Car Owner Check (Previous Owners & Car Ownership Check) V5C Logbook

Car Owner Check (Previous Owners & Car Ownership Check) V5C Logbook

Hello, it’s Marcus here from CarVeto. So, this brief video is all about the car
ownership and a car owner check. You are able to enter a car registration number into our
website and get some important information about ownership history of any UK registered
vehicle. This video is going to quickly run through
what’s included within that check. Once you are done you can use the link below this video
and run your own check. So the first thing that’s included is the
number of previous owners, the current keeper acquisition date, the current keeper ownership
period, the previous keeper sold date, the previous keeper acquired date, the vehicle
age, the registration date or date or registration and also the postcode area and or city where
the car is currently registered. So this relates to the v5c logbook and the existing registered
keeper We also include mot history and road tax information,
mileage discrepancies, any theft alerts, outstanding finance, um and that includes the lending
finance company, the type of finance agreement, whether it’s hire purchase or a lease purchase
or personal contract purchase. We also include the agreement number and the contact information. We tell you about any VIC inspections the
vehicle may have endured, any number plate changes this includes the previous registration
numbers and the dates of those changes, any accident damage resulting in insurance category
loss, so that can be a, b, c, d, s or n. We also include the CarVeto car buyers guide
with every single check so if you’re planning to buy a new second-hand car or used car, car
buyers guide is extremely useful and contains lots of industry tips and some secrets to
identifying a good quality car that’s going to be genuine, reliable and great value for
money. So use the link below this video and you can
run an instant CarVeto check right now.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Got car no logbook I got from auction how do I get new logbook ASAP can’t keep my car on road plz help need my logbook ASAP I bought from auction with no logbook

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