– nouvel outil stratégique du Groupe PSA dans l’univers des véhicules d’occasion – nouvel outil stratégique du Groupe PSA dans l’univers des véhicules d’occasion

Hello. I’m Marc Lechantre,
Head of the Used Car BU. Used Car are an essential element
of Push to Pass with which we aim for Groupe PSA
to be a mobility supplier. Used Car represent mobility
for numerous customers. This profitable growth plan
will bring us new clients that we can keep longer. Our Used Car strategy
is aimed at all customers, in our Brands networks,
an essential partner, on multi-brand e-commerce platforms,
hence our investment in Aramisauto, or on C2C market. We created Carventura to complete
our C2C approach. It’s a new platform where individuals
can buy and sell used cars. Frederic Lecroat, head of Carventura
is here with me. – Hello. – Hello. Carventura is a young start-up,
a lively, motivated, meticulous team, cleverly bringing you
something that’s exceptional in the world of
Used Car. Carventura is the only platform
offering this many personalised services for the secure sale and purchase
of a used car at the best price. We propose services
that are essential for the sale or purchase of a
used car between individuals, ranging from price study
to home delivery with a 100% on-line,
secure, anti-fraud payment solution. Carventura promises
a secure sale at the best price because we’re think you’ve got
better to do than sell your car. I’d like to tell you a secret. When you want to sell your car,
set the right price at the start. Setting the wrong price
will cause loss of time and money. With every month that goes by without
you car being sold, you lose 300 euro. Think well about the right price or
contact us for advice on See you soon. Thanks. Groupe PSA continues its drive on
Used Car, at its customer’ service. Thank you.

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  1. Beaucoup de blabla, du racolage, du semblant de professionnalisme en se targuant de dépendre de PSA, pour arnaquer ceux qui veulent vendre leur voiture.
    Des profiteurs qui cherchent à récupérer des voitures au moindre prix.
    Si demain vous avez à faire à eux, surtout ne vous laissez pas amadouer et ne baissez pas votre prix, car ils ne cherchent que cela, acheter des voitures à la moitié de leur prix pour les revendre au double.
    Les 800 euros de marge c'est un mensonge.

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