Changing Your Engine Oil? You’re Doing It Wrong

Changing Your Engine Oil? You’re Doing It Wrong

rev up your engines today I’m going to
show you things not to do when you change your oil so you don’t mess it up
now the first thing is use the correct kind of oil watch this as we zoom in
what does it say here 5w30 and what does this have my oil 5w30
modern engines are very specific don’t put a lighter oil and don’t put a heavier oil
it’s designed for one oil you know use that these variable valve timing engines
particular about the oil that setup used to have you wait you can damage that
stuff always use the oil it was designed for you got to change your own oil get a
good jack and jack stand and a lot of people think I’m not strong enough to
get the bolt off to drain it you get a long extension bar like this the socket
goes right on it then with all that leverage anybody can pull it off once you line it up you got to pull hard huh but it gets loose pretty fast that’s just a
simple job you lose your fingers you just spin the thing off they got pretty
long thread how comes a dirty oil into the pan now you don’t want to burn
yourself so do this on an engine that’s at least sat there for say an hour or so
as you can see here I got my big fan blowing so it cools it down pretty fast
and there’s not most people forget they all drain plug there’s a little gasket
always you the new one by about at a time
I got a whole stack of them here they don’t cost much, I got a stack of them always put
a new one on then just finger tight it in with your
finger you can’t turn anymore then get your socket on extension put it
on now it’s a little bit snug then turn it a little bit more so it’s nice and
tight and won’t come off that’s it think it yourself an oil filter I’m using an
STP quality one this is just normal oil we’re gonna change it every three to
five thousand miles and these are good to over 5,000 miles
if using synthetic oil they’re not advised go up a little bit higher by a
higher one and they can be changed every seven
to ten thousand miles if you want it to last a long time I when it comes to
getting the old oil filter off you want the right tool I find these are really
handy they open up they fit on the filter and you can easily unscrew you
don’t have to mess around with thin metal breaking or plastic stuff these
metal ones work really well not in the case of this lexus they’re very easy to get
to there’s the oil filter it’s under the exhaust manifold another reason you want
to do it when the engine isn’t red-hot so you don’t burn your hand when you get
the filter on this just slides over the filter like so and since it’s recessed
we use the ratchet a little bitty extension so we have enough room to get
it on then what the whole thing on you turn it and it’s loose then you can take
it off now it easily just spins off with your bare hand I got a lot of turns on
it but it just spins off this is why you want to do it on a cool engine turn
sideways and up it goes and there’s a really important tip don’t forget to
check that this gasket is still on your old filter you can see the rubber is
still here sometimes the sticks to the engine and
if you take this off and this is naked and then screw a new filter on you do
what’s called double gasket you’ll have the gasket on the new filter on top of
the gasket of the old one often it will start leaking I knew a guy who blew the
engine on his Jeep doing that then get the new filter put a little oil on
your finger put it on the left that way it’ll go on won’t leak and then when you
take it off it won’t be almost impossible to take off then you just
keep spinning the new one on and once it contacts
turn it that’s good enough you get it tight enough
garçon you got to decide on oil I’m using this STP conventional five w
30 off that’s what it calls for now if you want insane protection you could go
for something like this redline 5w30 full synthetic oil my friends who drive
race cars they swear by this time now for a normal driver it’s kind of
overkill this stuff costs like three times to four times as much as the STP oil does plain old oil is fine if you change it every three to five
thousand miles it’s perfectly fine and especially if you don’t drive the car
that much you got to change the oil once a year anyway and if you’re only
changing it once a year hey isn’t it better to use oil that cost
three bucks a quart instead of oil that costs ten or twelve or fifteen dollars a
quart it’s not burning any oil hey they’re both working perfectly fine for
normal driving situations I got a whole video on the ratings this particular one
has sn+ which is really high right in so it’s a high rental this is perfectly
fine now how do you know how much oil to put in well look it up first my all
dinner we’re gonna check engine our fluid types and capacities here we go
drain and fill with oil filter change five US ports well that was easy
I got five quarts in an effort to be totally transparent the reason I’m using
the STP oil is it’s good oil and it was on sale at autozone that’s all I’m using
it now start with a funnel see it on spill a bunch and parts slow these that
baffles enter pretty slow so you may actually have to pour it at a small rate
like this if I poured the thing in full blast it would start leaking out of the
top and getting all over the exhaust I’m these v6 Toyota Lexus engines you gotta
put the oil on slower you’re gonna make a mess
and when you’re done put the cap back on make sure it’s snug so it doesn’t leak
but look on there to see if there’s anything leaking you never know y’all
you want to check the leaks when you done I take it for a good road test and
don’t forget to recycle your oil I take mine autozone they recycle it and
don’t forget to recycle your oil filter to the Auto Zone down the street from me
they now take the oil filters too, I didn’t have to pay a company to take them away
I can just bring the old one to autozone and they recycle them, now you know the right
way to change your engine all in just in time it’s starting to thunder here,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Great video. Just one question, is it OK if I choose 5W-30 High Mileage? My car is around 250,000 miles now.

  3. 5w-30 is not what you want in a 200,000km car in 50+C weather (120+F) most owners manuals will indicate what weight oil to used based on (amongst other things) ambient temperature.

    Car manufacturers when selecting which engine oil to use have different considerations verses some end user/owner considerations and priorities.

  4. Also, use quality filters or change them more frequently — STP/Champ Labs isn't great and should be changed every 2,000-3,000 miles in case the cheap media tears and you get dirt passing through.

  5. Please note, he said to get a jack AND JACKSTANDS. DO NOT get under a car that’s just up on a jack. He didn’t show setting the jackstands.

  6. Wrong wrong wrong look at the operates manual for the correct weight oil that suits the average ambient temperature.

  7. Scotty whats your take on the advice that you should put in high viscosity oil into older high mileage engines?

  8. Remember, use the green oil. It says coolant or antifreeze because it keeps your engine cooler and if you use anti freeze your engine wont freeze up

  9. Your not going to change the oil in my car if you use that dirty funnel, and wash all that dirt into the sump!!!

  10. My wife is from Los Angeles, she not only drives like Nascar on the Interstate, but brakes like it too. I use synthetic and ceramic brakes.

  11. I was wondering what you thought about changing brands of synthetic oil on a regular basis. I have a platinum plan with Toyota where I get get my oil changed every 10000 miles. I already payed for it. Anyway if I decide to go to an oil change place (closest to me is jiffy lube) between the the Toyota oil changes 5000 miles, is that detrimental or is it a benefit to my car?

  12. Don't use STP. Use a better brand one. Around here STP is use as Stopping The Pistons. Always use oem or an equivalent.

  13. Hey Scotty honestly thanks for your suggestions and explanations about all this in how maintain a car. God bless you from Seattle WA. US 😊👍👍

  14. Don't change to synthetic oil if you normally use conventional motor oil.Especially if it's a higher mileage engine.You'll start getting oil leaks.

  15. If your car uses conventional oil, switching to full synthetic may cause it to leak. Just something to think about. From my experience, this happens on high mileage vehicles, but anything under 1000 should be okay.

  16. Notice how many vids this guy pumps out? This is his job! He gets paid to tell you anything! He makes his money here! Move on!

  17. Me: I don't like letting the mechanic change my oil because they overtighten the drain bolt…few weeks later….Wife: I got a free oil change with my tire rotation….few months later….Wife: What's going on honey?….Me: I am looking for my medium-length breaker bar. Found it, uh-ah, there it goes….Wife: What happened?….Your mechanic overtightened the drain bolt. At least it isn't stripped. This is the sound of them overtightening. Vvvvhhh, Vvvvvhh, Vvvvvhh…this is me cringing, ooh ehh heh, ook ehh heh (idiots). [One mechanic broke my locking lug nut by overtightening. He told my wife it was already broken. Some just don't care.]

  18. So if someone responds to this im not sure how I'll see but I have a question on reprogramming an ikey and how too without immobilizer code?

  19. I put Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 full synthetic oil in my 2004 Concorde LXI limited 3.5 H.O. motor with a Mobil 1 oil filter. Had the timing belt and tensioner changed two weeks later. The shop had to change the oil after fixing it. The car came back with Half and Half oil and a really cheap filter. When I went to change the oil! The oil filter was very loose and the drain plug was over tighten. This why I change my own oil and filter. Using SuperTech 5w30 High mileage full synthetic and a Fram Ultra Synthetic filter. $26.00 tops. I have over a 165,000 miles on both my cars. Heading for 200,000. Change your own oil its takes a little time but its your car Right! Shawn

  20. Putting a plastic (i.e ziplock) bag over the oil filter when removing it helps contain spills and makes disposal/recycling a breeze.

  21. Amazing. I started doing this around 1972. All the weird issues that would come up later requiring more service went away.
    Why do you think they hide when "working" on your car.

  22. I watch so many of these videos. And there fantastic… I just have one question…
    Why is he always screaming? I feel like I'm being told off for not doing something right lol

  23. Tells you you're changing oil wrong, then uses a breaker bar to tighten the drain plug and doesn't prime the new filter in any way. Not even a smidge. 😂 (Yes, I know it goes on at an angle.)

  24. I had a double gasket on my first car a 1976 Civic with 3-4000 miles at a oil change center. Their insurance replaced the motor. I do my own oil changes now and I always "kiss" my old filter with the new filter to oil the new gasket, it's my way to double check for a double gasket.

  25. What happens if you drive like a "maniac"? 🤔 I use gold top Mobil1 0w40 in my Saab 93 Turbo X… Am I doing it wrong now? 🙆‍♂️

  26. Scotty is there a specialty tool or do they make a heavy duty oil filter cap or what is an easier way to take a stuck oil filter cap off a 2014 jeep wrangler? Please lmk thank you

  27. The manufacturer uses 5-20 because of cost. I use 5-30 as i live in Boston Massachusetts this works best in the different climates

  28. Better dropping the oil when it's hot it's less viscous and will flow out easier, with less dirty oil still stuck to the inside of the sump

  29. A novice who uses a breaker bar to tighten the drain plug is asking for serious trouble! The threads are few in the oil pan and if you strip out those threads your not going anywhere and the fix is not an easy one. Use a regular 3/8’s drive ratchet, then get it snug with that. Or even better? Find out the exact torque value for the drain bolt and use a proper torque wrench.

  30. Check for leaks AFTER restarting the engine. That way if your girlfriend only put the oil filter on finger tight and it pumps out and seizes the engine, you can still save it. Ask me how I know.

  31. I have a 96 Honda Accord EX that has over 300,000 miles on it and I was wondering if it’s OK to use for 100 percent synthetic oil rather than conventional oil?

  32. I change my oil with whatever is on sale for the last 22 years. On time. Just opened up the motor on the highest mileage car I own. Just as I thought. Clean.

  33. Taking the filter off on some are annoying though. Have had it right above a bar forcing you to get an adapter to get to it. At least the one I have now has the filter next to the windshield wash under the hood.

  34. Dude, If you pour the oil in full blast , you have other issues then overflow… that funnel is dirty!! For fucks sake, clean it!!

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