Classic British Sports Car – 1973 MGB Restoration

Classic British Sports Car – 1973 MGB Restoration

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner, this is my first and only car that I
bought during high school from my junior high music instructor, he called me up
the summer after my freshman year of high school, and asked if I was getting my
driver’s permit soon, which I said yes to, he replied with, well how would you
like to have my 1973 MGB, being a fifteen year old, I had no idea what a MGB was, so I was on the phone with him I quickly googled it, and once I saw some
pictures I very quickly said heck yeah, I like to say that I bought the car in
boxes, most because it came with the engine and transmission removed from the
car my music instructor had rebuilt the
factory 4-speed transmission and removed the engine and replaced the rear main oil
seal, but could not find the time to finish the project, hence why he sold it
to me, over the course of the next year or so, my father and I began to
reassemble the car, originally the engine and engine bay was black, but we decided
to clean it up and paint it red to match the color of the car, my dad was really
the main proponent of that since I really wasn’t too enthusiastic about
cleaning up 40 years of worth of grease to paint it, but I am grateful I went
through that effort now, we got it running and I drove around for my senior
year of high school but I soon noticed that the engine had
very low oil pressure and was only getting 90 psi of compression in each
cylinder, during the summer after I graduated, my dad and I tore apart the
engine again and gave it the Refresh it needed by rebuilding the head, putting in
new rings, con rod bearings and a new oil pump, after breaking in the refreshed
engine I drove at 650 miles from where I grew
up in Southern California to Utah, where I am now going to college,
this video here was taken during my road trip up to school, since the car is my
daily driver I installed a luggage rack so I could fit
more things into the car if need be even without the luggage rack though, the
trunk does have quite a bit of space in it for a car this size, which is nice for
people that daily drive it like me although I did get a new soft top for it,
I also got the hardtop because I figured it would work better in inclement
weather than the soft top would, I also think that the white contrasts very
nicely with the red paint, here’s a little bit about the car mechanicals, the
engine is 1800 CC 4-cylinder pushrod overhead valve, with dual su carburetors,
the carbs are a pain to tune and balance but once they’re set, they are very
reliable and very simple to work on which is nice, one unique thing about
this car is that the intake and exhaust are located on the same side of the
engine, in order to make it easy to access the spark plugs and electrical
system, it has the old-style distributor and then a point style su
fuel pump that is mounted at the back of the car on the fuel tank, the
steering is very tight because it has rack and pinion steering and with this
low center of gravity and good handling it makes this car a blast to drive on a
Canyon Road, the dash is quite simple with a speedometer, oil pressure,
fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and a manual choke for starting the car, it
also has a red ignition light that turns on whenever the alternator is not
charging the battery, which helps with diagnosing electrical problems, one thing
they did a very good job of doing with this car is designing the interior,
because although it is a very small car the driver and passenger have quite a
bit of legroom Thank You Scotty Kilmer for featuring my
car and hope you all enjoyed the video, well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel, check
this out, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. When visiting my grand parents in England as a kid 35 years ago, their neighbor had a car similar to this. I got to sit in. The legroom is absolutely amazing for such a small car, more room to extend the legs than in a full size American pick-up truck.

    Nice job on the car, especially since someone else took it apart and gave you (and your dad) the pieces.

  3. My mom had a 66 mg. We lived in it for a fiew months. I use th get zapped by the battery in the " back seet" .

  4. Fantastic video and great to see the love and work put into its restoration. I'm from England (UK) and I remember these driving around our roads in the 1970s.

  5. Fantastic video of the MGB. Such a beautiful car and looks stunning. Great to see older technology again with the carbs etc. Enjoy the drive :-))

  6. i remember those as a kid when the 1st owners were driving them in the 70's. i knew someone who had a blue mgb GT.

  7. Very cool car … and one meant to be owned only by the courageous and mechanically inclined. Great that a father and son combined forces to make the deal work out … very fun car to drive.

  8. I had a 63 with real wire wheels from 1969 to 1972. I had muscle cars too, but the MGB was more fun in a way because I could hot rod it without the cops hearing it from blocks away. I live among mountains and seriously used it for what it was made for. I have owned several cars that weighed less than 2,000 pounds and never got hurt in any of them, because I never wrecked, or had a touchscreen or cell phone. The art of driving has really gone to crap.
    The dealer I went to 50 miles away for parts had a NEW unsold 1967 Sunbeam Tiger with a $3,500 sticker price. If had only known…

  9. Nice

    A glad to hear about the father son project details

    Had a 69

    Chrome bumpers
    Knock off wire spoke wheels with lead hammer…
    Black top

    An absolute blast…
    Strong motor
    Easy to run all year with top down in NE
    Due to how low one sits in the car and the heat that cooks the fender wells …

    Don't forget to lube the heater cable ends under the hood that otherwise fight those finger dash slide controls and feel like they will not engage / slide properly …

    Found the master cylinder a bit flakey as well :0

    Great car

  10. Being a brit I've seen hundreds of these over the years, and sadly very few are left in the UK as they mostly rotted away! I really hope the owner looks after this car, because she's a beaut and it would be a shame for her to waste away!

  11. I almost bought a 1973 MGB back in '73 just after I graduated from high school. Such a cool car. Thanks for the memories Joshua. You and your Dad did a good job.

  12. i think my grandfather has an MG like this, but it’s purple. he’s got two other MGs which he took apart and completely rebuilt and another one which he built. i helped him with both of the projects. they’re very nice cars.

  13. That's pretty awesome daily driving a classic I always wanted to do that but with the winters around me don't want it to rust out and what not still cool man

  14. Awesome car! Love small classic sports cars, and this is a beautiful example that you can be proud of for a long time.

  15. Exquisite job, professionally presented. Thorough. Very interesting. Thank goodness you're not another Typical Lazy American.

  16. Dear scoty kilmer I screen recorded you rolling over 1 mil subs pls send me your link to your email so you can put it in your vidoe if you want thanks.

  17. Congrats on a million subs Scotty! 1 million of us revving up our engines!

    Just hope they haven't seized over the years…

  18. I had a new 1979 MGB. Great looking car, but it stayed in the shop. This car looks great and I wish you the best! Those b's are fun!

  19. Cool car. I would not use it as a daily driver though. It’s also sad to see it will be in Utah where they use salt on the roads in winter, i don’t think an old car will hold up well driven year round in Utah. It’s not excessive salt there but any salt on an old car is not good for it. I would have kept it in California and got a beater car for school in Utah.

  20. Owned a ‘58MGA in senior year : How to become a mechanic in one (not so) simple step! That’s said, I still love that damned car fifty five years later. Pulled the engine to change the clutch using a tree limb and a keg party for muscle.

  21. My 79 Rx 7 is a blast . Shame Scotty advised me to get rid of the " unreliable engine " . Rotary engines are mechanically superior to piston engines . More Power per CC. This cause them to generate more heat . But with today's technology I can keep my 12A running like a dream .

  22. British cars like to be "tinkered" with. They have oil seepage. I used to work on the docks & remember the longshoremen unloading them with wheel gear & driving them to point of rest. One huge guy got in & drove it to point of rest, but had to get his buddies to get him out & in the process tore the car up. I had to write on the exception report "longshoreman got stuck inside car. tore up inside of car trying to get out."

  23. Good choice Scotty. This is the perfect combination of chrome bumpers and Rostyle wheels for a daily driver. These MGBs are very popular and you can get just about everything for them.

  24. This car was very lucky to have found you. You and your Dad did a nice job putting it back together again. I would point out that your vacuum advance is not hooked up. Your car will run even better with the vacuum advance working.

    I have two MGB's, a 68 and a 77 that I've owned for many years. If you take care of it, it will last forever, just like mine have. I suspect you already know about and for MG parts. Moss has everything, including the little stuff no one else has and a great MGB catalogue. Northwest Imports has better prices.

    Good luck with your MGB. It's a keeper!


  25. Wow, this takes me back to 1970 when I bought a 1966 MGB with spoke wheels and matching steering wheel for 500 bucks. Handled like a dream. Thanks Joshua and Scotty.

  26. Well done to you and your father! I've had a few MGBs in my time though sadly lacking one at the moment. Great to see the 'next generation' enjoying the charms of MGs and their relative simplicity compared to modern cars re repairs etc – the MG make great DIY fun cars. All the best.

  27. My 2nd car was a 1970 MGB Had the chrome bumpers. Wire wheels. Shitty lucas electrics. Loved it when it ran.

  28. laf."low oil pressure" i remember. god i loved my mgb. i had the same exact car. this video made me happy. nice job fellas

  29. My uncle left me a MG Midget. The cars are notorious nickel and dimers, but easy to work on and a blast to drive.

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