Cheap New Bike Or A Used Bike With A Higher Spec? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 77

Cheap New Bike Or A Used Bike With A Higher Spec? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 77

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we have new bikes, the Bike Vault, your upgrades and as always, our weekly talking point. – Which is should you buy a new bike or a used bike with better spec. Plus the answer to the
question we all want to know. Where does Alberto Contador
keep his sunglasses? – Well, where does he keep his sunglasses? – We have to watch and find out. Let’s go. (energetic techno music) Recently we made a video about top tips for buying a used bike and a few people commented underneath that asking whether it would be
better to buy a brand new bike or a used bike with a better
spec for the same money? – So with that in mind, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. – And to make it a bit more concise, we’re not going to talk about
vintage bikes in this discussion. We’re going to talk about bikes that are typically one to five years old. Bikes that have components
and group sets on them that are either the current generation or the previous generation. – Yeah, so we’re going to
start off with a few examples. Here is Canyon Ultimate CF
SLX with mechanical Dura Ace and Mavic Exalith R-Sys wheels. This comes in at 2 399 pounds, which is actually pretty good I would say. – Yeah, well, that’s currently on eBay. A significant saving for a bike that would’ve cost originally around 4 000 pounds were it new, so, yeah pretty good. I mean, it’s a top spec bike, top spec frame. – Yeah, but then if you
went for a new Ultimate with a rim brake version and you went for not mechanical, you went for electronic Ultegra group set, which is slightly heavier, that comes in around 2 600 I would say. So actually with the DT Swiss wheels… – Yeah, so the DT Swiss wheels are the 2 600 pound one comes with, that’s brand new, are slightly heavier than
the Mavic R-Sys ones, but I’d still be inclined
to go with it, I think, in that example… – Would you spend that
extra bit of money then? – I think for the fact that
you’re getting a new bike, I mean that one there does
appear to be in a good condition, but you’re getting a
new bike and for me… – I think I know what you’re going to say. – DI2 trumps mechanical Dura Ace, DI2 Ultegra I’ll even say. – I thought you would say that and to be honest I couldn’t
agree with you more. I prefer electronic gear shifting, so. – Let’s have a look at another example. – I’m going to hit you with this one. The Pinarello F10. Look at it. – Yeah. – It’s a beauty, isn’t it? Yours new for around 10 grand, but then again I did
do some shopping around and I’ve found it for eight and a half, which I think is a bargain. – Yeah, eight and a half
grand bargain (chuckles). But I did some shopping
around in the used market and I found one that’s higher spec than the Dura Ace DI2 model that you saw for like 10 grand. This one has Compact Super Record, it’s on eBay, and also it has Campagnolo
Bora Ultra wheels. So it’s about as high spec
as you can possibly get. You know, Super Record, ooph. Still eight grand. I mean that one would have
been more than 10 grand when it was originally for sale. More like 12, but still eight grand is a lot and I noticed this with quite
a few of the Pinarello’s. They tended to be still quite expensive in the used market. And I think it’s a bit like cars. So certain models
depreciate more than others. Which is quite interesting. It’s model dependent. – I mean that makes total sense though, if you look at the car market for example. McLarens, they’re far more desirable and there’s limited production runs, meaning their going to hold their value. – Well, no, McLarens often appreciate. – Appreciate, it’s already
going to go up in value. – Bizarre, but yeah. – And watches. – Yeah, so I think in terms
of when you’re looking at specific used bikes, maybe target certain models. Have a look, have a feel, do some research and certain models you’re going to get a bigger
saving on in the used market than others. – Olly, let’s check out something else. This is the Orbea Avant and you can get this new for 2299 pounds. It comes with disc brakes and Shimano 105. – Nice bike. – But crucially, the cool thing for me, buying new is that you can
customize the paint job on the website and then it comes through and it’s pristine, new and it’s got that really cool, your paint job or
whatever you come up with. I did mine for my Orbea
Orca Arrow and Matt Gray with popping orange decals. – Of course it’s nice. – And I’ve got to say
I’m pretty happy with it and from the comments
everyone seems to like it too. – No, it is really nice. I think where as he and
I did some looking online and I found a 2017 Orbea
Orca and this came, it was rim brake bike so
slightly different spec, but it was looking for me
as bit equivalent spec, so carbon frame there as well, 800 to 900 quid, – Yeah, that’s good. – Shimano 105 on it. So that’s one where, you’re not getting a better spec, but you’re just saving a load of money for something that’s very,
very similar spec, really. – And out of interest, how long did that take
you to find on the net? – Well that was quite a quick search, but this is the thing, you know, I think ultimately it comes
down to what you can drop on to with a used bike and there are
some amazing deals to be had and amazing sort of
gems that you can find, but you’re probably going to have to spend a bit more time searching for them and waiting for the right one to come up. So you know, if you want
your bike straight away. – Then get a new one. That said if you’re not totally sure on what to look out for, when buying a used or second hand bike, then check out this video
in the description below which Olly did about what to look out for when buying a second hand bike, which is really good. It was really interesting. – Oh, thanks man. – Yeah, I enjoyed it. – I think people should also
consider buying a new bike, because well after all, it’s new. You know that when you buy it there’s going to be
absolutely no wear and tear on any of the components or the frame and it gives you great peace of mind and great confidence and also warranties are very valuable to have. You know when you buy a new bike, you have a warranty and should something ever go wrong with it, manufacturers are often very good on honoring those warranties. (exciting music) It’s time now for Hot Tech and first up, right, have you ever wondered where Alberto Contador
keeps his sunglasses? – Yeah, mate, all the time. It actually keeps me up at night. All night. – Well, fear not, my friend, because Koo have made a
video showing you the answer. (intense music) Alberto Contador there using a new product called the Koo Billy and I’ve got one here. It’s a small little clip that attaches onto the front of your bike and you can use it to
store your sunglasses and keep them out of the way. It keeps them safe and secure and is said to work with any sunglasses that have a frame. – I have never thought of that. You know, I put my glasses
on my helmet or on my jersey. Never thought about putting
my glasses on my bike. – Next up we have some
hot tech from Chiru bikes. Chiru has teamed up with
the luxury leather goods, well designer, Pinin and Pinin, to come up with this bike which is a celebration of
the centenary of Bentley, the luxury car brand. – [Sam] Yeah the bike is a city bike. It’s fully titanium and also it comes with those beautiful leather bits on the top tube saddle which actually looks stunning, doesn’t it? – [Olly] Yeah, the bar and grips. – Yeah it looks amazing. And also it’s carbon belt driven, but this is not the only thing, it’s well not a race bike, is it? But it’s not all about luxury either… – No, well it’s got a Zehus eBike motor built in to the rear. This is a completely self-contained unit, very high-tech. 250 Watts of assistance, but get this, right? It’s got a curve, sort of F1 style, energy recovery system. So you don’t have to recharge it. When you’re braking it recharges. – [Sam] Oh, I love a
bit of tech like that. – [Olly] That’s so cool, isn’t it? – To be honest, mate, I’m just thinking. I can see myself riding
around the Royal Crescent with my hat on with a pipe
and just enjoying life. Or maybe the Royal Kensington Gardens. – To be fair, I can see you
doing that, as well I think. – Yeah. – We’ve also spotted a new
bike in the World Tour, being ridden by the Mitchelton-Scott team and it was being ridden by
Daryl Impey and Jack Haig at the Criterium du Dauphine. – Yeah, I did have my
bino’s out and I spotted it. – Your what? Your bino? Your binoculars? – My binoculars, I had
them out and I spotted them in the World Tour peloton. I have to say the bike does look very like the old Scott Foil RC, but it features more climbing attributes compared to the normal aerodynamic frame, but it does look very similar, but I think it is just
designed for climbing. I saw Yatesy on it. Is it? Yeah, I think Yatesy is on it. – [Olly] Yeah, it’s got sort of some aerodynamically optimized tubes sort of flat back tube
profiles and an Aero Cockpit from Scott’s component
manufacturer, Syncros. It’s very similar to the
one that we see on the Foil, but yeah, it’s different, so it looks like a brand
new Scott Addict with discs. I would like to wear them. It looks light. – It does look really light. One interesting fact, though. Is that this particular
model isn’t actually on the UCI’s approved Frame and Fork list, meaning we can’t actually
give all the specs and all the details just yet, but we will keep you updated
when we get those details. – Yeah, we can’t even fully
confirm it’s name yet, but it is the new Addict
that we believe it is, so by guess you’d expect
that we’ll see Adam Yates riding it at the tour. – Well, I hope so. I hope so and I’m going
to keep my eyes peeled and my bino’s. – That’s not the only bike
we spotted at the Dauphine. So Chris and John previously spoke about the Cannondale SuperSix EVO, well, what we believe to
be the new SuperSix EVO. It was spotted again at the Dauphine, this time in team colors
of EF – Education First and well I think launch him on that one… – Is very imminent. Potentially before July, before the tour. So keep your eyes peeled for that one. – And Raymond disc versions
have been spotted as well. – Are they going to change their color? Put a bit of pink in there? – It would be cool if they did. – We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we? (power tool running) (cash register bell ringing) – It’s now time for Screw Riding Upgrades. – Buy Upgrades. – Where you submit evidence of
the upgrades that you’ve made to your bikes or equipment
for a chance to win the ultimate prize. The GCN Camelback water bottle thing.
– Where is it? – I don’t know where it is right now. – But it will be winging
it’s way to you if you win. – [Olly] Right, first up this week. We’ve got Jonathan from
South Africa, right. – Are you going to do your accent? – Shall I? – Yeah, go on, give it a go. – Okay. Jonathan received this bike
for a free swap with a friend. He’s unsure of the make or year, but it has Zeus drop outs. That was all right that, wasn’t it? – That was good. – That was quite good, anyway. It sat around for about a year before he decided to restore it so he could use it at varsity. Most of the bike is in decent condition, but it was dirty and rusty. That was out of order, that was very… – Cleaning every part with
a toothbrush I’ve just seen. – Yeah, bloody hell. – I hope he’s not using
that on his teeth as well. – Yeah, he’s resprayed
it in fire engin red and he’s also replaced the cables, bar tape and tires and then rediscovered, or recovered an old seat in denim. – Oh, I want to see it, come on. Go on show me.
– Shall we have a look? – Yeah, let’s have a look. – ‘Cause that’s what it was like. – Oh. – And then he’s restored
it with his denim saddle. – Oh. – Nice. That’s nice, bru. – That is nice. – I like it. – I like the fire engin red. He’s also if you look closely, he’s put a cork in the bar end. Like can you see that? – It’s like a Champagne cork.
– Yeah. – That’s a cool bar end.
– How cool is that? – That is, whoo, that is very nice. – It’s vintage. – Nice. – Vintage bike and vintage cork… – So who’s Jonathan up
against this week, hey? – He’s up against Mike
and the Cannondale Synapse frame and forks bought from eBay. A couple of years ago Mike bought it… – Where’s he from though? – He’s from Bromley in Kent in the UK. A couple of years ago Mike bought a 2011, aluminum Cannondale Synapse with Carbon fork from eBay for 90 pounds. He built it up.
– Bargain that. – Yeah, isn’t it? With spare bits to make
a winter hack bike. The top tube had a dent in it, so, and there were some scratches. He actually really liked riding the bike, so after seeing your budget
bike to super bike video, he decided to give it some TLC. First he stripped the paint, filled in the dent,
resprayed it with a spray, biped and built up the bike one by and then cobbled together
some parts from eBay and bought a few bits here and there and then put it on the Vittoria
Corsa Control G+ 28mm tires and bling KMC gold chain. – Everyone loves a gold chain. – And the end result. – He loves it. – Is this. – Wow, so that’s the original. – That’s the original. A proper laid back position. – Yeah.
– I like it. – Okay it’s still in
this frame, look at that. – Ooh, he’s gone all camo on me. Oh, that looks like… – Wowzers. – I like, look at that. – What a paint job. That gold chain and the black (speaks simultaneously) – That’s just given me
ideas for my next bike. – Yeah, his stems stopped
taking Viagra as well, which is good to see. – I know what, to be honest mate, I know what I’m going to go for. I’m just putting it out there. Do you know who you are going to go for? – It’s not up to us. – It’s not up to us, is it? – It’s not up to us. You decide. (intense music) So I’m going to let you, it’s a big responsibility. – It is. – I believe in you. – I’m ready. It’s like, it’s like the Thor, the hammer of Thor. – I believe in you, man. – I’ve got the Tech show bell. Come on, hit me with it. – First up we’ve got Bauer. – I wonder if it’s Jack Bauer? He’s well, there’s his bike. Have a look at that, what is it? I can’t see even anything, I can’t seem to zoom in. It’s a GM Major.
– Well it looks like from here – Looks like a Major. Oh, in titanium.
– Ultegra, a titanium frame. Nice cranks… (speaks simultaneously) – Carbon forks, is it? Maybe not.
– Yes, yes, carbon fork, titanium frame, it’s all going on there. – That looks beaut. – I know, Sam, I know. (cowbell sounds) – That was good. I like the energy, but we need to agree first. – That was super nice. – It is, it is, but just hold it back. – All right, it was a
bit premature, wasn’t it? (laughing) – Next up, what have we got? – All right, yeah, thanks, you’ve got a part for me to read. From Andrew. – And very hard. – To read. Can you say, can you say that word? From the Philippines. – Oh, it’s Banzai 29er. It’s Bulacan, Bulacan in the Philippines. I’ve never been there, but it sounds like an epic
place in the Carribean, so I’d definitely want to go there. (tape being mangled) (airplane flying) (bell ringing) Since you guys mentioned a bike
submission can be anything, even a painting, here’s one that’s actually just
a figment of my imagination. A 3D model of my dream bike.
– [Olly] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Sam] How sick. I actually saw this. – [Olly] Hang on a minute. We can’t have like, we can’t, hang on, hang on. – [Sam] I mean, I put that in. – [Olly] You can’t have like, it’s got to be an actual
bike for the Bike Vault. – But that’s… – Not like a hypothetical bike. – But that looks so realistic. Don’t you think that like
design of the curved, like seat post angle, it just looks cool. – Nice, it’s a nice, don’t ring the bell. It’s a nice, next up Nath… (laughing) – I put that in. That was my favorite one. Just saying. – Next up we’ve got
Nathan with his X-Works, wait that is S-Works
Tarmac Tinkoff edition and he’s in Massachusetts and he says… – American. – [Olly] Yeah, let’s have a look at this. Chris King hubs as well. – [Sam] Oh, I like that. I personally would have
gone for some deep wheels, but I quite like the look
of having the deepset wheel. – [Olly] But he has matched up the valve extenders perfectly, in the perfect position. – [Sam] And he’s got some red hubs. – [Olly] I mean that’s, he’s, he’s, (speaks simultaneously) it’s all good, it’s all set
up perfectly for the photo. I can’t, I can’t fault it. – [Sam] I can’t fault it, it is nice and I do like
that paint job with the… – [Olly] Blythe-e upper. – [Sam] Yeah, it just, it does look cool and it stands out. Do I get to, do, do, do I get to ring the bell? – Yeah, I’m knocking off… – Do I get tot ring the bell? – Yeah, before you do, I’m just going to, I’m going to give a warning. – Go on. – The front tire is not on straight, it’s not lined up with the
valve if you look at the logo, but I’m willing to overlook it. – [Sam] But he has it on the rear. – [Olly] ‘Cause he’s done it on the rear. – [Sam] Yeah, now I (speaks simultaneously) – [Olly] I’m willing
to overlook it in this, it’s super nice. Super nice. (cowbell sounds) – There we go, there we go. Next up we’ve got, oh, my mate Jordan. – Jordan from Doncaster. – From Donne. – From Donne. A Sarvello R5 with a custom paint job, tram red eTap and DT Swiss wheels. – Come on, look at that. It’s good that, isn’t it? – Now that is, to be fair, that is sweet and I do
love the DT Swiss rims. He’s got a Quarq power meter. He’s got everything there, hasn’t he? – [Olly] Yeah. – [Sam] I mean look at that, he’s slammed it and put
an extra long stem on. 137 I think that looks like. – [Olly] And he’s matched
up the valves as well. It’s a big small (speaks simultaneously) Do you know what? Any one watching who is thinking about how to get into the Bike Vault, text book, text book Bike Vault. – Gold as well and it’s so clean. I can’t see a speck of mud on that. It’s amazing. (cowbell sounds) – Next up we’ve got Don. – Where’s Don from? – He’s from a, he’s from Western France. – Where? – I can’t. – I was trying to catch you out all day. I’m always the one (speaks simultaneously) – I think it’s, I think it’s Nante? Is that right? (speaks simultaneously) I’m just going to put that out there. Okay, so, he has got his Cespol which is an aluminum frame, carbon fork, Cinelli head set, loving the tips wheels. Miche Primato cranks, 49/16 ratio on the gears (speaks simultaneously) Oh, I like that. I got a wall. – [Sam] I’m just going
to have to say though, I’m going to have to take off a mark. I’m going to have to take off one. I can’t have a bottle on the seat post. For me that is, that just says triathlon for me. – [Olly] Yeah. – [Sam] You know it says Iron Man. It doesn’t say fixy, it says Iron Man. – [Olly] Yeah, and you’re the
authority on fixed gear bikes. – Well, it’s nothing. ‘Cause it doesn’t have any brakes, I don’t brake, but yeah. – But this one does have brakes. – I know but I don’t
use brakes, all right… (speaks simultaneously) – You’re the red hook man. I mean, I really like it. I think it’s nice, what you’re saying I think
you’re leaning towards nice. – No, I like it but, I don’t love it. – So it’s a nice then? – So it’s a nice. – It’s a nice. – Sorry I’m not going to be
able to ring that bell, boy. – It’s a shame we ended on a… – A nice.
– A nice. – But we had some super nice, didn’t we? I got to ring the bell and don’t forget if you want to get involved
on next weeks’ show and get your bike in the Bike Vault then use the uploader tool, which is in the description below. (intense music) Well, that’s it for this
week’s GCN Tech show and I’ve genuinely really enjoyed it. – Yeah, me too man. But we’ve got loads of cool stuff coming up over the channel. – Yeah, on Saturday we’ve
got Nibby’s pro-bike that I was able to get my
hands on over at the Gero. – Yeah, oh and on Sunday John’s done a really cool video on a bike that revolutionized cycling and changed the face of bike tech forever. So that’s going to be really cool, but I’m not going to spoil
it by telling you what it is. You’ll have to tune in then, but it’s really cool. – Yeah, so stay tuned on the channel. – Yeah, and on Monday, on Monday as well, we’ve got first look at a brand new bike that’s just come out, but I can’t tell you what it is yet either and also part two of how to make a fixy. – Yeah, I’m going to watch that one. I need a fixy. Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, then subscribe to the channel. Make sure you give it a big thumbs up and then again no one can
give it big thumbs up, so actually just give a normal thumbs up and let us know what
you think of this video in the comment section below. – Yeah, and to watch a video on, well, how to buy a used bike – top tips then click down here.

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  1. I disagree with the bottle on the seat post. It makes sense if you're going to do any serious outdoor training on it. You guys aren't drinking when riding? It's much more convenient than saddle bottle mounts imo.

  2. I have noticed something interesting on team ineos bikes: It seems that they are using lighther versions of the Dogma F12 on the climbing Stages with no paint in comparrisson to the flat stages. Is this also common among other teams ? ( noticed on bernals bike in the tour de suisse)

  3. Hi, to what degree are power readings affected by smoothing and torque roofs? I'm using an FSA Powerbox with a Garmin Edge, and find the peak and 5 second power readings to be mysteriously low (I'm btw a high torque/low cadence rider – my preferred cadence is only 40-50).

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  6. IMHO. The only thing electric on a bike should be the lights. I've played with Di2 and it is super nice but it also seems wrong (I'm probably a bit retro in that respect)

  7. Used over new – every day. They looked at overpriced used bikes. I bought an Argon 18 Galium Pro ($9000 new before tax) for $4000.

  8. I assemble all my bikes and it usually saves me around $2000 (US) as opposed to buying a fully spec'ed out bike from a bike shop. Superbike for mid-tier pricing, built to my personal needs . The only downside is if a component needs replacing under warranty, you have to deal with contacting manufacturers as opposed to a bike shop doing the work for you.

  9. OK your talking used and brand new, But your not talking common sense of why or what your buying a used one for!
    Two reasons your going to consider buying used; price and most importantly a good enough bike.

    If you want a top of the line bike then your probably going to accept the crazy price tag that goes with it.

    If you want a good bike, but with out the price then your going to accept lower than top line componentry, such as electronic sifters. ( you guys are so elitist, OMG)

    Reality a 14 year old Devinchi for $500 or a brand new Divinchi for $2300. Now The second hand seems to be a no brainier (if it is in good shape)
    The Canondale second hand. 9 year old for $200 (even with a dent) was a steal compared to a new one for $2600!
    Spend the money you saved on some over priced sun glasses!

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  11. Hey #askgcntech! This is a long one, but it’s complex and I wanted to get in all the relevant info. TL/DR version: I just installed a new rear derailleur – what might be causing my chain have started regularly dropping when I’m hammering in a big gear?

    Complete version: I have an old standby 2003 Bianchi Campione (steel frame) on which I have gradually replaced most of the components from the original Mirage/Veloce mix. I have kept it 9-speed, though, largely because of the difficulty of keeping Ultra-Shift (and the ability to shift multiple cogs up and down) without springing for Chorus or Record.

    Up until recently, the bike has had 9-speed Mirage Ergopower levers, 9-speed Mirage rear derailleur, 9-speed Veloce 13-26 cassette, a 10-speed Centaur front derailleur, 9-speed SRAM chain, and a 10-speed 50/34 Centaur compact crankset. I just replaced (for admittedly cosmetic reasons) the 9-speed Mirage rear derailleur with a 10-speed Veloce unit, thinking all would be well because (as I understand it) the geometry and cable pull of Campy 9- and 10-speed rear derailleur is the same. Also, I had never had any real issues with my prior mixing of 9- and 10-speed components.

    Unfortunately, since installing the new rear derailleur, I have had an awful problem arise. When putting down high (for me) power in the big ring and low down on the cassette, the chain has been skipping and often dropping off the outside of the chainring. It happens when I am at around 5-o’clock on the downstroke on the right crank when I am out of the saddle either sprinting or climbing, generally when I am also pulling up on the left pedal, and is truly terrifying. You can see a slow motion video of it here –

    I have been troubleshooting this issue extensively – rear derailleur hanger alignment, rear derailleur b-tension adjustment, checking the limit screws of the front derailleur, indexing adjustment, checking chain length (it has one full link overlap when run through the large-large combination clear of the rear derailleur), checked the chain for wear (both it and the cassette were replaced a year ago), even removing the front derailleur entirely to see if that helps. No matter what I have done, the chain skipping/dropping keeps occurring (needless to say, the process of repeatedly checking this, and feeling the crank let out while I’m laying it down, is not pleasant!). I did see that the big chainring seems very slightly out of true, but by only a fraction of a millimeter. Also, I would note that I am fitter than I probably ever have been, so I think I am experiencing more frame flex when pedaling hard than I have in the past.

    Lastly, I have noticed significantly more chain slap when going over rough patches of tarmac since putting on the new derailleur, which leads me to think the chain dropping issue may be due to a combination of too loose chain tension coupled with frame flex. What do you think, and any suggested remedies?

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  17. Hi John. Great and informative show you have here! Need a bit of help. I am currently running a compact chainset up front and an 11-34 cassette in the back. I very rarely use my 50t chainring, if ever!. Would it be alright to drop the big chainring and just run with the 34t chainring? I find it serves my uses during climbing and just touring. Not really a competitive cyclist here.

  18. Please can you tell everyone Cervélo Bikes are the thing? I love them.. if you can wax lyrical, I can get more when I update next time!!

  19. A year ago I really wanted a carbon road bike with hydro disc brakes to put a lot of miles on… I bought a year old Defy 2 Advanced for 900 Euros with spare front rings and a bike computer thrown in and fitted with a 105 group set… Found it in France on I couldn't get a new carbon bike with hydro disc brakes for anywhere near that and I have been delighted every km since!

  20. Calling Hank out on his lack of geographical knowledge was brilliant! Send him to Iqaluit in January and he'll think he's going somewhere tropical. 🙂

  21. That Bentley Bike looks hideous! And I don't believe for one second that either of the presenters really like it. You don't like a grey and orange Orbea and THAT. Whatever THAT tries to be. On top of that those break levers will get you killed.

  22. Quite weird location to put your sunglasses! They seem to act as a aero brake, after all those $$ trying to get an aero bike. Plus, you would get the bugs and other road stuff on the other side of your glasses as well. When do you guys remove your glasses? I have photochromic glasses and never take them off. Maybe I should when I get hot?

  23. Never buy used carbon bikes. You can't be sure of the structural integrity of the frame, especially under the thick glossy paint. Also, nobody sells a decent road bike for no reason. If its to good to be true, its a scam.

  24. Looks like either one is possible. It's called due diligence.
    Urban camo paint for a bike? Nah. Not for me.

  25. I prefer used bikes with better quality if it comes to everyday-doing the shopping-traveling around-bicycles, they are really cheap and least pretty long and they never get stolen. But for sportbikes I had to find out there are not many for sale that fit my size (really small). I prefer having a cheap bike for the beginning than an uncomfortable one, even though my budget is really low XD

  26. 5 years ago I bought my first road bike from local bike shop, I had low budget for the bike because I had to get everything else (clothers, helmet, etc.) So my bike was like 700 Ł. Now I know I love cycling and I will be riding in the future so I want to get something better for the next season. I think I don't want to spend much more than 1k so I will look for 1-3 years old higher spec bike. Can't wait for what I will find 🙂

  27. What other Endurance Bikes should I be looking at apart from Cube Agree C62, Giant Defy, Cannondale Synapse, Canyon Endurace CF, Specialized Roubaix. Will probably go for Ultegra Carbon wanting to pay around £2500.
    I'm looking at second hand too.

  28. 13:58 – "His stem has stopped takin' Viagra as well", HAHAHAHAHA! Now that's the type of one-liners I subscribed for! Top content, lads!😊👍

  29. Great piece of tech, the sunglass thingy. Now you can buy very heavy classes and use them as a triathlon bar!

  30. Used bike, specially the higher tier ones. 99% of the top-end bikes are bought by middle-aged doctors, lawyers and businessmen to impress their cycling buddies. Bikes get ridden sparely for 1 or two years and then they get the newest aero-this on a 40k TT they'll never come close to even consider and sell the bike for half of the original price. People racing high watts at an amateur level don't have bling parts and bikes, because racing = crashing once every few races.

  31. Currently shopping for my next road bike… second hand. Definitely can't afford brand new. So much has changed since I used to do sprint distance races 35 years ago. Wow! Where do I get started again! Help!

  32. guys every day second hand , just bought a 2012 tcr advanced pro 0 with campagnolo record …… for 800euro with pedale ( keo blade carbon ) and last year i bought a mondraker chrono pro sl 2015 with 100km on it for half the price

  33. 😮 the men's canyons are so much cheaper! i just paid £2550 for a women's Ultimate CF SLX with mechanical ultegra.. and that was the clearance price, already a saving of £650 off the original price.

  34. Still pilot an oldschool Giant tcr team. Rolf wheels, all shimano ultegra, speedplay, and have always kept her clean. She’s a head turner still.

  35. I just bought a used simplon nexio ultegra 2016 + 2 years warranty in nearly mint condition for 1200 euro. Second hand!

  36. I have a great local bike shop with mechanics who ride, watch cycling videos while they work, and make their living fixing bikes – and they are really nice, approachable lads. Before buying any used bike at a discount I would go to them for advice on what it might cost to bring it up to spec, and then I would think about how much gratuity I might offer them. Simple information acquirement and maths, really.

  37. Great show as ever. In five years time I think GCN will be just one hour of Bike Vault seven days a week.

    And people will love it!

    ps anyone else getting sick of that Oakley advert?

  38. I would buy a quality ebay carbon frame and fork, and then build it myself.
    If i could afford it.
    I can't so i just bought a Trek 1.1 and use that for road while i save up for a lighter MTB frame for races.
    I don't feel that electronic shifting is going to help me in a race, as my gears are tuned to perfection every two months by myself.
    What holds me back is my weight and my bikes weight, because it's super hard on the long climbs.

  39. I just got a 2017
    -S-Works Tarmac (Team Estana Edition)
    -Sram Red eTap (11 speed)
    -Brand new Zipp 404 (less than 100 miles)
    -Vision Metron aero bars.

    All for $4200

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