Car-pentry: Man Spends $20,000 Building Wooden Concept Car

Car-pentry: Man Spends $20,000 Building Wooden Concept Car

PETER: I wanted to do something absolutely unique. PETER: I had a vision for a certain form of a car. PETER: For me it was always a big happiness to design, and I like to mix the modern line
with the retro classical lines. COMM: Julia is a one-off wooden concept car built by carpenter Peter Szabo, a Hungarian
who now lives in Romania. COMM: He got the idea around three and a half years ago while finishing another project. PETER: I was building a wooden carriage, horse carriage and then when I was finishing and
I said I would like to try out to build a car, wooden car. I wanted to do something
which doesn’t exist around the world. PETER: You can’t find hardwood concept car, very good quality, it is almost impossible
to find all around the world. COMM: Peter’s original design drawings took him a couple of days. And then he spent a
month making a 1:10 scale maquette. PETER: I was working with one of my friend Matyus Csaba. He was the leader of the technical
and the electronic work and mechanical work, and after one year I had to make a bigger
atelier workshop because my workshop was not enough. So after couple of months I started
to build the car, the carrossery, the body of the car on ash wood. COMM: The whole process took three years and eight months. PETER: It costed €18,000 for me and 4,500 hours. But also a happy time because I was
crazy to work with and it was a big happiness for me to build it up. COMM: Julia has the axels and gear box from a 1983 Ford Taunus. The car that also provided
her with her 110 horsepower V6 engine. PETER: It is not important to have big speed with. Until now I have travelled only here
in the village, it was 80-90 km/hour but I think in a highway it could go faster. COMM: Peter has combined traditional carpentry with modern technology. PETER: With that tablet you are touching the screen, the lamps, the GPS and the music. COMM: The car was shown off to great acclaim at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015. PETER: Every positive reaction of people makes me happy. Here in Romania lot of people are
working with their hands. They know to build up something with your own hands, it’s rather
difficult and they appreciate it. I am happy when I see their face and their reaction about
it. COMM: Given the amount of time Peter spent on the car, thankfully his family approve. PETER: My wife and my children, they are proud of this car and of their father. COMM: And he is already thinking about his next project. PETER: I have already in my mind a futuristical design for a car also out of wood but with
electric engine.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. description says "Romanian Peter Szabo" but video says "Hungarian Peter Szabo who now lives in Romania"… both are incorrect as Peter Szabo is a Hungarian who has always lived in the current territory of Romania. he is a Hungarian national of Romanian citizenship.

  2. "a hungarian who now lives in romania"

    i'm pretty sure he's lived here his entire life. our hungarian brothers are the largest minority here, especially in that region.

    proud to be in the same country as you, gentleman. amazing vehicle.

  3. I make model cars out of paper, they are all my own designs! you can check them out on my channel! tell me what you think

  4. Szabó Péter is a typical hungarian name. Mr. Szabó Péter is living in the main city of Székelyland, Marosvásárhely, Transylvania. The székely peoples are indigenous peoples in Transylvania.

  5. Kinda looks like a PT Cruiser crossed with a Plymouth Prowler that's been fitted with Lotus Seven fenders 😀

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  8. better he made it modernise Head lamp. and bacl lamp. and put his own logos 👍 in front and back of the car.. put a space for Plate number. 😊

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  10. the car is great,i liked what u said about youre children n wife are proud of you .you are amazing,im 51 in the usa and ready to die

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  12. crash this and good luck to remove wood chips from your internal organs.
    besides the security concerns, this car is a masterpiece.

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