Cars 4: The Return Of Ricky Bobby

Cars 4: The Return Of Ricky Bobby

(motor revving) (audience cheering) – [Announcer] Today Talladega, Nascar’s biggest track. (race cars zooming by) (upbeat music) – Yes! (screaming) – How you doin’ buddy? – I’m a little freaked out right now. – Sho, go, scat! – Will you stop that? – Are you even human? – You got to learn to drive with the fear. – [Doc] Get ready for what’s comin’. – I miss you Bubba Speed! – [Doc] More speed, more horsepower, – [Tex] movie deals, infomercials, products endorsements. – I’m Ricky Bobby. If you don’t chew Big
Red then (bleep) you. – Hey, no cameras! Get outta here! – Slingshot engaged. – Peaches and cream. – [Announcer] McQueen is fading pretty fast. – Yep, I’m flyin’ through
the air, this is not good. (sigh) – Oh my God! Ricky! (suspense music and revving engines) – It’s real nice. I got it at Target. It’s on sale. – [Announcer] Win number three
for the rookie sensation. – [Reese] You’ll never be as
fast, but you can be smarter. – This is just dumb, I can’t see a thang. – Rear view mirrors. (suspense music and revving engines) – [Lightning McQueen]
I’m comin’ for you Storm. – Hey it’s me. America! – [Announcer] Unbelievable! (crowd cheering) – Please be 18. – Our sponsors are
gonna (bleep) a chicken.

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  1. If you’re seeing this before watching the video…STOP! It’s not too late! You can save yourself from this unfunny torture. Turn back before it’s too late!

  2. Cars 3 was already the same movie as Talladega Nights. Both begin with a career that took off until a new kind of racer shows up. Trying to beat him he suffers an accident that puts him out of racing. Lightning/Bobby both have to learn what the true meaning of racing is.

  3. Talledega nights is still one of the movies that every Alabamian family owns.
    Along with copies of sweet home Alabama, Forrest Gump, and mein Kampf

  4. Ah, Talladega Nights. The movie that was the best defender against boredom in my family during the financially rough year we lived in New Orleans from 07 to 08. We saw this movie so many times, we were quoting it at every turn. I personally watched it so many times, I turned on the French dubbing just to keep the enjoyment going! While staying in a hotel while waiting for post-Katrina repairs to be done to the house we were to move in to, it started to come on TV and we STILL would watch it! Every. Single. Time. This movie made those awful months a little more bearable so to that, I say thank you. And thank you, Funny or Die, for taking me back down memory lane.

  5. Lightning McQueen: hey humans back of she my chick!!!!!! Come on sally it’s are anniversary I’m getting some of her tonight hehe . Human: oh crap!!!

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