This is my new Cateye Volt 700 rechargable front bike light. As always with Cateye products it does seem very well made. Although the weak point seems to be this clipping system which like all the bike lights before it, I don’t expect will last that long! I would have preferred it if this would have screwed on permanently but it uses the new quickfix system. So if you leave your bike anywhere you need to remove the bracket as well as the light otherwise you may find it go missing! To turn the light on you press and hold and then it has five modes; the full brightness, medium brightness, the low level brightness, the low level with flash, and the flashing. Then returning through the modes once more and press and hold to switch off. Anyway, I’d better show you those at nightime. On the full mode you get 2 hours use. On the medium, 3.5 hours use. On the low mode, 10 hours use. On the low mode and flashing, 7 hours use and on just flashing, up to 100 hours use. The light does have good side visibility but as the rider you are not distracted by this. Drivers though may get distracted because you will find that in all modes it can be rather blinding. So it is best if you do aim the light down towards the ground. Even with the camera down the far end of the garden it’s very difficult to see just how bright this bike light really is especially in just the flashing mode. Whichever mode you switch the light off in when you switch it back on it will come back on in the same mode. Whichever mode you were in a quick double press of the button will switch you to full mode and a single press will take you back to the previous mode. Out on the road, that’s the full mode, medium mode low mode low mode and flashing and the flashing mode As the energy level in the battery drops you will find that the modes which require the most power will bring on the red LED indicator light in the switch and also rather than being in full, you will find that that is just on at medium or low brightness. The low brightness at the moment is still usable as you can see and should give you at least an hours ride to get back home and I would think that just the flashing mode will still give you several hours if it was needed. When the light needs recharging simply remove the rubber cover underneath and plug in your micro USB cable and the LED light will come on to indicate that it is charging and it will go off once it has charged.

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  1. never understood why anyone would steal someone bike lights. …. is their really a market for stollenbike lights?…. Had my £15 light set taken off my bike when it was locked up in front of the gym with cctv. now i take them off everytime now. lesson learned…people are scum

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