Car Repair & Maintenance : How to Remove Dealership Stickers From a Car

Car Repair & Maintenance : How to Remove Dealership Stickers From a Car

Today’s topic is how to remove a sticker off
the car from a dealer’s. This sticker here is a dealer’s sticker. To remove this properly
you can use one of these pads on a drill, but the drill has to turn at about twenty
hundred, eight hundred rpm. These are very expensive, and most people won’t want to buy
one of these just to remove a sticker. Another way to do that is to have a blow gun, heat
gun, or maybe you want to use your hair dryer. This’ll help loosen up by taking the hair
dryer and going over your sticker. You can then get it warm enough where you can actually
peel it off with your fingernail. Or go to your hardware store and get a plastic razor
blade, heat it, take your razor blade and scrape it off. Then, use some polishing compound
to buff it off a little bit. Do this very slow, not too hard. You don’t want want to
mess around too long with it, but those stickers will come off. And you can actually peel this
one off with your fingernail if you do it, but it will take a lot of time. I could actually
peel this off with my fingernail; some of it. The heat gun is the best way. Heat it
up, don’t get it too hot so you don’t burn yourself. Be very careful, but this is the
proper way to remove your sticker.

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  1. Having seen this I wish I'd used it on my car. I have minute scratches from a blade. I got lucky not to go too far down. I also hate the dealer frames. When I see someone with one of those partly broken off it makes me wonder why they just don't use a screwdriver and remove it completely?

  2. @286xxSpartacus

    its not youtubes fault. people that upload their videos can choose whether they want adds to give them profit or not.

  3. I take these stickers off as soon as I get my new car home! I'm not going to give FREE advertising to an already wealthy car dealership!

  4. funny because I want a dealer sticker for my grand marquis because the old one is faded,it says Signature Lincoln Mercury,does anyone know where to get them?

  5. i have fairly big lettering on the outside of my truck, it used to be a company truck. will this work for those?

  6. The best way to remove a dealer ship sticker is, use a heat gun and slowly pull up the sticker. Afterwards use a light solvent all purpose cleaner to remove any left over residue, use a clean terry cloth to wipe away left over glue, if any. When using the heat gun, don't over heat the paint or burn you're hand.

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