Cartoon Junkie Builds Mach 5 From Speed Racer

Cartoon Junkie Builds Mach 5 From Speed Racer

COMM: Straight out of the 1960s cartoon, this incredible Mach 5 Speed Racer is the handywork
of car customiser Jerry Patrick. JERRY PATRICK: The Mach 5 started off as a 94 Corvette, a really nice 94 Corvette and we
kind of destroyed it for lack of a better word. We, the whole back of the car and front
of the car was totally taken off. We fiberglassed the new body back on it, and it takes about
90 to 120 days to make one. We got the interior, put the correct red leather interior inside,
obviously custom paint, custom details, the emblem. The steel wheels in fact, however,
we custom make them here in-house. COMM: The whole process began with Jerry customising his own cars to save on mechanic bills. JERRY PATRICK: We started customising the old-school Camaros and Mustangs, probably
15 or 20 years ago. That kind of parlayed into doing the TV and movie cars. So, I’d
say what I love the most is definitely doing the TV and movie cars. When we go out and
do car shows, you see gobs of the Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles, but you don’t see too
many March 5 Speed Racer. COMM: Growing up with the cartoon as a kid, Jerry couldn’t resist building his own Speed Racer. JERRY PATRICK: My inspiration behind the Mach 5 was straight off the cartoon. I’m a 51-year-old
guy. Back in 1967-ish is when the cartoon came out so, I was really enthralled as a
kid to watch this, and I thought, “You know, one day, I’m gonna be driving a Mach 5.” JERRY PATRICK: The cost to build the Mach 5 is another one of these classified things
that I’ve got to keep that a big secret form my wife. COMM: The build also post some problem for the veteran customiser. JERRY PATRICK: The biggest challenge of building the Mach 5 was building the first one. I mean,
we started off with a body that was a sculpt form someone else and we had to kinda morph
it into what we wanted for our own car, where it will actually fit right, look right and
do right. And now we’re actually building our own bodies. JERRY PATRICK: When you hop in the Mach 5, it can just go blow the tiers and just go
have fun with it, just like you would see in the cartoon. JERRY PATRICK: I get asked generally sometimes from, some specific questions on how fast the Mach 5 can go? Let’s just say it’s unlimited.

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  1. I could not resist searching out the original Speed Racer theme song after watching this video and playing it a couple of times.

  2. Anyone wanting to purchase a Mach 5 should look into if this guy or anyone else has license rights to build or sell this car before buying.

  3. first of all the guy is an absolute liar
    The kit was made by Jim Hedges molded off of the SRA prototype.

  4. Tatsuo Yoshida's inspiration for the cartoon Mach 5 came from Ferrari's 1957-58 Testarossa. Look at the actual car, and you'll see a lot of the Mach 5.

    BTW, this was my FAVORITE cartoon back when it first came on in the area back in the fall of '68. EVERYONE in my school (third grade then) was talking about Speed Racer! 👍

  5. I agree about them wheels. A used set of Lamborghini Countach wheels. Wheels from one that was up to the ear 1989

  6. I've seen Cragar rims similar to The Mach 5 rims the star in the middle so I think you could have done a little bit better detail on the car but it looks nice though

  7. Awesome idea not the best looking replica tho. Wish someome would make an actual real mach five with real buttons and glass dome

  8. I watched the reruns on cartoon network back in the 90s. Great show. No idea it was 30 years old at the time and now it's 50!

  9. I am not saying I could do any better.

    Wheels, rear end, steering wheel, bonnet, exhaust and lights. Just from this short video I have too many complaints. It's nice but not that nice.

  10. I will make this car but I may 10 or 15 years from now before I do but you've inspired me to make my own mach 5

  11. Then if I build a car that is Mach 94 then I can travel 20 meters in a second and also the car will appear at the whole city and if it’s mach 99 we must break savitar’s speed record

  12. Dimensions aren't quite right. Wheels are funky and the stance is weird. It looks like some of the bad drawings of the Mach 5 on the cartoon. The one the guy did about 10 years ago for Speed Racer Enterprises is more aesthetically correct.

  13. NICE!👍👍👍…and lot of job!!! really appreciate that "staff""ex-worker"in props & sets decorations,in France(mouldmaker in plaster,silicons,resins…..)👍👍👍👍

  14. I really wish he would have actually cut out the rims and made them look like they actually did instead of putting plywood on them

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