Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles vs. Used – Which is a Smarter Buy? | Auto IQ

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles vs. Used – Which is a Smarter Buy? | Auto IQ

A certified pre-owned vehicle or CPO is
a type of used vehicle that differs from other used vehicles in very important
ways. It’s been inspected refurbished and certified by a manufacturer or other
certifying authority. Let’s explore the benefits to see if a CPO vehicle is
right for you. Manufacturers launched certified programs in the early 90s to draw attention to vehicles in excellent mechanical
condition and with low mileage. Adding further benefits such as extended
warranties and roadside assistance creates even more value. CPO programs,
therefore, are ideal for shoppers who want to save money over the price of a
new model but who also want to drive a near new vehicle with a solid warranty
When a customer returns a leased vehicle or trades in their current model the
dealership considers a few simple criteria to determine if the vehicle
could be a potential CPO model. Dilawri dealerships have the added advantage of
direct access to manufacturer demos and inventory units that are never released
to the general marketplace. The criteria for inclusion varies but here’s just a
few sample requirements it should meet. It must be five model years old or newer.
It must have limited kilometres and it must also have been operated by the
previous owner for at least 12 months. If the vehicle meets basic guidelines a
factory trained technicians conducts a rigorous inspection. These
inspections can cover anywhere from 100 items to over 300 depending on the
manufacturer. The dealership then replaces or repairs anything that’s worn
beyond the limits of the manufacturer’s criteria. Our expert Detailers
thoroughly detailed the vehicle to ensure they are delivering an
exceptional product. Confident in the vehicle’s condition the dealership
commonly adds additional value in the form of limited warranties, roadside
assistance and other perks like satellite radio subscriptions in some
cases. To provide even further peace of mind a car proof report is a key
component of many certified pre-owned programs across Canada.The certified
pre-owned option is ideal if you want to drive a near new vehicle with a solid
warranty ,you wish to save money over the price of a new car and enjoy the peace
of mind that your dealership provides via its rigorous CPO process. To begin
your shopping experience for a certified pre-owned vehicle discover a Dilawri
Group of Companies dealership near you by visiting Dilawri.ca today

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  1. Certified pre-owned programs remove the risk of buying used
    Over the past three decades, the stigma about buying used cars has largely disappeared, due to longer lifespan of vehicles and the introduction of CPO programs.

  2. so do all certified pre owned car have free warranty on engine and transmission 5yrs/60,000miles? from toyoya,hyundai,kia.etc?

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