Cheap Used Cars Under 10000

Cheap Used Cars Under 10000

If you’re in the market for a used car under
$10,000 then you’ll want to take a look at, which has over 300,000 cars
listed for sale under $10,000. Those cars have an average price of $6,996. has simplified the car search
process by developing unique technology to factor a car’s price, mileage, age and other
key data in comparison to similar vehicles on the market. They use this information to
calculate an estimated market price to use as a basis to determine whether or not a used
car is a good deal. There are nearly 50,000 cars for sale under $10,000 that are listed
as deals. Those have an average savings of $697 off the estimated market price. iSeeCars gives this 2003 Chevy Trailblazer
a thumbs up as a deal. Their analysis points out that it has 5 positive features and is
$1,200 under the estimated market price. Positive features – such as an alarm, that the car
was owned by a nonsmoker, bucket seats and leather interior – are analyzed and extracted
from the description and placed right up front. These are helpful details that only
offers for shoppers in the easiest way possible. Another deal is this 2005 Honda Civic which analyzed to be $1500 under the estimated market price. It has 4 positive
features and low miles driven per year compared to the national average. To find the best car deals under $10,000,

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