Children for Sale: The Trafficking Ring Selling Babies from the Slums to Rich Couples

Children for Sale: The Trafficking Ring Selling Babies from the Slums to Rich Couples

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  1. Our colleagues from VICE Greece take us into the dark underbelly of human trafficking.

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  2. I find very little pity for the parents; only the poor child that is either getting raped or having their organs sold. These people are so behind by choice and it’s disgusting

  3. This is what happens when there are NO borders. Blame Merkle, the EU and political correctness. She opened the gate. Misery walked through. Build the walls. Close down the borders. Defend your own country. Do not take your misery into another country. This is absolute EVIL.

  4. *The Roma in Bulgaria are given benefits that they don't use as intended. They get money for the kids they give birth to.
    So then the grown-up kids are taught to steal and that's how you get Bulgaria's crime rates up. I'm sorry but they have all the resources as poor Bulgarians, how come only Roma are still in the same situation?*

  5. Is it right to have a child when you have nothing? NO! So don't. WE are under the rule of the antichrist..only getting worse. GET right with Jesus..cause this ship is going down everywhere..and fast..

  6. She said it's not about the money I want my baby back… Why did you sell it in the first place? Money… She wants it back to sell to someone that will pay.

  7. Selling them for sex? Or is this about women having children and then giving them up for adoption?

    I mean you can't sell your child on a black market because there has to be a means to ensure the adoptive parents will take care of the child.

  8. The 20 yo girl who was interviewed last…I can’t believe that more isn’t done by international NGOs to help someone like her. She should be given asylum in the US, given papers, an identity, roof over her head and a new chance at life. She is still a victim of the system that almost killed her.

  9. I have been able to buy 3 gilrs and set them free. Send me another and I will come and get her. I have work under the dirt. pcs

  10. All the racist assholes accusing the Roma, don't forget that there are Greek and other "white Europeans" buying these kids. Without white money spent on quick fix solutions like fast adoptions of children or on vices and immoral pursuits, there won't be human trafficking in Europe, the cartels in Colombia and Mexico won't exist, neither would underage and child prostitutes in place like Thailand or Kenya. Before blaming those in need, remember that it's your greed that fuels most human suffering.

  11. this has been going on for centuries and people still think micheal Jackson was a pedophile lol. like.. mike could just buy his own damn kids to molest if he DID do any of that. he was literally a billionaire stop playing lol

  12. And this is happening all over the world. If you abuse children Trump is coming for you. He's taken down hundreds of people and rescued like 20 children. This evil needs to stop.

  13. Why alot of you so racist??? Whats wrong with being gypsy??? Answer it??? There is nothing wrong with being gypsy nothing at all the story is about babies being sold not what nationality or ethnicity they are who cares children are being sold and its wrong i dont care if they was white its wrong period

  14. moms are separating them not the USA demarcates wants them trump borrow billions like Obama did it well hurt the millenniums thats already here god well find a way, in the long run, lose less to gain more .

  15. Well I'm not a rapes or child abuser honestly how can I purchase a child no offense I'm a great Uncl so I know i'll be a excellent father and care giver besides it'll feel the void of me not having children or not being able to create children of my own 😫😒😥😕😭

  16. Ridiculous that Greece can't do anything for the 20yo Russian who has been in Greece since she was stolen and was 3. Give her an identify card/passport. How is it that nobody from the place she was stolen knew who she was? The other 2 kids stolen with here were identified.

  17. if this was only about infertile couples adopting children, I'd say it's no different than people paying for a surrogate in the west. obviously buying children for sex trafficking or organ harvesting is a whole other, really terrible thing

  18. When one country struggles it has a huge negative impact on other countries around the world..
    If governments would stop spending we wouldn't be in such a massive shit whole .
    and I'm not just blaming governments for the mess that the United States is in right now because we all have contributed to this ensalved Debt crisis in some type of way. ..
    But this is scary because this could be the United States in the near future .it could get allot worse if something doesn't change..
    People here in the United States don't want to work for less,they want more and its hurting this country

  19. For all those who blame people I am asking you one thing. If the government knows about this problem why don't they help Greek couples by decreasing the adoption procedure and years to finish them?

  20. The problem is a mix between poverty, lack of education and well humanity. All of this can be solved through better social policies of the country. I am Bulgarian, I am familiar with the empathy of the people and the government. A change is only possible through cooperation between those who want to help and the authorities. Most of those women, who sell their kids obviously are introduce to the world to give birth, this is the horrible truth. They are as guilty as much as the traffickers, and subsequently the government and the people whose choice is simply to stay passive. I am not in Bulgaria at the moment since my education is my priority, I will go back one day and I hope a lot young Bulgarians think the same as me, that we are the change, we are the tool for a better world in order for this stories to be left in the past and never happen again.

  21. I can appreciate the desperation of these people selling their kids, but if you traffick children- I sincerely hope you get stabbed in the heart.

  22. In richer countries surrogate mothers also sell babies but its allowed because the male buyer is usually the sperm donor. Is it really different? Women sell their eggs too and men sell their sperm. I dont agree with selling babies but Im hoping they go to good homes. We dont realise how poverty stricken Bulgaria is, we need to stop sending billions to corrupt Africa and concentrate on other countries as it seems they cant sort their own problems out.

  23. that us what you get for even thinking about selling your own baby, now forever you live with the worst pain in your heart. God will provide you a home if it is His will, sometimes God doesn't give you things because it may not be good for you at the time. I would live on the streets the worst condition before giving my baby way.

  24. I just seen this website from Malaysia that literally is selling babies. Saying that these women are raped, then proceed to be confined and locked up until they have the child and then sold. And the ones who arent sold when they turn 8 they are also turned into sex trafficking. This shit is sick asf

  25. I have a picture of an American mother with 4 children, looks like the Great Depression so 1930's, and a sign "Children for sale" and it says they asked the mom if she felt bad because she wanted to sell them and she said no. Poverty hardens hearts. There should be equal wealth worldwide. We should redistribute money equally worldwide ASAP!

  26. Marilyn French says in "The War Against Women" that not all women want to be mothers but most are, women were the first slaves and will be the last ones to be set free…with their own guaranteed income. Debt is slavery and illegal, but USA thinks we have to have it. Insane.

  27. Americans don't realize that our adoption system is also buying and selling of babies, children. It's all caused by capitalism wage slavery because it is slavery. Every person should have a guaranteed residual income…equal wealth.

  28. (11:15) This woman is contradicting herself. You willingly sold your baby to a bunch of scumbags. You're only mad they didn't pay you. Jesus fucking Christ! People these days!

  29. I would rather like to see where the children end up. If they are sold into slavery or sex trafficking.. yeah, sure then we have a big problem. I do, however, have my doubts about this since it would not make much economical sense in most cases, since the newborns would have to be cared for and given food before they are old enough to provide any substantial use (that being child labour, sexual exploitation etc). Sure, there must be some children who meet a rather unfortunate end, but IF they are really ending up in homes to couples who cannot have children on their own, I really have to agree with what some of the people in this video said. IF there is no force, the women are not threatened and the children are not being exploited in some way through labour or sex work, then I do not see the big issue. The women are given a choice during very harsh circumstances and they are making one. It does not make the harsh circumstances forcing them into such a position okay, but it is still a choice.

  30. There was an incident where many of the world's richest and most powerful people (including a former US president) gathered together inside of a hangar at Area 51 in Nevada, where children dressed in nothing but their underwear holding signs showing how much they cost, were sold to these elite people for use as pedophile sex slaves and for satanic rituals.

    Several heads of state and also the Saudi Arabian royal family were present at the auction.

    The fast-talking auctioneer was an older gentleman wearing a cowboy hat, who clearly had an erection the whole time.

    Bulk amounts of weapons and drugs were sold as well.

  31. so i understand these women are poor and can’t afford electricity and water, but why the fuck are you still making more children then?

  32. What if adopting / buying a child illegally saves it from child sex trafficking? It would be moral but illegal. But it would save the child in the end.

  33. So she got fucked over with one baby but pregnant again..I guess selling babies really is their Hustle..

  34. humans are sexual beings, get over it, girls mature faster like nature intended, so teaching them how to have sex early is beneficial to them, selling them is horrible but how is a sperm bank not the same thing, or if they even have them yet, selling the females’ eggs, kidnaping women and stealing their eggs for sex slave trade is big too, human petri dishes to insemínate, clone and grow humans for sex trade has been here for over a century

  35. I just don't understand why these women having babies knowing they don't have shit to give them hell they barely can take care of themselves smdh

  36. Why are People Selling Their Children in Egypt?

  37. The real question is who make babies to those woman? Where are they husband? Are these womans all prostitute?

  38. Sweet child you are much better off where you are its not fair you may think but if youve seen what i seen how some parents do to their child you would agree besides you will start your own family one day then your kids will have kids and all the love you teach them will come back to you and the love will blanket your heart and kill all the old pain you will be loved ,im touched and love you all Sam

  39. Russian Jewish Mafia. And the minor players are the other mafias, minus the italian..they are in politics to much heat…russian mafia or minor mafias that work for the russians…

  40. mossad and cia and all these groups involved.. child rape, murder and killing big business…and means to control the evil made diabolically evil when they join the fraternal hellish groups… from the soft core aristocratic satanist to the OTO and other not so famous ….listen to John Todd… all satanic … witches behind the scenes pulling the strings higher on the ladder…. baby killing and traficaing protected by the police at high levels… they know and participate… evil mi6 cia mossad… drug dealers and trafickers… get the politicians on camera and make dark lord satan happy get rich and control the politicians and people …. Ted Bundys the majority BELIEVE ME. That is why the fat truther cannot go to the police FBI OR CIA and bust these rings…they go to the top… and so Epstien and Hillary can keep on killing hear or in israel…

  41. Now if the POPE knows everything and he does..and says nothing… he is involved or some of his groups within church at higher levels… jesuits know more than the cia.. they are the cia members… etc… He knows and the children keep going missing…sold into sex…and killed and blood drank and andrenochrome sold for millions… billions annually

  42. I was adopted in Bulgaria aged 2 weeks. It was completely legal. Unfortunately in Bulgaria lots of children are abandoned to state care. Orphanages are fuckin horrible. If the kids didn't have developmental issues after a few years in one of these institutions they certainly develop mental health and learning difficulties.

  43. Nothing wrong with people giving their children to rich couples if the mothers live in the slums and wants to give their kid a better life.. i wish my parents adopted me out to a rich couple. Its better for the kid because they will grow up with everything they need and want. As long as they arent kidnapping kids to adopt out I think its fine.

  44. No pity at all for that woman that sold her baby suck shit i just prey the kids safe and in a loved family 💞🙏 she doesn’t deserve kids ! She prob sell him again !

  45. Paedophiles paradise!! So sad it really is how many paedophiles get there hands on these kids ! So fucken sad these so called mums need to be jailed fuck the traffickers if it wasn’t for the mums it wouldn’t happen simple!!!

  46. Do 👏 English 👏 voiceovers 👏👏👏

    Your channel is played as a podcast to learn while doing other things. We can't keep reading subtitles.

  47. God damn demons, I am not a holy man and I don't believe in heaven or hell but I do believe that these people will suffer after death. I hope as much.

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