Changing windshield wipers with an adaptor

Changing windshield wipers with an adaptor

Sometimes when you’re changing windshield
wipers on a vehicle such as this, you’ll find it’s done in several steps. I always think it’s a good idea to begin by
putting a rag or a couple of shop towels folded up underneath the arm,
to prevent damage to the windshield in case the arm does drop. I find a screwdriver to be very handy with
this, a small screwdriver. And the first step will be to use that screwdriver
to push the tab down, and push it forward and out. The replacement blade may have several adapters,
and we’ll want to choose the adapter that matches the one that was
one the vehicle. In this case, it will be this one. So to put that adapter on, we’ll slide this
little tab up. Remove that part. Put this one on in its place. And we’re
ready to install a new arm. The replacement blade may have a plastic protector
over the rubber. Just remove that. And then we can put the new blade
on to the arm.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. A rather embarrassing moment getting frustrated with windshield wipers… Purchased the Duralast Flex Blade and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to remove the hook attachment completely. This video helped me realize I was in fact supposed to remove the piece of the wiper that said "Duralast" on it to change the attachments… Thanks!

  2. there is no adapter that works in my champion wiper purchase. And I went to their web site– they have a link to their wiper instructions, but there is no video on wiper instructions! Never buying champion wipers again. It worked for my other car, and for my partners car. But not for mine. Your video is fine for folks who have the right adapter. Maybe Im getting this wrong, but none of the three adapters look like, or work like, the one that's on the car now!

  3. OMG! Thank you! I was about to pull what hair I've got left out trying to figure out how to attach new wipers on my '07 Sierra. Your video was very helpful. Thanks again!

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