buy one just to stick it to these fucking assholes.

  11. I don't claim a political group as I think every issue should be dealt with individually and shouldn't be a conservative issue or a liberal issue.  I consider myself the most pure of independents.  Maybe I'll make up a political party.  But anyway, this is insane no matter what your politics but I think the same of many issues.


    Republican hypocrisy…… more of a universal standard than gravity or the speed of light…

  13. I wonder if someone who owns a big car dealership franchise can open up a tesla dealership. Or Maybe opening a car dealership right on the border of ny and nj would be a good idea.

  14. "LAY-zie fair"?? Cenk, you have no right to make fun of the way people pronounce things anymore. The rest of this video though, at least assuming everything in it is accurate, hits the nail on the head. "Engage", that's just awesomely brazen.

  15. “We need to talk about the fact that we’re for a free-market society that allows your effort and your ingenuity to determine your success, not the cold, hard hand of government determining winners and losers.”

    -Chris Christie, disgustingly hypocritical fuckface

  16. wouldn't this just push people who were considering of buying a Tesla that much more into wanting one? or will Chris Christie close some bridges to make sure they stay out of state?

  17. Hong kong, Signapore and Australia are the top three most market based (capatislist) economies in the world. America isn't even in the top ten. just look:

  18. Well you've got to keep people paying those exorbitant prices for goods, otherwise how else would the so-called free market survive. Don't these guys just make you sick. They can move jobs off-shore, but dare to threaten their livelihood and they retreat to the 'tried and proven' strategy of buying politicians. The hypocrisy of it all is mind-boggling.

  19. I don't get TYT, most of the time they are opposed to the idea of a fee market but then, once in a blue moon, they are FOR a free market.
    So once in a blue moon I agree with them. 

  20. Who would want to buy a Tesla anyways?

    P.S. People from NJ can blame themselves. They voted Christie into with over 50% more votes than the democratic candidate.

  21. If I were Tesla, I would consider opening "Tesla Theaters" or "Tesla Demonstration Centers". You can't actually BUY a Tesla through them because they're only for advertising and educational puposes, but you can look at them, test drive them, and learn about pricing and options. Then you go home and buy one through the internet.

  22. This is the most retarded law, it's so obvious that the dealerships and also car companies are paying off the politicians because they know electric cars are the future

  23. Somebody said this on another video the other day, and i rather think it's true: "There's no such thing as crony capitalism, it's just capitalism".

    Maximize profits, minimize costs, bribe politicians, eliminate competition, and make the laws supporting your ability to do so.

    Then they laugh themselves to sleep at night about how stupid the poor people are for letting it happen, because the most greedy and power hungry people are inevitably psychopaths. Willing to do whatever they can get away with, and literally getting off on other peoples suffering.

  24. Hey man the free market says politicians are for sale and they're not as much as you might think. Soon the free market is gonna drive the price down so they'll be even cheaper and maybe tesla can afford one. Capitalism win.

  25. The only thing tesla is making wrong is bet on USA where people still wanting big cars that use lots of gas, they should move to Europe.

  26. Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that Frank Kerbeck is a sleaze-ball? (in sarcastic tone) I refuse to believe that.

  27. Solution for Tesla, sell exclusively online 'based' in a state that will allow them to operate and when that state prevents them move the 'base' overseas

  28. "A new regulation that prohibits companies…"

    This is Corporations using Government to Regulate their competition.  As usual.
    Capitalism is not the problem, democratic government intervention is.


  30. Just buy your Tesla off the Internet.  Life is too short.  It's a $100K car.  It's worth a trip to a neighboring state to do a test drive.  If NJ didn't allow you to register the car, that would be a big problem.

  31. Gee I wonder if the six people on that "commission" are all connected to auto dealerships and are competing with Tesla, hmmmm?

  32. If they want taxes I understand if a state would require a license but this is outright extortion and protectionism.

  33. Oh come on, we all know who the real villain is here: Elon Musk. He makes millions a year with his successful companies and they should be taxed out of existence. That's only fair right? Free market 101. How do you expect small business to thrive when there is a successful company out there with a wayyyy better product. Plus Musk is a BILLIONAIRE sooooo he must be a horrible person who kills children and drinks the blood of the 99%.

  34. I don't know if this is true for all states but even before tesla, specialty cars, especially high performance vehicles like Lamborghini used direct sales models. The only reason this comes up with tesla is because they're actually coming out with affordable vehicles that compete with major auto makers

  35. You need to make up your mind. that is exactly what we want, a free market.
    No taxes = no one to bribe
    No government health care = no one to bribe and to jack up prices (Doctors, EMT, million stupid regulation etc)
    No government schools = no teacher's unions keeping crap teachers in schools and no high priced government projects + Innovation and competitions (250 years schools haven't changed)

    when will you understand that if you choose to keep power and money in the hand of politicians, no matter how many laws, regulations and overseeing, people with money will find the way to buy them off and to pass laws that support them. true free market is the only thing that can brake this 10000 years old cycle. stop looking for a wolf or a lion. the sheep can govern themselves.

  36. Crony capitalism? This should be considered organized crime. I bet the public, who can afford a Tesla, will just see right through this and buy online before even considering stepping foot on some dealership.

  37. while simultaneously fighting this through regular channels, whatever those are, tesla should find a clever way around this bullshit regulation to punk these bullshit lawmakers and their lobbyist owners.

  38. Teslas are ultra expensive, I'm sure if someone has 100k to spend on a car, they can find a work around.

  39. Hey TYT. Crony capitalism is just capitalism, or do you think that the richest and most powerful people in society won't use that wealth and power to protect their class interests.

  40. Chris Christie has become an irrelevant, and is just trying to grab all the bribes he can now, since his corruption has taken away his chances for a presidential bid…..

  41. I see a lot of people talking about how teslas are expensive. They had plans on having more lower priced cars, but with legal oppositions towards them like this that won't happen as fast.

  42. Nothing but haters. I will say expensive Telsa cars are, they are really nice with amazing qualities. Too bad I don't have $60k to spend on one.

  43. Sure doesn't sound like free market, and this has happened before, it happened to Henry Ford using the patent excuse. Other vehicle entrapenures that developed energy efficient cars were stopped by the oil barrons and that's why we have never been able to have big movement toward fuel efficiency till now and I do believe that if the GOP gains more powerful we can say goodbye to the progess we've gained since Obama, backwards we will go again.

  44. it was about time you guys covered this story!!!

    ahahaha free market for those who can pay our politicians!!! what a fucking joke, and people wonder why we're fucking cynical!!

  45. Cenk, once again you speak out of both sides of your mouth. This is NO different than unions in the north who REQUIRE union workers to work at certain job sites and even designated buildings for routime maintenance. I agree with you in that the car dealers shouldn't control how people buy a car. But you would have to agree that unions do the exact same thing. There's nothing related to CAPITALISM about either.

    Tieing this to capitalism is stupid and wrong. It's Cronyism period. This happens in any society capitalist or not. Some school districts require a person to join the teachers union before they will get hired as part of the contractual agreement. Like car dealers union make sure they get preferential treatment. The entire system of "licensing" revolves around this. Unions want it to make it as difficult as possible to be licensed for their own self interest.

    In many cities, you cannot put a sign on your car like "Joe's Cab" and ferry people around for a fee. You need a "license" dontchaknow? Cab companies love the licensing system. In New York, a Cab license will cost you over $1 MILLION dollars. So the state/city is part of this whole process of squeezing out the little guy. Wake up!

  46. Do you fools not realize that Elon Musk is the greatest human being alive right now and Tesla Model S is the greatest car ever made in existence of planet earth and life? All of you are scared of disruption and change because you are stuck in your old crappy ways. Change is happening and eventually the people will revolt. Corrupted corporations and the government will fall. People want this compelling efficient product and we will get it. Slowly but surely Tesla will prevail. Hell there doing what no one has done before. I'd be scared too, but im not because i have a triple digit IQ and not a double digit IQ like all these "officials".

  47. and stupid dealership commercials that feature their ugly kids and pets, I cant tell which is their kids and which is their pets

  48. If it's one thing I hate, its a hypocrite. To talk about how great the free market is and how we need to take a "hands off" approach to it, then to turn around and impede a new market model for a product, is the very definition of hypocrisy. Screw those greedy assholes.

  49. Fat fuck Christy, why New Jersey hasn't ran him out? Rob Ford is 10 times more for the people then Christy with his typical repub projection must work for the sheep there?

  50. Check out Pandoras Promise.  Excellent doco on energy production.  It's great to have shows like this calling out BS.  I'd love to hear what you think about the doco.

  51. Selling cars without the dealership repair network to support them is the ultimate caveat emptor. The people that can repair a Tesla are few and far between, and it is wishful thinking to imagine that all those circuits are going to be withour corrosion in a real world environment. I hate to be the one to remind you Cenk, but we are the liberals we are supposed to be in favor of regulating the market place to protect the consumer. Be gracious about it, let fatso put a feather in his cap, and let's move on.

  52. Because Chris Christie is a closet progressive and a crooked one at that. He has zero credibility with republicans and shares none of their philosophies

  53. its funny that americans still wonder why the rest of the world views them as one of the most corrupt nations in the world, and the most corrupt first world country.

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