Chrysler Car Dealerships Exposed

Chrysler Car Dealerships Exposed

rev up your engines, Paul says I got a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, electronics stability control light comes on the dealerships said it’s the vacuum pump the code case, they replacing and the light still comes on what can be the problem, well the problem is it’s a Chrysler product and they make junk, but it’s under warranty so just keep taking it to the dealer and say I’m taking this back for a problem you didn’t fix you have to give me a free rental car call me when it’s fixed and if it’s not fixed keep taking it in if they can’t fix it sue them under the lemon law get your money back, I would have never bought that thing in the first place but it’s in their ballpark they gotta fix it now, they built it they gotta fix it free it’s under warranty and like I said, you shouldn’t have bought one in the first place Chrysler products are the qualities garbage don’t buy one, you got it it’s under warranty make them fix it, you know all they do is they look at a code and then they just replace a part, I know guys that were good mechanics at a Chrysler dealer and you know what they do now, they quit because they said they kept lowering our pay so much and they kept hiring these new kids from these UTI technical institutes that knew nothing about cars then they had to help those guys do their job and not get paid extra and they both quit, and they said I was making a good living as a Chrysler mechanic for years and they said the last year we worked I went for making $80,000 a year to making 30 with the what they paid us less and what the hassle, I just quit got my own business I said I’m not working for those idiots anymore so, you know I wouldn’t buy one but keep taking it back they have to fix it under warranty you know and have it all in writing, don’t say oh we fixed it we’re not getting your paperwork, get the paperwork cuz with that paperwork you can prove you kept taking it back for the same problem so if you sue them under the lemon law they’d have to give you your money back, always get paperwork for any warranty work make sure you get paperwork Mike says Scotty what are your thoughts on manual transmissions why are they so rare nowadays well they are in the United States cuz people are lazy I just got back from England everybody’s got them there cuz they’re worried about gas mileage since they’re paying $8 a gallon for gasoline, so you know there they all drive them it’s just that people are lazy in the United States they don’t want to shift and if they get in a lot of traffic jams yes it is a pain in the butt and now they’ve really gotten automatic transmissions with modern technology get almost the same gas mileage as a standard transmission, so they’ve gone to automatic transmissions and some actually get better gas mileage with automatically then with a manual for one reason, the computer can be set up for best gas mileage, you get a modern car a lot of times they have buttons you can push economy, you can push regular or you can push sporty, the economy it’ll shift faster to get better gas mileage, much the sporty it’ll shift later to have more acceleration but get worse gas mileage, so if you keep it on the economy that computer will get better gas mileage with an automatic then you can get in a standard, nothing to show says, what do you think of the 2001 Volkswagen GTI with the v6 engine, well they’re fast they run like Scalded apes, there’s no arguing that but those things are hellacious to work on, those v6 engines are so hard their crammed into that little engine place and being a Volkswagen they have some high-tech stuff that when it breaks costs an awful lot of money, I’ll give you an idea, I had a customer with one of those the air conditioning went out and when I found out the job it was to change that air conditioning compressor I told the customer I said here’s what it’s gonna cost I said well it’s a lot of money I said here, I got out my computer I showed them step-by-step what it takes to replace an air conditioner how many hours it takes to replace it and he ended up selling a car because it’s so hot and humid in Houston he had to have AC but he just didn’t want to put that money into it, they’re really hard to work on, they’re fun to drive and if you lived in Germany or someplace where you don’t need air conditioning you don’t even have it, then you got a standard transmission they can be fun but and their automatic transmissions are absolute garbage if it is an automatic transmission, most guys buy those with the standard though, Mechman 2500 says Scotty I have a 2014 Ford Focus with a dual clutch transmission, I had the clutch replaced last year but shuttering came back should I keep fixing it or take 5k and get a different car, I’d take the loss and get another car really or just keep driving it, those dual clutch systems are just stupid for a small car, you know I mean they first came up with that system for big trucks and stuff, and then they started putting in foreign cars for high-end cars for high-speed it was a money thing and speed thing and that little thing I just give up and get something else you know, Nick says Scotty what’s your thoughts on the 94 Acura Integra with 120,000 miles would it be a first car, yes if it’s in good shape those things could last a long time back in the day I used to work on tons of those things, I had a lot of customers with the Integras and they liked them they were just fancy Honda’s really and they were zippy cars, especially with the standard transmission and they liked the acceleration, their a little sporty looking car and they held up quite well yeah I had customers who loved them the only thing is you know you’re talking about a car that’s what 25 years old so it’s an old car so you don’t want to pay much and if at all possible, you want a mechanic like me to check it out before you buy it because we mechanics have a lot of equipment that in an hour we can tell you a lot about it that yeah you don’t even want to touch it or say yeah you know it needs work but for that price it’s a decent vehicle, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Scotty, I have a 2014 ram 1500 with the 8 speed, from the history of Chrysler I'm not sure it will last, I have 117k miles on mine now.

  3. So true. If you read complaints and recalls you know Scotty is right. The worst is many dealerships don't honor the warranty as they just put a plaster to the real problem, so you are screwed with or without warranty.

  4. Since I subbed Scotty's channel, I've been wearing round sunglasses and waving my hands all over the place when talking to my wife…

  5. Why do you try and trash Chrysler if someone reading this wants to buy one buy it there great and there reliable we had a 2012 Chrysler with 100,000 miles and it drove great recently got a 2018 300S love it 💯❤️

  6. In Germany, we use A/C all the time to remove moisture from the cabin. Even in winter. Max defrost uses it exclusively to clear your windshield of fog.

  7. This guy really hates Chrysler. He gets so fired up about them. Rightfully so. They offer total garbage.

  8. I bought a used Chrysler 200c what a steaming pile of junk 70k miles and the transmission is screwed I'm babying the car until I can trade it in

  9. For those that may know… does Dodge make bad trucks? I tow a TT and use a Ford, but I hear on these RV forums from these Dodge truck owners about how much they love their trucks and how it’s lasted them for 100’s of thousands of miles. I can’t believe it because it’s a Chrysler product, but was wondering if anyone else knew.

  10. Hey scotty just wondering. Do you only own daily drivers? Do you have a project car or a weekend car? Love the videos!

  11. I agree with Scotty, he's blatantly honest. I agree with him, YET- I love Mopars. I have owned several Toyotas, I have a new Camry currently. I also own a 2012 Charger RT that I bought new for my work vehicle. I'm an Application Engineer that travels regionally, and I drive over 30,000 miles per year just for work. The Charger has had 1 issue while I've owned it- a failing lifter for the MDS system at 170,000 miles. I replaced all the lifters AND camshaft just to be safe. The car currently has 243,700 miles, and is in need of new struts. I work on my own vehicles, and I'll buy FCA products because I like them. If they have issues while under warranty, so be it. If there's problems later on, I'll fix them.

  12. It would be unfair to pick on Chrysler alone have they made total junk cars and parts yes they have but so has Ford and gm and all the foreign car companies I can't say I'm biased I like any car that works properly I've been working as a used car reconditioner for 14 years I worked on almost every brand available in the United States I personally own two Chrysler products me and my wife drive daily which both have nearly a quarter of a million miles on them as do my parents also drive two Chrysler products as well all of them with the original engines & transmissions in them I do basic maintenance and use recommended fluids and have had very few problems definitely nothing major a sensor here small parts there usually not exceeding $200. I was not raised as a Mopar fan in fact I disliked them I fell in love with Chrysler products working at a Chrysler dealer for 8 and 1/2 years I grew up with GM cars mainly Oldsmobiles and I still love them today and my dad always had old Ford pickups like I said we like anything that works.every car company has bad cars and bad designs they also all have good cars and good designs it would be unfair to pick on one car company especially one domestic brand.

  13. I once helped an older guy push his just bought Chrysler with smoke coming out of the hood to the side of the road. The thought did crossed my mind as to which future car brand to avoid. Who knew that so many others are having problems with Chrysler?

  14. Scotty knows that the Pacifica ranks higher than the Toyota Sienna not only in sales but crash test ratings and overall customer satisfaction?? Every car magazine out there holds the Pacifica as the van to beat. Can't be that bad.

  15. I got a 300 with the Pentastar V6 in 2012, and the only thing that's gone wrong with it is the backup camera stopped working. It is a very nice car.

  16. No car manufacturer is perfect! All of them practically have recalls every 5 minutes on their cars or some other problems

  17. Chrysler is a POS . Bought a new 2018 Durango in Aug 2018. After 14k miles , did a oil change and I noticed a oil leak underneath the car where transmission meets drive shaft. Car still has warranty etc , made a appointment and have the car check. The day before the appointment I drove by a dealership to check out TELLURIDE and Did not hesitate to trade in that POS for the Telluride. I figure at 14k it’s already leaking oil and stuff might as get rid of it and prevent future headaches dealing with the 🚙. Best decision I made

  18. I had good luck with a used Chrysler but Im lucky I guess it was a 2001 NEON I got sick of it but it was reliable for me in fact it never let me down ever in 5 years , I bought a KIA Spectra 5 SX to replace it ,cant complain about it at all its a little better than the Chrysler in every category, dealership are all assholes not just Chrysler ones most of them just want the most money and have some pushy service writers to rob your wallet

  19. I’ve owned 4 different Chrysler vehicles in the last decade, I’ve put nearly 100k miles on each, and have not had any trouble whatsoever. I performed all the preventative maintenance myself, and not one time did I have to take any of them to a mechanic for major repairs. To each their own.

  20. Back when I was a young mechanic 51 yrs ago I had a great Chrysler product. I bought a used 1949 Plymouth . Ran for several months

  21. i dont know why scotty assumes all chrysler products are bad and unreliable…
    my dad has a 2009 grand caravan 3.3l with 180,000km on it and he has never had to replace anything major🤷🏼‍♂️

  22. Chrysler has been hosing employees for years. Most dealers arent exempt from this. I am a 30 yr tech and i see far more Chrysler/Mopar junk than Honda/Toyota. And newer models are starting to make a showing.

  23. Lemon law in Florida gives three attempts to fix a problem. Take it 6 times then invoke your rights to replace the car. They may ask for more attempts. Let them. When it still isn't fixed they won't have a leg to stand on. Just smile and follow the process. I have done it, without am attorney.

  24. Anything that has a rubber timing belt: let them keep it.
    If it has both a rubber timing belt AND a dual clutch junk-o-matic transmission, RUN.

  25. I have a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 truck that just turned 100k Scotty and I have been doing my own maintenance and except for the crappy body problems (squeaks, rattles) I'm happy. I wouldn't let the dealer touch it after I drove it out of the dealer and I have saved so much money that I'm gonna buy another body just sare parts. Sidenote; my neighbor has a 2019 F-150 aluminum truck that is the biggest heap of garbage I've ever seen. It is brand new and leaks when it rains and it has some really weird electrical problems. Sometimes it won't start or it will start and shut off after he refuels it and the dash controls have ceased to work. I had to go pick him up from the dealer yesterday after he was stranded on the interstate and had to have it towed. I picked him up in my old Dodge and had to listen to him complain about his Ford all the way home. I was grinning from ear to ear!.

  26. Scotty can you please talk about 2010 – 2015 Volvo S40 and S60 and Volvo automatic transmissions. Reliable or crap?

  27. I had a Dodge in the early 2000's, biggest piece of junk I ever had, never will buy a Chrysler product again.

  28. Funny, chrysler as a stand-alone brand now carries the 300, pacifica, and pacifica hybrid. That's it! Why bother?

  29. People, stay away from cars that aren't; Fords, Japanese, or a foreign car that you got at the country it's from (i.e. if you must have a BMW, go to, and buy it in Geemany). Lessons learned from Scotty.

  30. I honestly think that the sudden change in manual to automatic or robot is for better control of your vehicle

  31. I see Scotty is no fan of Chrysler products. That's depressing to me, because I currently own a 2008 Dodge Dakota. It has 205,000 miles on it, and it still runs like a champ. Same original engine and trans, and in general, this has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. And because of that, I'm considering buying a Ram for my next truck. But the way Scotty talks of Chrysler products, I'm a little scared to buy one now. LOL! I hear so many stories of people with Rams who are loving them, and running them way past 100,000 miles with very little issues. I certainly trust scottys viewpoint, but how can I reconcile that with all the good reviews I'm hearing from owners of these trucks?

  32. Oh, Scotty is not a fan of UTI grads? So funny, I drive by a UTI campus almost daily, now I won't forget this video.

  33. Yes Your right on the money my friend I have two of them They are junk 01 dodge Durango an 98 dodge ram They were junk before they got bought out by whoever an I m sure they are still junk Never again

  34. I just bought a 2019 mazda cx-9 gt and now it has 2000 miles and someone ran a light and they ran into my door and I was airlifted to the hospital I got out and its going to cost 8k to fix it I have heard that once its fixed it will be worth less when I sell it is that true?

  35. Most of the new European cars have the CVT. 🙀 Europeans have also gotten lazy and manuals are less common there too.

  36. I tried suing a dealership under lemon law but the stupid attorney said its not new so nothing they could do which is pathetic

  37. I had a 2013 Challenger that was complete junk and gave me the most problems out of any car I've ever owned. It was my first and last FCA product. I traded it in for a new Toyota Camry, it was one of the best adult decisions I've ever made.

  38. Hates Chrysler but has anyone told him ram trucks sell twice as many trucks as Toyota sells Camry that’s a lot of idiots or maybe just one ‘ Scotty ‘

  39. Funny you say that. My friend used to be a salesman at a GM Dealer and he quit because he didnt believe in what he was selling to people

  40. I have zero problem buying a non american car. Many are made in usa. When they want to pay me the additional cost of buying a piece of junk like chrysler I will listen to them.

  41. I do not know why scotty hates on chrysler products so much and says that they are all crap made cars. My dad has a 2009 grand caravan with the 3.3L engine with over 190,000km with no major issues 🤷🏼‍♂️

  42. Legend has it that sometime between the horseless carriage and those 80s minivans, Scotty was fired from his "technicians" position at a Chrysler dealership.

  43. "Standard" is standard and "manual" is manual. When companies no longer offer a manual, then the automatic is standard.

  44. I bought a New Dodge pickup in 1978 in West Memphis, Ar.–about 1/2 way home, a dog was on side of road so I decided to honk horn and let dog I was coming-no Horn, about same time as it was early spring decided to turn on air conditioner-no air. I continued on home since I was off the next day and took New Truck back to Dealer–the Horn was not Wired from the Factory, they had to pull the whole Steering Column to wire horn. The Air Conditioner was Low on Freon which was a dealer Mistake. I always change my own oil, so when the 3000 mile came up, I put truck on ramps and the first thing I noticed was a Soda Pop can installed right under the crossmember under radiator, it was a black cherry soda pop can with a note inside that said you finally found me you SOB–this really pissed me off. The truck Manual said that the 318 v8 engine required 6 qts. of oil but the Dipstick was for 5 qts. and always showed one qt. over fill. Then the truck developed a rattle that the dealership could not find so I was determined to find it so I strapped myself under the truck on a pc. of 3/4 in plywood and allowed my wife to drive down a rough gravel road, that was kind of foolish as those tires really kick up some gravel on anything under truck, told wife not to go over 40 mph, finally found rattle-Catalytic converter Protection Shield was making the rattle. Took truck back to dealer to tell them that I had found the rattle and how I did it–the Salesman told me–you are One Crazy SOB especially to allow a woman to drive while you were hung under the truck. True Story….

  45. I had a 2005 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl. I loved it. It made it to about 130 miles before it went. I only paid $10,000 for it in 2008 so that wasn't a bad run. We didnt' take that good care of it either. I miss it. I drive a 2014 Kia Forte Koup EX now. Fast little sucker!!! Almost got away from me once. Has been a wonderful little car, but I hate those heavy doors and trying to get my little dog in and out of her seat belt in the back seat is a pain in the back! lol

  46. I know someone who's son bought a used 2006 dodge daytona . he put over a grad so far this yr spent all summer down. He really got burnt he's stuck. He owes over 13 grad on it found out it's only worth 5grad .

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