Cheap Old High End Bike Or New Budget Model | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Cheap Old High End Bike Or New Budget Model | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– It’s time for Ask GMBN. We’re talking buying new
bikes, fixing brakes, buying dropper posts. Chris, you ready for the questions? – I’m ready as ever, Don. What we got? – Right, Mancave TV,
good title, good name, “Any tips on how to get into
mountain biking on a budget?” – I would start, probably, by looking at some secondhand sites, you know, eBay, Gumtree, even Facebook, things like that, it’s
Marketplace on there, loads of bargains to be had. Start secondhand. – Yeah, I would say I’d
definitely start secondhand. I definitely started secondhand. Did you go straight in? – I think I started car
boot sale, actually. Got a bargain from there. My brother bought me a nice little bike, so that’s how I started. It’s also worth noting, on those sites, obviously, you get a lot
of stolen stuff on there. – Yeah, you’ve definitely
got to be careful. – Quite a few ways of working
out, was stuff stolen? Just look at the condition of it. Look at the other things they’re selling. Just try to send them a few questions that might catch them out. Ask them details about what
drops on this dropper seat post, little stuff that your
average thief wouldn’t know. Just have a look, you know, see if they’re selling any
other dodgy gear as well. – If it looks too good to
be true, it probably is, but you can definitely get
some cheaper stuff on eBay. Right, Jammy Dodger 78, “I’ve
got a Boardman Team FS Pro, “and I was wondering what
sort of dropper post to get “seeing as it doesn’t have one.” – Well, we had a little look
’round on Chain Reaction, and we saw the Brand-X Ascend
seat post for 110 pound. That looks like a pretty
good option to me. – Yeah, I don’t know much by them, but if you want to go a bit more premium, you can get Rockshox Reverb for 180, or Crankbrothers Highline style, 170. The Team FS Pro is actually
what they call dropper ready, so it’s got the routing for
the back of the seat tube, so Stealth, and routing inside the bike. It’s 31.6 seat post, so you’ve got loads of options out of that. I would get Googling. – To be honest, a lot of all
the new seat posts out there, pretty reliable these days. There’s not too much, just weight, and if you set up differences on them. – Yeah, absolutely. There’s a couple of
things you want to measure to try and buy the right sized post, things like, how much drop can you fit? Have a look at this video where we give you all
those pieces of advice. The bigger drop posts aren’t gonna fit all bikes and all riders, so you need to take some measurements, and that is the length of the seat post, but also the stack height because you don’t want
that to be too large. That would mean that a full extension of our post, your saddle would be in too high a position. Yes, you could drop that
saddle slightly into the travel to get back to your
normal riding position, but that’s not gonna be a
great use of that dropper post. This is a really important
measurement to get if you want the maximum
drop post like I do. Duncan is a very lucky boy. He’s got three and a half grand to spend on a Santa Cruz Bronson C,
so the carbon fiber frame, but it’s the Bronson
2, so the older model, you know, the linkage
that’s the on the top tube. He’s saying, “Is this a good deal?” – Three and a half grand is a lot of money to be spending on a bike. Didn’t you have a look around, and you managed to find the aluminium one, the actual newer one? – Yeah, there is a newer
Bronson that looks like that, you know, and they’ve all gone to those links that are
lower down in the frames. You can get a new one of those in the entry level, and the
Santa Cruz are premium bikes, and this is the alloy version, it’s three and a half
grand, so same price. The question is, would you, Chris? I’ll have you answer well. Would you buy the new model,
maybe a lower build kit, or would you buy the older one and carve them at a higher
build kit for the same price? – Good question, Don. I’d probably go for the newer
one in aluminium, I think, ’cause obviously, those guys
are developing the bikes. There’s reasons why they
change the rocker linkage, things like that, and also,
in the back of my mind, lucky enough, I’ve been
sponsored over the years, and had those carbon bikes– – You’ve never bought a bike. – But I mean, I’m always cursing if I get a carbon bike and drop it, or something smashes against it, you get that carbon damage, and I’m always in the
back of my mind like, when you come to sell that bike, no one wants to buy a carbon
bike with a chunk out of it, whereas an aluminium bike,
you can kind of get away with those scratches, and those dents. – You want to learn
how to treat your bikes a bit better, Chris. – I know, but easy come, easy go, Don. – Carbon bikes are
generally pretty reliable. I wouldn’t have any qualms over carbon or aluminium, really, to be honest. I would also go for the newer bike. You could always upgrade
it if you really wanted to, but also think about resale price if you come to sell it. People want the newer bike. Also, I have Googled it myself, and I have fond this Bronson
2 slightly cheaper online, so if you do want to still
buy that bike, get Googling. I would definitely check out the dealer to make sure they’re reputable first, but yeah, I wouldn’t say it
was the best deal out there. – It’s a good deal, but not the best. – Right, Pooh Bear, “How does
Blake’s Canyon Torque Pedal? “I live in the UK. “I’ve been told, UK
riding, you probably want “around 140 mil travel front and rear, “but I’m planning on going
to a lot of bike parks “for some really heavy stuff, “also want to save some money on uplifts, “so be able to still pedal the bike “to the top of the trails.” Torque’s a 175 mil travel. – 175 mil, so that’s
obviously quite a big bike. We’re talking close to
downhill-style travel, so anything, unfortunately,
with that amount of rear wheel travel isn’t,
probably, gonna pedal that well. It’s more, obviously, aimed at going down. Not saying that it can’t be pedaled up. – Yeah, it depends. I’ve got that Scott
Ransom, so same travel, and I’ve done big days on that. They can pedal really well, but it’s definitely
gonna be a lot more work than a 140 mil bike. – For sure. – It depends how much you
value the going down part, and how much you don’t mind suffering a bit more on the way up. – Yeah, try to work out which
is more important to you. – I’d try and demo one, if possible. Give you a really good idea. – Get it on a good climb. – Ivan Halim, he’s got two questions. The first one is about his entry level hydraulic disc brake caliper position. “One pad is closer to
the disc than the other, “but it’s working well so far. “There’s no rubbing whatsoever. “I’ve tried to adjust it again, again, “by pushing back the pistons, “redoing the caliper
position adjustment ritual, “but the result is just the same, “so one is pushing back out.” I’ve had this loads of times, where they look completely off center, but they’re still pushing, but one is further out than the other. – Yeah, there’s a nice little hack you can maybe try for that one, is getting that bike upside down, have a little look at the caliper, loosening the caliper bolts off, and sliding maybe a small credit card each side of the brake disc so they’re pushing,
basically, back the pads, and then resetting the caliper again, holding the lever, cranking
that caliper up tight. You might find that that
might centralize the caliper, but it might be just a machining thing. You might purely be out at the maximum side to side
movement on the caliper. Some variables on that. – I’ve definitely had it in the past where they look not straight, but they work absolutely fine. I don’t know if I’ll stress it too much, although you could reach
the maximum on one piston, and start wearing pads
unevenly, I suppose. Right, then another one. Second question is about wheel flex. He’s got some WTB SX19 J-spoke hub, so a standard spoke, what
I would call standard, running 27.5 with a 2.3 tire, but he can push his wheel side to side as much as two millimeters each side. Should that happen? – Could be maybe a little
bit of play in the bearings, something like that, or there is, obviously, flex on the
wheel, got central point, and big spokes, and big
tire, so it will flex a bit. I wouldn’t say any of my
wheels are totally solid when I’ve pushed side to side. – Yeah, it depends what you mean by, is it flexing, or is it clunking? If it’s clunking, I would say it’s the hub, more than likely. Good way of checking your bearings is by picking the back wheel up, or whichever wheel it is, and holding near that frame or the fork, and just spinning it. You might feel a bit of roughness. Then, again, give it a wobble. If it’s clunking, that’s
probably bearings. – Obviously, just make sure your axles are nice and tight as well. If it’s your front fork, obviously, make sure the axle’s tight,
and the rear as well, it could be that too. – I’ve had axles come
loose fairly regularly on the back of bikes. – Definitely, especially
the new through axle stuff, but never on the front. Never had a loose front one, but plenty of rear ones. – Right, but check out this video on how to check out your
mountain bike wheels. – When I’m spinning the wheel, I’m looking for that rim moving
side to side or up and down. Ideally, it should be completely true, and not move up and down. Again, this is a carbon fiber rim, so they’re not really gonna get too bent. They can get out of true a little bit, and that comes down to spoke tension. With alloy rims, they
definitely can get bent a lot more, and again, if
it’s moving around too much, that is when you need to start taking a look at the spoke tension, and trying to true that wheel back to get it as straight as possible. – Right, quick fire. You ready? – I’m ready. – Evan McKill, “Hey, guys, do you know “of any comfortable ankle
braces for riding in?” – Yeah, I think you’ll find most of the big protection companies, 661, Space Brace as well, they all do comfortable riding braces. – I’ll speak about BMX. I’ve used a 661 after breaking my ankle. It definitely helps, but I don’t feel like I need it anymore. Have you used them? – I haven’t personally, no. I know that guys, Pilgrim and those guys, use an actual tennis,
what’s it called, Aircast? Aircast, something like that, they use tennis ankle protection things, so a little tip from those guys. – Nice. Juhan Theron, “How do you
guys deal with calluses? “My hands are almost killing me “after 15 minutes of messing about.” – Oof, I’ve got some pretty
nasty things, calluses. – They just get harder,
and that’s fine, isn’t it? – I usually get them that hard, but especially if I ride trails, you get super rock hard, so when you ride and use gloves, it feels like
you got stones in your palms, so I actually, much to my wife’s disgust, get a pair of nail clippers, and actually cut them off, just nice and smooth, not too deep. It’s a technique where, you’ll
learn it over the years, just trim them off in the bath. It’s really relaxing when I do it. – Never had to do that. Right, Stavros Konstantinidis, “I found a bit of rust on my steerer tube “caused by my stem. “Is this super bad, or should
I not worry that much?” – What do you think, Don? – I would say don’t worry about it. – No, I’ve had plenty of that. It’s obviously quite a
trap behind that stem for that water to get
in, so just rub it off. – Don’t worry about it. – It’ll be fine. – Nic MC, “How can you
tell how much travel “you have on the rear shock? “Is it the same amount as your forks?” – Couple of ways you
could probably do that. First thing I would do is just check out the website for your bike,
whatever the model is. That’ll be listed on there. – Ask – Yeah, just type it in Google, or the other way you could do it is, just put an elastic travel band, or elastic band on the rear shocks, see how much it’s actually– It depends if you mean
the rear wheel travel or the shock travel. – That’s gonna give you the stroke, not necessarily the bike travel. – Yeah, maybe, if we’re
talking bike travel, check out Google, but shock travel, again, just put your shock in there, and it should tell you the stroke length, and eye to eye measurements, and that distance, yeah,
it’s all on Google. – Fineas Filipeanu, “What’s the difference “between dry lube and wet lube?” It’s a great chain lube. – Sure. Dry lube’s obviously for the summer. It doesn’t pick up as much
dust and things like that. – It’s much thinner, it
doesn’t last as long. Wet lube is thick, sticky stuff. – It obviously sticks to your chain. It doesn’t wash off when
the conditions get bad, and the rain, things like that as well. Penetrative roll is not bad. – The stuff gets stuck to it, so it’s not that great,
but in the dry, it’s good. The wet, yeah, it definitely
lasts much better. Correct me if I’m wrong, we’ve got a video sent in this week from Matt, who’s in Lysterfield, Victoria, Australia, riding his Trek Fuel EX 7, and he’s asking us how
he can get more height and distance on this jump Check that, Chris. Let’s have a look in slow motion. Decent sized table top. – [Chris] Yeah, it’s a pretty
good sized jump, isn’t it? – [Don] What do you reckon? – I think, basically, really, like, using the takeoff more than– You know, you’re just letting
the takeoff do the work. He’s doing no work coming into the jump. You really need to be pre-loading that. Is it a full suspension bike? It is a full suspension bike, so really maximize
squashing into that bike. That first bike length or so before you get to that jump, squash that suspension in, pre-load it, get ready to pick up off that face. At the moment, you’re just using the face of that jump to push the bike up. You’re not doing any work before. – Yeah, I would say even
leave it a tiny bit later. If we watch this in really slow motion, you do pump a bit, but it’s a early. You really want to squash
that bike into the takeoff, and then it’s gonna spring you up. That’s gonna help you out. Also, when you’re in the air, it looks like you’re
picking up with your feet to pick up the bike. What happens with that is, you’re gonna run out of space. You can see, you get
quite low to the bike, and then you’re sort of limited. That’s how high you can go, whereas, if you use that nice hop, you use your pump, drive front wheel up, and then stand up to
pick up the rear wheel, you should be able to
make a bit more height. Also practice your bunny hops, I reckon. That’s gonna help you out a bit. – Another little one as well, technique, is to look up when you’re jumping. Don’t look down. As soon as you take that jump up, don’t look down for the landing. Look up, keeps that bike in a nice arch. If you look down for the landing, you’ll just automatically
drop into it as well. Just pump, look. – Nice one, never thought about that one. Cool, Cheers, Matt. Thanks for sending that in. If you want to send us more
videos, use our uploader. We’ll check them out and
try and give you some help. Right, that’s it for Ask this week. Don’t forget to leave
your questions down below. We’ll try and help you out next week. – If you’ve enjoyed today’s video, you want to check me out
smashing Blake Sampson in our Trials Presenter
Challenge, up here. – If you want to see a
How To Bunny Hop video, hopefully, it’s gonna help
you with your jumping, click over here for that one. Thumbs up, and hit that sub button.

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  51. One thing I noticed about the caliper centering question was, a lot of rotors themselves aren't 100% true. After spinning the wheel half way round and rechecking, the pads would actuate evenly. Rotate the wheel another 180 and then the pad actuation is slightly off kilt. Just can't get it 100% all the time since the rotor has a slight amount of run out on it.

  52. If you’re buying a used bike (especially enduro), be realistic about servicing costs and know what to look for. Brake bleed + fork service + shock service + dropper post service + new consumables(chain/cassette/chainring/bb/jockey wheels/tyres/brake pads) is the thick end of 1K including labour. If it’s been ridden a lot in the wet, it may need all that after a year – much of it sooner. Even if you can do a lot yourself and have the tools (which is probably not the case if you’re reading this), then you may still need to budget 500 gbp/euro for a big service on a high spec Enduro bike. This is before getting onto actual “problems” – rubbing stanchions, bushing wear, hub play etc.

  53. Ok. After 4:00 those statements and nonsense things that you were talking about made me understand the fact that you are in general have no clue about bikes. Have can you say that he should choose a 2018 bike over a 2017 simply because it is newer and easier to sell? 😀 Because people want to buy newer bikes? You guys are "outsiders" that like to ride at best. Sure you can sell it faster and easier if you can convince an other outsider. Everyone who buys a brand new bike is either having a lot of money but in this case they are going to buy only parts and build the whole bike on their own. Or outsiders like you.
    Like I would never buy a new bike for 3 grand when it's a mid level bike or entry level 😀
    When I can buy a used one from someone like me. I would buy that many years old bike for 1 and a half grand with full xtr over a brand new trash that weights 3 kgs more with a deore set.

    Btw I've a '97 Kona Koa, she has full xtr, Avid SD Ti brakes, a rigid P2 and a Fox F80X terralogic fork, everything else is original. Like the bike has a 120g bar.. The NEW carbon bars weight a lot more 😀 Which is sick. But you buy it as it is new.. Oh and a Chris King headset. 25.4 bar, 1 1/8, 26 wheels. Oldschool stuff, can lift it with my pinky. I go up and down faster than you do. Love to see people like you in the woods 😀

    Btw every new stuff makes sense. Bigger wheels, more rigid setups, wider things. That's all great. Except 11×1, that is a nonsense. AND the disc brakes. Like you buy it for a lot, you'll never ever use it's capabilites but you buy it 😀 Insane. + weights more. A lot more. More problematic when it does exactly the same as my brakes.
    Ah and the dropper post… Dude. Seriously. Buy a motorbike or a car. If you can't handle your seat. Just buy a car.

  54. ASKGMBN HELP! Just getting into MB, got a XL 29 rockhopper 2016. Can't find a 150mm external dropper anywhere? Why?

  55. #askgmbn I currently have an aggressive hard tail mtb but would like to start racing enduro/ dh but don’t have thousands to spend on a full suspension what do u suggest doing??

  56. They mentioned how the old Bronson has the link on the top tube and I've noticed some other bike brands also have this on the older models. Is there some detriment to having the link there as opposed to the bottom?

  57. #AskGMBN Can you make your rear shock to propel your jump higher? Or is it enitirely for gripping ang absorbing shock from drops?

  58. I've had an old Shogun Cult for about 4 years now, cant afford a proper hardtail so I gotta stick with it :/ the struggle is real 😂

  59. Does a cheap full suspension frame exist? (Around under 300$)

    And if yes, and it’s steel or aluminum, is it worth it?
    What is the best material

  60. actually i bought an expensive ass bike as a beginner this season and now at the end i am glad i did because else i'd probably want something better by now.

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