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  1. “She ran 3 red lights, randomly pulled over, was woobly, acted out of character, had crazy eyes, and her breath smelled of alcohol” …. and the 911 operator didn’t believe the kid at first? Christ man.

  2. That's terrifying. This is what should be in all school buses:https://www.intoxalock.com/ignition-interlock-devices/drunk-driving-prevention/

  3. They are still investigating, has not been proven she was drunk. May have a medical condition. Yet, as is getting more prevalent people are already saying she is guilty without knowing all the facts.

  4. Put this stupid moron in jail for 15 years ! Or go by how many students were on the bus ! She should never work for the school system ever again !

  5. When I was a kid, a bus driver ran over a student that just got off the bus, she was high on meth and prescription drugs. It's all too common unfortunately

  6. Why not put those breathilizers in the buses mandatory I wasn't even aware of so many other cases of this and if I was calling the shots I'd have had them installed at the begining,WHY? Because I know people=shit

  7. Holy crap NBC actually reported on actual news! It's about time! I'm sick of the fake news the Mainstream MEDIA puts out there about TRUMP and judge Kavanaugh! It's like the Mainstream media is a baseball player that calls their homerun shot but always end up striking out! Instead of doing the Democrats bidding, how about you start reporting on news that matters and not the fake political AGENDAS and democratic propaganda! Everyone sees right through the Mainstream MEDIAS lies!
    We want more real news again about things going on in our world again and not about government for once!

  8. But hey, as long as we get to keep our guns and pray before giving each other concussions in football……it's all okay!👍

  9. What a snitch, poor bus driver tryna make it through the shift and this kid has the audacity to call the police. Kid should be grounded

  10. Just curious? If a child was upset with a bus driver and called in that she’s drunk, she will get arrested? OR do they go pull over the bus and test her? I’m just saying this report doesn’t state she failed a breathalyzer.

  11. So she hasn't been convicted yet? Don't get me wrong I'm not on her side but what happened to innocent until proven guilty? People are throwing her under the bus based on the ACCUSATION of a single 10 year old…

  12. wait… these are all stories about KIDS that are CLAIMING ppl are drunk. Remember "innocent until PROVEN guilty." and if you dont agree with that then anyone who says that accusations are the same as evidence then I claim you are all thieves and drunk drivers, enjoy your jail time.

  13. Well if she already did two runs clearly she could drive fine. Who could be around 90 children without having a few drinks?

  14. She went through 3 red lights and drove on the side of the road in a SCHOOL BUS and no one called the cops except for some 10 year old kid? Yeah… Ok then.

  15. All these morons in the comments calling this 5th grader a snitch. What is he supposed to do, wait til she kills him and every kid on the bus?

  16. They need to up the standard and pay for better drivers. I got hired out of the military to drive school bus. $11 dollars an hour they were paying and you have no rights to defend yourself against unruly kids. If a fight breaks out and your punched you have to keep taking the punches you can't break up a fight either just pull the bus over and wait for police. I didn't take the job after orientation.

  17. I'm not sure what is worse, the thought of the bus driver being drunk or the idea that this 10 year old boy is so familiar with drunk people that he can identify them by just looking at their eyes.

  18. There are "supervisors" in most organizations, jobs, departments, and they get extra pay because they are supervisors. In this case perhaps the supervisor should get a demotion for not supervising. I was a supervisor/department manager about 30 years ago and after the departure of one employee, another employee told me that I had never seen the departed employee when he wasn't high. I just thought he was stupid. I guess he was both stupid and high.

  19. Just yesterday walking down the sidewalk and coming to cross the street a school bus full of children was parked over the white pedestrian crossing walk.
    My husband and I looked at each other and both said: Can you imagine a school bus driver that doesn't know the rules of the road?
    She couldn't hear us, but backed up, and we walked through while rolling our eyes at her.

  20. She was breathalyzed, she blew a .096% after 2 morning routes, she's dealing with divorce, she ran 3 red lights, was using profanity at the children, and smelled of alcohol. She is definitely guilty of a d.u.i. !!!!
    I live in Longview. Here's the article

  21. Probably should ban drinking, seems to be the cool thing to do lately…ya know, ban things adults like to do, to save the kids of course.

  22. How come all the examples were women? Is it that male drunk bus drivers don't exist or is it that they just drive better and are less likely to be caught.

  23. Let me get this straight, the percentage of homelessness in America is rising, most due to the lost of their jobs, and these ill educated women are getting behind the wheel intoxicated?! All of them should be charged with attempted murder. These are Children! This! I'm telling you, is not something that should be taking lightly.

  24. How was it this 10 year old was so familiar with the symptoms of someone being drunk??? Smart kid, and glad he called 911…. but again how did he know? He must have been around drunk people in his life to know she was drunk.

  25. I am appreciative that this young man spoke up. It shows that he has a good relationship with his parents. All the kid knows is that something was not right with the driver.

  26. kids are lucky to have a bus to take them to school at all. when i was a kid in the 90s, i had to walk 10 miles barefoot in the snow everyday!

  27. "Every parent's nightmare" – what a stupid statement. Do you have any idea how many thousands of kids are driven by drunk or impaired parents every day in this country? This made the news because it is rare – not saying it doesn't matter, but the media's overstatement is ridiculous. If they paid bus drivers more and treated them with respect, they might get a higher quality of person in the job. That 10 yo must spend a lot of time around people who drink if he recognized the smell of alcohol and the signs of it on her – she could also have been going into diabetic ketosis or having a seizure. Good for him for calling 9-1-1, but let's wait for results of the medical exam and/or breathalyzer.

  28. "The boy making the call doesnt speak english" I know enough spanish to go to spain for a few weeks and make my way around without speaking english but cant say all he can in spanish.

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