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  1. The Newest.scam, after 120 of auto driving people drive of ferries,docks,parking garage sixth stories. Total lawsuit scam.

  2. This car might has been pushed out with the driver. What do cameras show inside the building? If the driver intended self killing he had drunk poison the first. I do it like that always.

  3. That's what I call a intelligent asesin .
    Please don't tell me the cameras wasn't working , because the owner of the parking lot have a.lot to do with this…🤔

  4. GReat, now news channels are incorrectly using the word literally. That's what the news is supposed to be, reports of what has actually happened.

  5. Shouldn’t they make it impossible to drive through a parking garage barrier? It’s almost like they don’t care if this happens…

  6. So, this car propelled from a rooftop parking garage, made its way across the street and landed upright next to a McDonald’s…with absolutely no visible damage to anything around it? Plants are fine, garbage can still upright, no marks on the concrete, no damage to the wooden lattice, etc. I’m sorry, but this car either defied all known laws of physics and the natural world, or this is a completely staged and scripted story. Inference to the best explanation would be this is complete BS!

  7. Had a McDonalds banana milkshake to keep the peace. Next time not so lucky. Go fulfill your moral obligations. Start with visiting amnesty international website and help the needy out. Goes without saying feed the hungry and such. The operative word is compassion. I didn't need to drink a banana milkshake but did. Why? Compassion.

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