CEATEC 2012: Toyota’s Smart INSECT concept car

CEATEC 2012: Toyota’s Smart INSECT concept car

It’s the ultimate accessory for your smartphone. Toyota’s latest concept car, called the Smart
INSECT, works as a giant accessory for your cell phone, connecting to all sorts of services
once its owner places their phone on a dashboard pad. The car sits at the center of a whole concept
from Toyota that includes a smart home and online service that continually receives and
transmits information to the car when it’s on the road. Yuji Amano, manager, Toyota
“This car is based on the concept of connecting people, cars, and homes. It was developed
by an IT engineer and has technologies such as telematics built in.” The high-tech begins when the owner approaches.
An image sensor on the roof, which looked suspiciously like an Xbox Kinect controller,
is supposed to recognize its owner, welcome them and open the doors. In the center of the dashboard is a large
LCD that shows navigation information and other communications from Toyota’s online
service, such as traffic information. When on the road, the car can communicate
with its driver’s smart home checking for example whether the front door is locked or
the settings of the air conditioning. The car is based on Toyota’s Coms personal
electric vehicle, which sells in Japan for about US$9,000. The Coms can reach speeds
of 60 kilometers per hour, and can drive for about 50 kilometers on a six-hour charge. At Ceatec 2012 in Chiba, Japan, with reporting
by Jay Alabaster, this is Martyn Williams, IDG News Service.

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  1. Interesting. There might as well be a lot of these one-seaters on the road nowadays. I see people start up there huge Hummers just to get a few groceries blocks away.
    Thanks for the video!

  2. a cool idea that needs further work — we need a lot more mini-commuter vehicles on our roads and fewer motorbikes and large vehicles with one occupant (albeit this is probably the kind of concept vehicle that kickstarted the Benz SmartForTwo car); making an affordable option like this would mean every home could afford one or two of them to complement the family car/SUV.

  3. I can't imagine why it needs the fancy doors, and one motorized door should be sufficient anyway. The front end is indeed insect-like, which would probably sell in Japan and a huge improvement on the COMS design. The interior is very plasticy but probably fair for the price.

  4. Modern cars have been moving to insect appearance for years. About time somebody made it obvious. Aesthetics are dead and buried, thanks to the efficiency/function freaks.

  5. why they are not selling it all over the globe, WHY IS NOT ON THE GLOBAL MARKET?? NO MORE CONCEPTS CARS, YOU HAVE TO START TO SELL THEM NOW¡

  6. This "car" goes 50 km/h max range 60 km and charging 6 hours….I have Chinese EV for $5,000.00 charging 6 hours max range 100 km and max speed 80 km and mine is two seats ! So Toyota go hide yourself !

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