Chor Bazar Delhi – Buy cheap price shoes, watches, electronics, camera & more

Chor Bazar Delhi – Buy cheap price shoes, watches, electronics, camera & more

Hello friends! This is Harish Bali from Visa2Explore. Today we’re going to explore Delhi’s famous Chor Bazar! If you want to reach here by metro railway, You can board off at Chandni Chowk from Gurgaon or Jahangirpuri metro. And, if you’re coming from Faridabad… then get down at Red Fort metro station. Chor Bazar is right in front of the Red Fort. If you are coming from outside Delhi via bus, from ISBT this is just a 2km distance. So, let’s go… explore Chor Bazar! T-shirts being sold on a cart! What’s the rate? INR 50! I think there must be around 50,000 people in this market right now. This football is for INR 150. And, this for INR 250. The 250 one is slightly heavier. I was quoted INR 1200 for this. Now, he’s willing to give it for INR 700. Quite a huge bag! How much is this for? INR 50 INR 50 for one packet and one packet has 3 pairs of socks! This is a Panasonic Camera. MRP is INR 1,10,000. But, this model is old now. This is mini dv casette version. So, the rate for this is INR 10,000 now. Now, we have HD cameras with memory card. This uses mini dv cassettes. So…old model. What would your final price for this be? Give INR 7000. SD card 32GB for INR 200! Pen drive? 64GB for INR 200. Can I check? You can check memory card, not pen drive. This camera is for INR 2500. Non-touch screen camera for INR 1500. This man comes here by 5am. Earphones for INR 120! What’s this? INR 300 for this headphone! This is worth INR 800-900. But, I’m selling for INR 350. This is my own manufacturing. You can use this. I’ll be here if you have any issues with this. When do you come here? I come here by 5:30-6:30am! Till when do you stay here in the evening? Till 7-8pm! 3 for INR 150. 5 kilo weights. INR 800 for 2! This big one? MRF? It’s for INR 550. Show me some gloves.. INR 350 for a pair of gloves. Going there was worthwhile. I got 4 items for INR 1000! One pack of deodorant. 2 bags – One travel bag & One shoulder bag! And, a pen drive of 64GB. It’s almost 8:30am. We’re here for 2.5 – 3 hours now. I really enjoyed the visit to this market. Some important information… Firstly, market starts functioning by 4am, every Sunday! So, if you are coming here, try to reach by 5 – 5:30am… by 7 – 8am all the good things would be sold off. And, the rates also hike up as the cheaper ones are already gone by then! This market starts from the Red Fort, and goes up to Dariyaganj. This is a 2 – 2.5km stretch. You can walk the stretch and enjoy! Once you are free here by 8:30 – 9am… you can visit the Red Fort, which is right in front. Jama Masjid is also only 1km from here. You can shop or enjoy street food at Chandni Chowk. We already have a video on Chandni Chowk street food. Do watch it…the link is given in the description below. If you still haven’t subscribed Visa2Explore, then click the red button and subscribe now! Thanks for your time.

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  1. Deo cans are filled with soapy water and pen drive has a hopeless chip which says 30GB free….but it can store nothing.
    That big bag will tear off if u put little heavy stuffs.

  2. Abey bhai bada bakwaas saaman milta hai saala mai gaya tha chor bazaar yahi video dekh ke aadhe se jaada kabad waale aate hain aapna saman bechne sab kharab chij milti hain mai to kuch leke nahi aaya saala itna sastha to bohot se bazaaro mai bhi mil jaata hai aap bhai govindpuri bazaar bhi chale jaao wonha pe bhi issi daam me bohot kuch mil jaayega

  3. Subha utho Or jaao Or kuch naa mile to gussa aata hai bhai koi mat jaao mai preshan ho chuka hu or time bhi kharab kr chuka hu bekaar hai ye chor bazaar normal bazaar ki tarah hi hai

  4. 5 din pehle hi New Delhi station se mera mob.Choori hua h ab ptta nhi kis choor bazar m bikega Bahut burra lgta h yarr itni memory thi meri but kyaa kru bss afsos k siwa

  5. Talking about 2nd hand items, you can get cheaper first hand items in Malaysia if you dig deep enough, by not going to touristy areas

  6. 120-300 earphones are more genuine than 250 rs power bank even ear phone prices are high according to chor bazaar.

  7. Pendrive 64gb Kingston actual price 900
    Jo liyatha duplicate he Bhai usme valuable data loading mat kharo badme problem hoga ( corrected ho jayega)

  8. video suprb
    good infarmition

    ഡൽഹി ചോർ മാർക്കറ്റ് (ഷോർമാർക്കറ്റ്

  9. This are duplicate bazar not chor bazar as most of this material copied n hv the name of a branded companny but the material is very bad that is y the price is very low

  10. I have seen this since childhood. Wonder why the governments never stopped this clearly illegal (fakes, stolen stuff etc) and most don't obviously pay no taxes, GST etc. Wonder why the government has closed it's eyes to this blatant violation of law !!!!!

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