Cheapest Ferrari Models You Can Buy

Cheapest Ferrari Models You Can Buy

I can’t even believe I came up with this
list because they are the five cheapest Ferrari models that you can buy but you
probably shouldn’t and believe it or not the sum of all five of these Ferraris on
this list is a hundred thirty-three thousand nine hundred twenty-two and 51
cents which is roughly what you could buy this 2011 Ferrari for 584 if you
properly use the ideal car strategies hey guys my name is Brad danger and in
this video I’m going to showcase the five cheapest Ferrari models and then
I’m gonna give you an example of just how cheap you can get each one and I can
already hear you guys muttering under your breath that these are probably the
worst Ferraris ever built and well you’d be right but here’s the key they are
also the cheapest okay I almost forgot this list is gonna be sorted from most
expensive to least expensive and the most expensive Ferrari is only forty
stacks which is like 40 grand and the cheapest is under 20 K yeah if your only
requirement for your next used car is a prancing horse on that steering wheel
well then this is the ideal list for you the Ferrari three four eight yeah this
Ferrari here is the most expensive on the list
packing three hundred horses and styling that can fool any non Ferrari snob into
thinking it’s the mighty testa Rossa on paper this car actually is kind of a
winner but when it debuted alongside the superior first gen Acura NSX this car
was light years behind its competition si journalists just didn’t give it much
credit and beat it up against its foe complaining of excessive understeer and
the sluggish carbureted engine this was a time when Ferrari got caught asleep
behind the wheel before their cars were fastened as wild as they looked still
you can scratch that for our itch and pick up this 1992 348 that’s listed for
thirty six thousand five hundred it doesn’t look like a half bad deal until
of course you spend the purchase price in the first year maintaining the car
second-second second-second second-second on the list is the Fiat
Dino coupe now you might be saying to yourself that’s a Fiat not a Ferrari and
guess what you’d be right but give me a second to explain before you watch
supercar fail compilation videos if you peel back the skin of the Fiat Dino
coupe the heartbeat the engine is the exact same as the one found in the
legendary Ferrari Dino 246 GT yeah like this one that was owned by Rockstar
Keith Richard and it just recently sold for over five hundred and fifty thousand
US dollars so this quote-unquote fiat has
the exact same v6 and is one of the best sounding engines of all time and if you end up snagging this one
that’s listed for roughly 31,000 186 dollars and 51 cents you can enjoy the
exact same automotive soundtrack as the Ferrari Dino 246 GT for almost one
twentieth of the price next on the list is the Dino 308 gt4
now it’s up to you to decide whether or not this is a real Ferrari so the Dino
brand is actually named after Enzo Ferraris son and this mid-engine v8 was
built by Ferrari but it was the first design by Bertone rather than
Pininfarina so the bodywork as you can see is much more angular instead of the
curvaceous designs we are so used to seeing from Ferrari but what’s crazy is
that you can pick up one of these for the exact same prices it would cost you
to replace your ceramic brakes on your 458 Italia for just twenty five thousand
four hundred and ninety bucks you can pick up this red Ferrari Dino 308 gt4
but believe it or not they only get cheaper like the Ferrari Mondial this is
nobody’s favourite Ferrari and the price directly reflects that the three litre
quad cam v8 pushes just 214 horses out and although it’s one of the cheapest
ways that you could find yourself in a mid-engine Ferrari you could finish a
novel before this thing reaches 60 miles an hour the sluggish v8 hits highway
speeds in 9.2 seconds and will barely get out of its own way but you’re not
here for performance when you’re buying a $20,000 Ferrari are you you’re here to
drive slow homie in the crowded metropolitan areas to let all the people
see you copped a Ferrari and this Monte all for just 20 1995 could be the
perfect ticket to look fast because looks are everything when you’re in a
Monte all done done done and now we’re on to the cheapest Ferrari on the list
the Ferrari 400 has the record for being the longest produced body style of any
Ferrari ever but I bet you’ve never seen one on the road before mmm well that’s
because most people avoid this car like the plague I mean the 1970s were already
a troubling time in automotive history and many people considered the Ferrari
402 be the biggest mistake of that decade so yeah maybe this yellow 400 I
that you can pick up for only 18,000 750 bucks with its angular bodywork and it’s
oh so 70s pop-up headlights is the perfect starter Ferrari but probably not
oh and there’s one thing worth mentioning it’s one thing to be able to
afford to buy one of these Ferraris it’s definitely and now
to be able to afford to maintain one of these Ferraris now if you liked this
video you are going to love the video that I made about five modern American
sleepers that you definitely don’t want to race but hold up before you check
that video out let us know in the comments if you could have one of these
five Ferraris for just one day maybe like an 80s prom night or
something which one would you choose or just let us know which one is the least
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    Which one would you take to 80's prom?! I'd be rockin the 400i!
    Thanks for all the support! If you haven't subscribed yet please do because our best videos aren't even out yet!

  2. The 400i/412i Ferraris never came in spyder versions. The one you showed is that cheap because someone cut it up. Nevertheless as the only 12 cylinder car on the list it is the model I would choose, just not a butchered one.

  3. The Ferrari 400i is strikingly beautiful, except for that yellow convertible one…
    I'll buy it park it at my house and tell everyone it's very rare… lol 🤣

  4. 400i looks sweet could have a great following if parts were more readily available (id lower it on bbs’s or rotiform cuz imma stance boi)

  5. Hate on me, but I say buy the 348 and LS swap it. For the cost of fixing and maintaining it… a never ending effort, just say screw it, and install a powerful, proven engine and drive the crap out of the car. I'd love to pop the hood at cars and coffee and trigger all the Ferrari purists out there.

  6. 400i for me.12 is always best. They must be a nightmare to keep running is the only explanation for the low price.The 456, until recentle was around 30 35 k as well, was properly fast beautiful and sitted 4

  7. a friend of mine sold a modial for $8000CDN…said the maintenance was prohibitive parts crazy..replaced a windshield which was hard to find for $5000 as a small example. was willing to sell but said that "he would not sell it to best of friends(sorry would not want to turn me into enemy)"

  8. The Mondial is awesome simply because it’s so cheap and a super charger should fix that sluggishness

  9. Ferrari 348 Spider is still one of the best looking Ferraris ever made. Plenty of head-turning attention. Once I'm in a position to afford the potential repair/maintenance costs, I will definately have one.

  10. Actually i look for something slow and not-so-reliable to get as a first car like a c4 vette or those ferraris

  11. You forgot to mention that only Mondial 8 is the weak engine. There are 3 more generations of Mondial. The last one(from 1989 till 1993) has 300Hp…..

  12. Did anyone realize that the cars he showed us for sale are in very bad condition and just so you know that a good condition 348 is actually worth $80,000 and a good condition Ferrari 400i is actually worth $60,000

  13. Any of these 5 more fun than a 1999 996.1 911 manual transmission? If not, why bother? Well, you did get me to look…

  14. Ha thats my Dino at 2:53!!! This guy and some posters obviously doesn't understand the context or the history of these cars. I think the Dino 308 GT4 is the best car on the list, but any Ferrari is better than any other marque! . If you are a Ferrari guy or gal you get it, if not you don't. 4000 race victories, cars built by actual craftsman, Italian design and flair. The older the Ferrari the cooler. There is no better feeling than being able to work on your Ferrari, wash it and take it for a spin. To me its all about the engine, the heart of every Ferrari. There is always a car that will be faster than whatever you have, to me it is about the history, the craftsmanship, the style and the sound! BTW Marcello Gandini who designed the GT4 also penned the Lamborghini Muira, (early) Countach and Lancia Stratos, 3 of the most beautiful cars ever made.

  15. Buy the Ferrari and maintain it by swapping a chevy lsx motor…..I would love a 400i with a 4.8 turbo ls…..

  16. Personally, I like the 206/246 Dino, the Lusso, the 512 Boxer, the original 250 TR, 512 TR. The Fiat Dino 246 spyder was pretty cool, too. Can any of those be had for <$30K?

  17. The background is from a old school folder….I had it in grade school. As far as which one I'd take for a day? I'll keep my 360.

  18. or get a job that pays well, insted of buying garbage to make you feel better about yourself for being broke.🙏

  19. I try to perform as much repair-maintenance myself as possible. However I’m sure obtaining the needed parts is an issue in and of itself. One easy word to drive an exotic: Turo. Hand the key over when you’re done.

  20. "Roughly" thirty one thousand one hundred eighty six dollars and fifty one cents. Just a rough estimate there.

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