China straddling bus [English computer voice over] the only English copy

China straddling bus [English computer voice over] the only English copy

What you can see from the video is traffic jams, what you can hear is noise, and there is also invisible air pollution. At present, there are mainly 4 types of public transits in China: subway, light-rail train, BRT, and normal bus. They have advantages and disadvantages, for example, subway costs a lot and takes long time to build; BRT takes up road spaces and produces noises as well as pollution to the air. How to develop environmental-friendly public transportation? Straddling bus provides a solution. Let’s watch a demonstration. This is what the interior looks like: it has huge skylight that will eliminate passengers’ sense of depression when enter. The straddling bus combines the advantages of BRT, it is also a substitution for BRT and subway in the future. As you all know, the majority vehicles on the road are cars, the shortest vehicles are also cars. Normally our overpass is 4.5-5.5 m high. The highlight innovation of straddling bus is that it
runs above cars and under overpass. Its biggest strength is saving road spaces, efficient and high in capacity. There are also two ways in dealing with station platform. One is to load/unload through the sides; the other is using the built-in ladder so that passengers can go up and to the overpass through the ceiling door. There are two parts in building the straddling bus. One is remodeling the road, the other is building station platforms. Two ways to remodel the road: we can go with laying rails on both sides of car lane, which save 30% energy; or we can paint two white lines on both sides and use auto-pilot technology in the bus, which will follow the lines and run stable. Another strength of straddling bus is its short construction life cycle: only 1 year to build 40 km. Whereas building 40-km subway will take 3 years at best. Also the straddling bus will not need the large parking lot that normal buses demand. It can park at its own stop without affecting the passage of cars. Straddling bus is completely powered by municipal electricity and solar energy system. In terms of electricity, the setting is called relay direct current electrification. The bus itself is electrical conductor, two rails built on top to allow the charging post to run along with the bus, the next charging post will be on the rails before the earlier one leaves, that is why we call it relay charging. The set here is super capacitor, a device that can charge, discharge and store electricity quickly. The power it stores during the stop can support the bus till the next stop where another round of charging takes place, achieving zero toxic gas throughout the process. Nowadays many big cities have remodeled their traffic signaling system, to prioritize public buses, that is to say when a bus reaches a crossing, red light on the other side of the fork will turn on automatically to give buses the right of way. Our straddling bus can learn from this BRT method. The bus is 6 m in width and 4-4.5 m high. How will people get off the bus if an accident happens to such a huge bus? Here I introduce the most advanced escaping system in the world. In the case of fire or other emergencies, the escaping door will open automatically. I believe many of you have been on a plane. Planes are equipped with inflated ladder so people can slide down on it in emergency. I put the escaping concept into the straddling bus. The bus can save up to 860 ton of fuel per year, reducing 2,640 ton of carbon emission. Presently we have passed the first stage demonstration and will get through all of the technical invalidation by the end of August. Beijing’s Mentougou District is carrying out a eco-community project, it has already planned out 186 km for our straddling bus. Construction will begin at year end. Thank you.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. it alerts taller vehicles not to enter from behind, but what happens when the bus approaches one that is in front of them?

  2. With a population of over ONE BILLION people, perhaps, China needs to invest their science and engineering resources into designing BETTER CONDOMS!!! Then sell the products to India which also is approaching a billion person country. Just saying!!

  3. Love the innovation in this idea. This how things get done. The details can be worked out in the design and I sure continued lessons.

  4. The main drawback that I see is the need for 3 lane roads which for many European cities can be difficult.

  5. 原來這是六年前的設想?今年年底終於要實行了!中國大陸政府真的很有效率

  6. So what I got from this video is:
    – Buses cause traffic jams
    – we need to get buses out of the way of cars to reduce pollution
    – this "bus" is designed to add more road space for more cars, which apparently doesn't cause pollution or noise

  7. Seriously problematic for safety reasons.
    here is a simpler solution. enter your vote if you like it. Finalist out of 29 submissions at the MIT Climate CoLab competition.

  8. 1. People will switch lanes
    2. People will be scared something that will past by there car
    3. Semi trucks anyone?
    4. Intersections will be way to dangerous

  9. Here's an idea for the construction and design; make sure to pad the interior with some kind of semi-soft vertical rolling devices that'll allow cars to bounce off savely without spinning out of control into the traffic lane causing crashes, in case of collision/ contact with the " walls".

  10. Very innovative, but how does it handle on or off ramp traffic, cars with roof-racks and wheelchair patrons who need to evacuate if there is a crash? If one breaks down on the track it will block its part of the track and mean no other will be able to pass causing major problems, no? I don't doubt the ingenuity here just the infrastructure of making it work in practical real world situations

  11. I applaud the Chinese for thinking outside the box. The only problem I have with this straddling bus, is that visibility for the drivers right underneath the bus seems to become severely hindered,, and if the bus takes a turn or goes down a winding road, I can easily picture a driver underneath suddenly bumping against the side walls, through no fault of their own. The design and idea is fine for long straight roads, but as soon as there's a winding road or a turn and there's a car or even worse, multiple cars underneath, there's going to be major trouble, and people will get killed. A multi-vehicle collision underneath this thing sounds like the stuff of nightmares. Anyway, I still think the concept is great and I hope they pull it off. Safety first though…

  12. In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the municipal government, with financing from the Ontario provincial government, is about to spend
    $1 Billion to build a LRT THAT IS 11 KILOMETERS long on an existing bus transit route. It is said it will take up to 5 years to complete. I feel that building the proposed LRT is a BIG mistake. PLEASE, Youzhou Song (BUS DESIGNER) will you CONTACT Hamilton City Council and offer to come to Hamilton to make a presentation about your new technology! Hamilton is the perfect place for your Transit Elevated Bus System. As a concerned Hamiltonian, I will be willing to help you anyway I can

  13. there is another perk to this. that cars can get an aftermarket accessory that gives them a rail wheel to lower into the track so that they follow the rail and can go autosteer. still need to work on tailgating or being tailgated. but the steering can add to the cruise control that is already automated.

  14. Just watched it up to the point of where it explains the procedure in the event of an accident. Well, how would a wheelchair bound passenger exit the bus in an emergency.

  15. so suprise this idea came on 2010 and soon to become reality in 2016 but it was all just another HUGE SCAM!!! jeezzz what a waste of idea

  16. As nothing has now (7 years later) been heard of this,it's so obviously a scam.Think about it,it's a big traffic accident/disaster waiting to happen,which explains why it's not real.

  17. As a  Bus Operator for 13 years and Light Rail Operator for 5 years now I think this is an excellent idea.  I say build it!!! I would love the opportunity operate this bus.  I would be a great addition to public transportation and maybe eliminating transit buses and storing them on large depot spaces while not in operation.  That leaves more city space for other things when this bus can be stored right on the road or at a station stop.

  18. Excellent, Effective & workable Solution to Travel fast in traffic Jam on Roads. When it be in operation in China & when it be available for export, to resolve Traffic Jam issues of other cities?
    We are very much interested in Import, install & operate China straddling bus, in Karachi Pakistan, a city of 25 millions peoples.

  19. That tellin' em Chyna! Get ER' done!!!

    A big ole howdy and yee -HAW from the proud, Christian state of Alabamee!

  20. Unfortunately, this project was a complete disaster, has been abandoned, and the tracks torn out of the ground to solve the incredible traffic issues it caused

  21. A german TV show did some research after the first test happened. It seems like this was all a scam. The inventors collected money from private investors and then took off with it, without finishing the project.

  22. This concept never happened. In July 2017 it was scrapped because of accusations of it being a fake investment scheme, ad safety to traffic concerns.

  23. So easy to criticize and find flaws. Easy to ignore that this is a CONCEPT, NOT the FINAL product. I am an retired Professional Electrical and Mechanical Engineer. Had spent 48 years in low tech, high tech industries and anything in between. Have conceive, develop, and manufacture industrial and consumer product. I have worked in the manufacturing floor, engineering, R&D and Systems Engineering and Integration of ultra hi-tech state of the art and beyond products and systems.

    My comment is based on my technical education and experiences. I foresee that by the time this mass transportation system is deployed, the infrastructure that include our roads, bridges, stations would have been phased-in. That the prime movers and the fuel for power would have evolved. the design has been validated and according to the presentation, construction of 186 km of roads is underway for the demonstration phase.

    Being a realist, I would not see the fruition of the the concept because our politicians (here in the USA) are focus on building more killing machines and spending trillions of $$$ for our military. Hopefully, my grand children and three generations after me will enjoy this.

  24. Reminds me of the giant gyro car predictions where the bus would just balance itself on wheels between two lanes using the airspace of both lanes for it's passenger space.

  25. Seems like no one had broke the news yet – this is a scam that had been denounced by the Chinese government and owners of the company arrested.

  26. the straddling bus was a bad idea. adding to traffic congestion not reducing it, suspended monorail trains or the use of underground subway railway is a better. if too many city bus's are a traffic congestion problem. in many cases, the use of existing transportation technology's is more then adequate.

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