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  1. I hope the police get him cuz if they don't we going to get them and we going to destroy him I hate pedophiles and I hate rapist and I hate men that beat a woman's those three things and those three things where it takes another man to demolish another sorry ass individual and break you down into pieces and send him on his way if the police don't catch you don't worry the underground got him and he would never be shown ever again in this world pedophiles rapists and women beaters will find himself in another world yes is underground that destroy people like that so they better get them before we do cuz I mean Joy stripping his skin alive

  2. I hope the cops will find him sooner 🙏 prayers for the little girl to heal and overcome that trauma 🙏

  3. Oh no we have to protect children!! Please if you see anyone harming a children band together and protect our children.

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