Cheap cars for High Schoolers

Cheap cars for High Schoolers

So you’re a high school student, and you want to buy a car, but there’s only one problem The problem you’re broke. Well, maybe not broke but on a budget if you have at least $3,000 well then this video is for you. I’m Cristian. This is vehicle virals. Let’s go ahead and begin Oh, yeah, I forgot don’t forget to subscribe for weekly automotive content now Let’s start so you want to make a statement have crowds Terrified of you and at the same time be part of one of the biggest memes ever created And it’s going to be a serious wall Then the Ford Mustang is for you And all seriousness the 4th generation Mustang is a solid sports car for its price the v6 Variant of course with just a bit of patience and luck you might just be able to pick up the v8 version for under $3,000 as well while it doesn’t have the best gas mileage averaging just 20 miles per gallon with its all wheel drive It sure does make up for it in the fun category the Mustang is by far one of the easiest cars to mod and with endless Amount of customization parts available in the market the Mustang community is both very strong and large And if there were every moment where you needed to get work done on this car answers and tutorials can be found all over the internet with A simple google or youtube search next on the list are you? Are you irresponsible? Are you lazy and want to get away with minimum maintenance while still having a reliable car that can take all the beatings you throw? At it
Well look no further the generation 2 Toyota Camry ladies and gentlemen I speak from personal Experience when I say this car can be dogged down and neglected And it’s still drive forward with its head up and by personal experience I’ve referred to when I was a child and my mom owned this car she would change the oil once Every two to three years slammed the transmission into drive while still reversing and make turns as if she was trying to avoid a collision Even with those conditions the car surpassed 300 thousand miles to be clear I don’t advise you mistreat this car or any other car at that. I Only share that experience to make a point that this car is highly reliable and nearly unbreakable Gas mileage is not too bad you get an average of? 23 miles per gallon repair parts for this car are pretty cheap in practically any mechanic that can use a screwdriver Can you fix any issue for relatively cheap? wait guys quick note if you’re looking to buy a used car maybe one of the cars here on this list and it’s Specifically from a dealer make sure and check out my video on how to buy a used Our I’ll link it in the description below make sure and check that out It’s good to save you a lot of time and save you a lot of money okay moving on Maybe you’re the type of person that enjoys to go for a drive for no damn reason you find all in every reason to drive you somehow convince yourself that you need to go out and get milk to add to your Existing two gallon collection already in your fridge the generation 1 Mazda Miata is the car for you? Arguably one of the most fun cars to drive Slap some shades on drop the top and you got a great car for spring break a car park like a douche bag No problem you fit parallel parking easy peasy Motorcycle parking spot no problem you in there Did you get the point the Miata isn’t the fastest car you can get for the price? but you do get good gas mileage an average of 24 miles per gallon only downfall of this car is that they’re not as easy to find Unlike the other cars on this list they normally maintain their value and once one pops up for sale They sell almost immediately if the previous three cars didn’t do it for you How about owning a car that goes well with chrome taillights a massive wing? For extra speed and a welded muffler tip that sounds like a screaming goat Well folks the sixth generation Honda Civic fits that description while I wouldn’t recommend modifying the way I just explained it if that’s your cup of tea Then go for it The Honda Civic is for those that really want to get the most out of their car it has terrific gas mileage at an average Of 32 miles per gallon and five dollars at the pump almost fills up the tank half way well Maybe I’m exaggerating But it’s pretty damn close if you were to ever need to repair this car finding replacement parts for this car is very Easy as many junkyards carry these cars, and if not plenty of aftermarket parts are sold at a cheap price eBay the Honda Civic can also be customized endlessly as well and can be tuned very easily for performance if you Prefer in the future you can easily swap the engine for a stronger dual cam engine from an acura integra engine for less than $1000 and watch it fly One con depending on where you live this car is a very hot target for thieves I’ve had multiple friend that have their civic stolen so make sure you take the right security measures So you want a car with a little junk in the trunk? Plenty of space to fit five in the cabin And two additional people in the back while not recommended if practicality is a must well consider the first-generation PT Cruiser I know I’ll probably get a lot of crap for including this car in the list But you know what I believe it deserves a spot so stays let me explain There is no other car out there That looks like this the design resembles an older classic look while still looking for the modern a hot rod a look on the outside And a minivan in the inside another key feature to the PT Cruiser that normally is overlooked is that the back seats are completely movable and removable Giving you more than eight feet of length of available space Works perfect for a home depot run gas mileage isn’t too impressive at an average of 20 miles per gallon But the versatility and practicality sure makes up for it The look is subjective as many people dig it and many don’t But I personally enjoy the distinctive look well guys that was it I hope you guys enjoyed my list of cheap cars for high schoolers if you liked the video make sure you hit that like button If you have a friend that might benefit from this video make sure and share it and once again Subscribe that way you can see all of my weekly automotive content here on vehicle virals. I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. It's officially been a month since i uploaded my first video to YouTube. 24 subs with 600 total channel views! For this video i decided to continue experimenting with a slightly different style. Hope you guys like it!! Make sure to follow me on social media for updates, links below

  2. sure: car is cheap, but have fun with insurance costs. I can afford a miata easily, but having to pay $600 a month for a car is ridiculous.

  3. Just to add one a mazda speed 3 bought mine from my neighbor and let me tell you it's a gem they handle great, good storage room, in my opinion very easy to work on, looks pretty damn good, has a decent after market and I picked mine up for 3800 so not that bad!


  5. Lmao I can find like a Mercedes E200 Fully functional for 1.200 E but I am sitting here looking at american vehicles that I've never seen in my entire life (In Real life)

  6. My first vehicle I drove too and from high school was a 1985 toyota SR5 pickup truck with a 6 inch lift kit that I installed.

  7. I'm a teacher (I swear I tried to avoid the career but I love this job) so I need to replace my PT cruiser without being more broke. I loved this car because I can fit my surfboard in it and it survived years of my cousins neglect lol but unfortunately the costs to get it fixed are way too high. Thank you for this list because I'm clueless about cars. I just hope the PT cruiser survives until I get over the fear of car shopping

  8. Retired crown vic p71s are absolute tanks for about the same price. Also the 2007 and up are built to run on flec fuel

  9. Its not the cost of the car I am worried about its the insurance. Here in the UK insurance can cost more per year than how much you paid for the car itself!

  10. When you realize that the new car your parents bought you was 12 times the price of these cars😂 Love you Mom and dad

  11. PT cruisers aren’t very good or safe, and insurance for mustangs can be expensive. just food for thought.

  12. Miata is always the answer

    High School kid: I want to buy a fun car, but I am broke, what should I buy?

    Me: Miata

  13. You don't want some young kid driving a tiny car. They need a truck. They don't k ow their left nut from their rite

  14. what if you are a poor almost middle aged like 30 year old, but wants a car to work on. Does that count as a high schooler?

  15. I have a 1993 Honda Del Sol that my father handed down to me. At least there isn't gonna be any thieves stealing it, thanks to the Quick-Release Steering wheel in it, and also I'm soon gonna add a Killswitch in it.

  16. I just read the title. Wtf you mean cheap? This is a gateway to debt even before student loan, the fuck 🤣🤣🤣 no such thing as cheap

  17. Surprised you didn't mention anything from the Panther platform.

    cough cough Crown Vic cough cough

  18. I got a 2005 pt cruiser convertible, gets 25 to a gallon 2.4L turbo, love having the top down at school gets some looks

  19. Welp, currently I have a 2006 Acura TL, I'm 17, high school junior, yes I work, will be making around $1,600ish a month once my manager starts giving me more hours since summer schools finally gonna end, my goal is to accumulate enough money to buy myself a 2008 Acura TL type s (3.5litter engine) or a newer 2012ish Acura TL (3.5 or 3.7little engine option)

  20. Damn I’m lucky, we don’t have any Japanese cars here in german, but I’m getting a e39 530i with the m package for only 1,5k euros. E39s are so cheap here.

  21. Got a 2001 v6 Camaro, beautiful car. Just got done replacing the trans mount. She will last me for a long time.

  22. The PT cruiser is a piece of shit. It Will have over heating and engine problems… Get the camry or civic

  23. you should buy a MAZDA MX-5 its a good car has great looks but not fast 113 hp or 85 kw

    thanks for a like myself

  24. I think these cars are pretty good:

    MG ZT / Rover 75

    My brother has a rover 75, and it is a very nice car. It's so far had no major problems and is a very nice, smooth ride. The ZT is a sportier version of the 75 and i think it's a good car. hopefully when i'm old enough to get a car, I can get mabye a V6 ZT

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