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  1. Hang in there Pauline, your a guru well you both are, im spreading the word everywhere at work to customers people in general, im so proud to see what you guys are doing for us Australians an im preaching it every place imaginable

  2. Does this law monitor Casinos? Where the real laundromat is built… Think Trump and Packer both drug and money laundering CEO's supporting Chinese and other mafia type syndicates. Shutdown your government.

  3. I agree with you whole hearrtedly the government and other organizations already have far to much control and access to our personal data. We need representatives who are going to protect our liberties and rights instead of constantly removing them from us. We are already living in a very over governed society we need them to be relinquishing power over us.

  4. Thank you Pauline & Malcolm, you have both been voicing strong opposition to this Bill from the start. I applaud you for standing up for Australians. I have sent in submissions, I have called MP’s & Senators & I have spoken to many many people. I called Albanese’s & Wong’s offices last week & they led me to believe the ALP were going to oppose the Bill (Liars with no back bone). Keep fighting for all of us we need you.

  5. Time to get rid of this Government and Labor and the Greens. They are all Leftwing Tyrants who want too totally control us, we are born FREE we should die FREE

  6. Is that 25.000 dollar fine to the government going through the books , or is it a cash payment to the government under the table , just like to clear that up if i could , cheers .

  7. #17: Australia's New Payments Platform (NPP) is a complementary dystopian project to the cash ban. The NPP is owned by a consortium of 13 private companies with oversight by the RBA. SWIFT was given a $1bn contract to run the NPP. An analysis of the new payments platform is available at:

    It is intended to dominate Australia's payment system to provide incentives to get people into the banking system so they can be monitored and measured.

    The cash ban is part of a stack of dystopian legislative stack.Various parties are competing for territory. Given the $1bn investment and implementation of complemetary projects, the motivation to pass the cash ban is greater. The intended dystopian design is clear.

    This is comment #17 of the collaborative document “[Australian] ‘Society’ Monetary Policy for the many and evolving beyond ‘economy’ monetary policy for few” available at:
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/13iaHQg8pAQd5PqzAqJNrOizUt5M0Y6yFY3gkBmTcDBw/edit?usp=sharing .

  8. Pauline, i think (using a simplified example) that if i put $10 000 in the bank they will give me 1% interest. They can then lend 30 times that amount at 3% –》 they get 90 times what they give me…

    It's time to..

    1. All take our money out of the bank.

    2. Let the banks compete for our money by offering higher, fairer interest rates.

    Without our money the banks are done.

    Thank you to you and Malcolm for all that you do.


  9. What’s the rationale/message behind this cash-cap policy?? Good luck from the UK in fighting this madness.

    Bank Deposit Is Literally A Rigged Commercial Loan

  11. Who voted for this? Governments need to learn to serve the people who vote for them and not dictate without mandate.

  12. If the tax department got of there behinds and collected the tax from the multinationals, then they might not have to turn decent hard working people who save their money into criminals.

  13. We are getting punished for the crimes of the money launderers. Either these politicians know nothing of justice, or they are using the crimes of a few as a dodgy excuse to gain power over all of us.
    Proper justice would be to catch and deal with the crooks and leave the law abiding citizen out of it.

    And what we earn through our honest labour belongs to us alone and we can spend it where and how we want.
    Ownership of the earnings of our labour is one of the duties that politicians are elected to protect.

  14. Come-on Australia lets not be duped by the Canberra mafia, we can beat them if we all pull together as one

  15. You voted with the LNP on everything else, and now you are grandstanding again, just being imposible pricks….wake up you two, and get real, we can see your grubby right wing agenda from a mile away………………….

  16. Why is Australia kowtowing to someone's point of view from overseas? Aren't we a soverign nation…can't we make our own decisions? Some parts of the EU started off at 10,000 euros but are now down to something like 2,000; I understand that Swedens' is much lower! I also understand the Govt wanting to stop cash transactions for things like the drug manufacturers/dealing etc but those should be tracked by other means…not by an all out attack on OUR democracy and money! We need to step away from those ideas which go against the Australian ethos of FAIR GO!

  17. Also, today I bought a car with a visa debit card (I had the money in bank) , it was $13k , and the car yard hit me for a 1.5% transaction fee on the visa use …
    If I could have been bothered to go get the cash out of the wank bank, I would have saved $180 bucks.

  18. Thank you One Nation for saying no consistently to these dishonest bastards. Please keep fighting and we’ll keep voting for you!

  19. What would one expect from the only true right minded conservatives remaining in the Australian political arena.

    👏 Pauline and Malcom.

    One Nation that represent the National Interest of 1 United People- An Australian. This thesis always sounded logical to me!

    We need more Senators with the Iron will not to break to special interest groups that fracture the harmonious cohesiveness of our once peaceful community.

    Trump 2020 is this bloke as Fairdinkum as it gets!


  20. Meanwhile certain corporations exchange Millions and Companies sell Australia for Billions yet that is unquestioned?
    Sounds to me like another excuse to contain ordinary people from any source of moving forward without any Trust from the people we elected in the first place. Getting Sad. Or how about only on a Migrant watch or suspicious persons watch which may be deemed necessary. But not everyday ordinary people, FFS, 1984 stuff.

  21. This is a massive infringement on our rights. Meanwhile Multinationals & big business are not paying anywhere near their fair share. This is abuse of power & Unconstitutional. https://www.cirnow.com.au/

  22. One more comment. Can you two please have the comment section open on your videos? All your videos the comment section is closed. I know you'll get some hate, but there are people out there who support what you do and this is one of the places they can go to discuss these topics. Not everyone has Facebook!

  23. If you could go back , in a time machine to 1975 and tell people how taxed and controlled ,, work safety ,,, No one would believe you ,,, i look back and envy there freedom

  24. What I would like is more laws written to control the behaviour of politician's instead of them writing bullshit law after bullshit law to control we the people, and I would live for the kids to be taught the constitution, the legitimate constitution, and while you're at it Malcolm can you do something about the geo engineering programs that are and have been in progress for at least a decade now, I'm sick to death of being sprayed from above like a human cockroach, there is plenty of evidence on my channel and many others for it.

  25. This is to do with a the big 5 world banks an the UN 1992 agenda 21, this is the beginning of legal slavery

  26. Reminds me of the 10c return for cans, we were…already recycling! Àll cans went up over 15c but the supermarkets got like 2c a can. Just a useless scheme. All for the banks. Legal tender is legal tender!
    Keep up the good work one nation!

  27. Good evening Malcolm I don't ever and subscribe to politicians with the exception of yourself Jacqui Lambie and Pauline Hanson the main reason for the system is a private corporation. I just got a letter back from Jacqui she understands the situation and like you guys she is trying to fight it. I have just been made a member of the international common-law court and as a prosecutor and as a friend of Kevin Arnott in Canada. He was the man charged Pope Benedict Mr. Ratzinger and brought him downI) hope one day to be able to charge some of the rats in camera in their private capacity.(ASAP) I believe you are into syntax grammar. Take care Barry, my youtube channel LUNDOVE

  28. I think their concern is a run on the banks as interest rates head towards negative territory. Questions need to be asked of the reserve bank governor, surely monetary policy has run its course and is no longer a viable lever to stimulate the economy without serious adverse consequences.
    1. Over valued, stagnant property market.
    2. High levels of personal debt.
    Cheep money will not fix it.

  29. KPMG seems to be the power behind this move (and of course there is a powerful body behind KPMG) yesterday I saw KPMG was just caught red handed being involved in a huge international criminal investigation by the Russian authorities (child crimes) can this be looked into please Pauline and Malcolm ? as if it true (I believe the information is sound) this shows KPMG isn’t fit or the best organisation to be dictating to our government on the black economy which is the premise for this new cash ban law, also thank you Malcolm for getting a hold and moving to reverse the “bail in” amendments on our money in our Australian banks, let’s hope your efforts are able to move quickly enough before the next looming banking crisis.

  30. You can pocess more than 10000, so if I have $500 and I go to the casino and win $14000 on the black jack tabel if I take 14000 in chips to to be cashed I will get a max 10 000 in cash and the rest in a check.. but if I take 7000 of the chips and cash them I get 7000 then 10 min later I cash the other 7000 I now have 14000 in cash in pocket, 2 transactions have accrued.

    Lets say a farmer A wants to by a tractor for 30 000 of farmer B.. farmer A wants to pay 20000 in cash and the rest in elec transfer. But famer B sez "it illegal to pay me 20000 in a transaction".. but Farmer A sez "well in that case I wil pay you a 10000 deposit cash and tomorrow I wil pay you another 10000 cash and 10000 into your bank via elec transfer", "ok" farmer B sez, and thus no breach of legislation has occured.

    If I went to my bank and withdraw via a transaction with bank 8000 cash today and then tomorrow I withdrew another 8000 cash in a bank transaction from the same account and bank, does that mean the bank has breached the legislation for me having 16000 cash in my pocket..? Is it unlawful for me to have 16000 in my pocket..

    No its not and same with the gambler or farmers or casino.

    See there is no problem at all, just a different way of doing things..

  31. This sounds like an April Fool joke! But we are in the wrong month. Australian Government is going to make Australians who voted for these people look like international numpties!

  32. Cash is the only means by which one has complete financial autonomy separate from the banks. How can a government even THINK of removing that autonomy?

  33. 2 Economies in Australia No.1 = KPMG Tax and Advisory services – Multi National Corporations & Banks ==== Black economy ?

    Multi National Corporations 800 Billion and no tax in 5 years >>>>> Go figure hmmmm, smells of kickbacks here to the Government ?

    Ordinary Australians No.2 = >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> White slave economy

    This will open up a can of worms???????

  34. They [ the handlers for the cabal] want cashless society because agenda 20/30 moves to micro chipping everyone. The chips are ready to go in storage several years ago, a military whistleblower witnessed.

  35. Thanks guys for bringing this to attention. Fight it with all you have and if there is a public petition we can sign let us know I'll gladly sign.

  36. Bankers interests! Money in the bank on the fractional reserve system allows the banks to create out of thin air, 10 times more in fiat currency for the banks to loan out and garner interest. Only the banks win. Withdraw now!

  37. "Until they become conscious they can never rebel, and only after they rebel can they become conscious" Orwell 1984. Wake up!

  38. Where is the Balance? Australia has/is fast becoming a hell hole of restrictions (except for Viruses). But then this doesn't come from our polyees, does it? Unfortunately too many programmable sheep live here.

  39. Australia is too near to China. And now they are blinded with this green toughts, and climate change, and this "new" socialism era… 20 years from now, the true people will be old, and the childs of this greenies will be worst than their fathers. Its starting, time to wake up… And this is all around the world.

  40. We need more of this calm talk from you Pauline. Very well spoken. I know how emotion comes into things especially with what you have been through and being constantly under attack from all the forces as well as the absolute BS we are being served up you are fighting against. As a potential voter my advice is we need more of this Pauline on display.

  41. Lol uses $1000 cash to buy tv, gets 2yrs and $2000 fine, pays for fine with cash gets more time and fines.

    Lol they'll never jail you in my opinion because it costs taxpayers (which the government thinks only they do) more than the fine to put you in jail lol.

  42. One nation got votes in my area and the local news radio station said they didn't get one vote, fake news.

  43. I am in an area that has poor or no coverage for mobiles and buying hay from local farmers for my animals will be impossible if they lower the amount to under $10,000 I would have to shoot my goats and horses

  44. At the end of the day it is the policy doing away with money so the state has greater control over the Citizens of their country and how they spend their money they are basically creating the seizure of assets and Property of the Citizens of your country you are not free to spend your money how you want to and if you are doing it legally why should you be labelled as a criminal once again and government pushing the policies of those people who wish to control a grater greater control over their citizens even if they are spending their money legally I think this is a violation of Human Rights when a government can send people to prison the spending their own money that has been earned legally and lawfully in their country

  45. The Australian people have been kept in the dark on so many issues that directly affects us. WHY are these things done with little to none knowing such things until well into the process? As for the UN & their Agenda 21/30 WHY was the Australian public relatively kept in the dark about this???

  46. Similar to the U.S. ludicrous “structuring” law where it was made illegal to have cash transactions of $10,000 or more, Kent Hovind, an extremely popular and much loved science evangelist who was paying his staff in cash at his Dinasaur Adventure Land tourist resort was jailed for 8 years on this over reaching law, that clearly seeks to benefit the banking establishment by undermining, and controlling basic financial aspects of our lives . We are all indebted to you for your diligence in raising this and many other issues and bringing them to the public arena for in-depth and rational scrutiny.

  47. Stop the cash ban…. The banks have usurped the government …. Where is the opposition to this and where is the media????? This clearly shows that the people are taken for granted and the elite are having their wishes granted by the government…. Our defence force serves the elite, our government serves the elite, the media serves the elite, 9/11 was done by the elite.

  48. Sounds like they are working for the banks there shouldn't be any laws that limit the amount of cash people spend on one item

  49. Another governmental over reach, as you say legal tender, the whole Australian Federal Reserve is a rort, we the Australian people should have control of the issuance of currency used in our OWN country !!!!

  50. its all been rigged KPMG accountancy that were paid to write a report on the Australian black economy for our Government and recommended a cash ban , KPMG accountancy looks after the accountancy and tax filing for the many of the overseas firms that have earned over 800 billion dollars in Australia in the last five years and have paid no tax yes no tax (this was presented as evidence at a senate committee hearing in feb 2020 and this was all confirmed at the hearing by the ATO as fact , look it up people and wake up please , and do you think our government does not know this but little old me somehow does ?

    for example it was mentioned at the senate hearing that Exon mobile one of the largest company's in the world 279 billion income 2018 ,had declared to the ATO 43 billion dollars in sales here in Australia last 5yrs and had paid zero tax ,YES REALLY ,tell me who is lining their pockets to allow this to continue , this is a obvious massive problem, but rather than go after their corporate mates , this government is going after the poor ,pensioners and farmers and the blue collar worker , telling us what we can buy and cannot buy ,are we going to let them get away with this again ?

  51. Malcolm, Pauline+ Please do whatever you can to stop this bill becoming law. This is the thin end of the wedge that will lead to a cashless society. If society becomes cashless the bankers will have all of the money, all of the time. Funds may transfer from one account to another but they will NEVER leave the bank. There will be no money outside the bank. They will have it all and we will be totally at their mercy. This bill is truly evil and must not be allowed to pass into law. Thank you both.

  52. good.keep the fight goining.also, has anybody asked them that the amount will not be changed ie 2000. their answer will expose their hidden agenda or they will be on record they were lying.

  53. Great work you two!!
    More info head to:

    – Interest of the People
    – Walk the World
    – CEC Report
    – Nuggets News
    – Heise Says

    This Bash Ban needs to stop and its up to us the people!!

  54. world wide big banks, feds, IMF, the world bank, Asian development bank
    the euro, quantitative easing lol
    they all got you as the target!

    all of them
    and their paid off politicians want to take total control of your money
    then your gold
    also crypto bit coin
    they know they are bankrupt!!!!
    they still will try bring out a new financial govt crypto medium
    they will control you!!!!
    Stop them now!!!

  55. What happens no power no food.no fuel .Banks won’t give a shit they have your money..services will become like Telstra talk to someone in India.

  56. people should really stand up about this think to yourself whats next what are they coming up with next go to the bank and start pulling your money out its your money and what gives anyone the right to tell you how to use it if we all keep backing down to these things we might as well move to a commist country feels like were in one now go up them pauline and good on bob katter as well you are the only ones that seem to stand up for the people the others really are beyond belief

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