Checking A Used Car For Flood Damage

Checking A Used Car For Flood Damage

Today I’m going to show you,
how you can tell if a used car your thinking about buying
and been flooded now you don’t need a snorkeling mask,
but modern cars they are so computerized,
you don’t ever want to buy a car that’s been in flood water because the electronics will
go bad now, or in the near future now first, use your nose,
smell all around, and if you smell mold or mildew, walk away,
then get a good flashlight, and look under the dash,
dash’s don’t rust, if there’s rust up there, then water got in the dash, and it’s time to
say goodbye and here’s another trick,
take off the plastic by the side and check the rug,
make sure there is no mold or smells inside under the rug,
because if it’s been flooded, moisture will often be sealed under the rug,
it will be damp and will have mold and it will smell,
if it does, don’t buy it and if you have one, hook up a scan tool,
if you don’t, pay a mechanic to scan it before you buy,
it can tell you many problems, and it will tell you if it’s recently been reset,
if it’s been reset, don’t buy it, because there could be all kinds of problems
and they just reset it and tried to sell it to you,
and here’s a quick test you can do yourself, just turn the key on and don’t start the car,
the check engine light should come on, if it doesn’t come on, they may have taken
the bulb out after it flooded so you won’t know,
so if you turn that key on, and there is no check engine light,
walk away, and lastly, demand to see the title,
if it says reconditioned or it’s in someone else’s name,
don’t buy it, reconditioned or salvaged titles, means it’s
been totaled by an insurance company, stay away,
so now you know how to check out a car for flooding,
well I guess I won’t be buying this one! more quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer Channel

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. A salvage title isn't always bad. I bought one myself and 10 years later no problems. Just find out why it has a salvage title.

  2. just came across your chanell only watched 2 videos, and scan your through the list. So forgive me if answered this before. But what all you recommend buying for testing an engine?
    I bought a 1991 Dodge 150 yesterday. Am told bad fuel pump, 2nd gear slips, and there is oil leak maybe oil in spark plugs. Has 132k miles. I bought this to learn on, I have never done anything but check oil on car in my life.
    So far I bought a Mechanic tool set for taking bolts off, bought a kwiklift so could have some room. But thats it. Am doing this as a new hobby. Any advice greatly appreciated thanks.

  3. i am having so much trouble with this prius i bought a while back i half way wonder if it hadnt been in a flood , then shipped to hawaii to get rid of ,

  4. Thanks for all the good tips… simple things we can do to check for water damage… I 'm shopping for a used car so can use this information… don't even have to test drive it…

  5. it should be illegal to sell a vehicle that has been flooded. It would be poetic justice if the morons selling the cars would get crippled in an accident from a flooded vehicle.

    How these cars get back on the market after the insurance companies total the vehicles is a mystery though.

  6. Detailers can clean up cars to make them look like new. So, look all in the little nooks and crannies for signs of flooding such as the globe box. Also, check in the spare compartment of the trunk to see if it is wet in there.

  7. ู…ุฌู„ุฉ ุตูˆุช ุงู„ุนุฑุจ ูˆูู„ุณุทูŠู† ู…ู† ุงู…ุฑูŠูƒุง says:

    Scotty i bought a flooded van from iaa in phoenix, bought it in 2011 and in 2015 the tranny went bad not sure if it is the water or my wife driving … but other than that no issues but that transmission issue is huge so im out of flooded buying game

  8. People and dealerships will be hauling all the flooded vehicles up north to sell to unsuspecting buyers watchout people. Don't rely on the title, oftentimes repairs are done and never reported, this is why all those online vin check systems like carfax are useless, it doesn't do anything to help a buyer because many times damage is never reported.

  9. All great tips…. Let me add two more i've seen over the years, Open the drivers door and look way in between the front fender up towards the motor… flood dirt settles in there and hard to clean it all out, another one, open the outside fuse panel box cover, I've already opened them up and seen pond scum in there.
    Great videos Scotty

  10. Thank you for the laughter! I always enjoy your videos and I have learned alot. God Bless you Scotty and thank you for sharing your years of automobile experiences.

  11. I have a 2011 automatic Nissan Sunny. It recently started heating up when the Air-conditioning is on and when I'm at a stoplight but at normal speeds it's fine and even without the AC on, be it idling. My mechanic told me to change the radiator and the thermostat then the water pump but nothing changed. Then yesterday I tried to diagnose it myself my researching on YouTube and when I went under the hood I saw the AC fan was weak and shaky, I changed that today plus some hardened water pipes due to chronic overheating but still nothing. Then finally an electrician checked the fuse box and saw that the relay for Fan 2 (for AC) was missing current at times (the car has 2 fans), it was changed once before. After changing the relay the fan started spinning with much more power and the car stopped overhearing like it used to. But now there is a weird thing, sometimes when I'm turning right or taking a U-turn, the heat gauge hits H! And when I turn the car back on a straight road it goes back to normal. I've also been told that it might have a head gasket leak but I don't see any signs of that yet. Please HELP!

  12. You should also be careful of new cars that got flooded. IIRC that happened either in Katrina or Ike as some new dealerships were cleaning up their flooded cars and selling as new. I remember hearing someone buying a new car and had trouble with it. Later on found out they replaced new damaged parts with used ones and still sold the car as brand new. She found this out from a mechanic. Not sure what ever happened afterwards if she pursued anything or not.

  13. Hello, Scotty, I'm in Kingwood texas, we got flooded during Harvey, a lot of flooded cars, is a flooded car worth repairing?, also how much does that head gasket test unit costs? Also compression tester?

  14. Thanks for the info, after the hurricane the north will be flooded (zing!) with flood damage cars sold as perfectly working cars.
    Is it worth buying a flood damage car if the price is extra right? Would the damage be permanent?

  15. These Harvey and Irma flooded out cars are heading to a used car dealer near you in the Northeast.
    Avoid a use car lot in the United States for the next 20 years minimum

  16. I love my brand new 2015 Honda Accord, got it for a 21K and could not be happier. Had a choice beteween the camry but the accords inside was way better and it drives more solid

  17. Hi sir I need help if you or anyone can plz try. From ft worth TX. 93 2600i Mazda automatic. no start , no SPARK I have changed everything new distributor, plugs , wires,cap router, fuel pump,battery,main relay,coil, both plugs next to my coil(transmitter I think an 2nd plug is for tack I think) I tried another ecm as well an I replaced 2 compasitors on my original ecm cause they were leaking an tried the original again . Research told me my ecm is notorious for 2 leaking caps so I rebuilt it my self hoping that fixed it and still no spark no start . So sry to bother yall but I'm unable to afford a shop an it's been broke down for 8 months . Plz an thank yall for any advice

  18. Check the seat belts too …silt builds up and dealers never change those …just pull it all the way out to see the end …should be clean no dirt on it at all

  19. Question: When I turn on the heater in my 2005 toyota Corolla, my windshield tends to get foggy. Leaving me not to see anything while driving. Its really bad when it rains. How should I go about turning on my heat, for I see alot of switches and I dont have a clue what they're for, am clueless when it comes to climate control.

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  21. I was about to enter my brother's house who happened to be watching this episode of Scotty… and I heared "Walk Away"………… so I walked away.

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  24. Hello Mr. Killmer, i know what you have just said about walking away, but i was wondering if you couod help me with advise, im looking. Into buying a 20113th dodge ram 1500 that is salvage, flooded on hurriacane harvey, the inside wasnt damaged at all, from what im told it caight water from the exhaust into the engine, its running good right now, the person who is selling it purchased in an auction and drives it every day to work, what do you think, about it.
    thanks in advance, and thanks for making videos, in the past ive fixed a few things with your advise.

  25. In WA, if you leave a car sitting for a year or two, the whole interior will be covered in mold, humidity can cause mold and rust, so it really depends on where you buy it.

  26. I have a surface rust in the steering column/shaft ,i bought mine used its a 2016 scion, got it from a Toyota dealership do you think my car is flooded?

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