Car Seat Safety : Aftermarket Car Seat Parts

Car Seat Safety : Aftermarket Car Seat Parts

Hi we are Dan and Judy on behalf of Expert
Village we are going to talk about after market products people sale for your child safety
seat. One of the really proper products out there is the belt tightener it works by ratcheted
similar to a cargo tie down. There are two inherit problems with this it says that it
is approve it doesn’t say that by who it is approved by. It has not been tested if used
on a vehicle seat belt you can make that belt so tight you can actually shred your belt
or stretch it which would void your vehicle manufacture warranty. Also it can come off
in a crash and something this heavy flying around is going to cause a lot of injury we
wouldn’t want that hitting your or your child in the car. So if it is a after market product
and it didn’t come with your seat don’t use it. Another real proper product this is a
seat insert parents like this because they feel that it keeps the baby heads captive
and keeps it from moving around. Is that actually big enough for my head to use and they don’t
do very much. The biggest problem with a product like this it hasn’t been tested with the seat
your adding additional patting, you are also adding a plank right here if it slips below
the head, in between the head and the neck you are adding a plank where the head can
back tilt back over it and cause extra pressure on the neck. In a crash it would not be good
so something like this should not be used.

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