Classic Car Crash: Racer Crashes His £250,000 1924 Bugatti Racing Car

Classic Car Crash: Racer Crashes His £250,000 1924 Bugatti Racing Car

COMM: This is the terrifying moment 56-year-old Edmund Burgess crashed his Bugatti at the
leon blue vintage car event in Gloucestershire. 00:16
Edmund was driving in the 1924 Bugatti worth over a quarter of a million pounds, when he
lost control of the vehicle after the brakes failed, causing the car to role on top of
him. 00:36
Incredibly, Edmund emerged unscathed from the accident, but was spending the next 8
weeks repairing the bonnet, the front wheel and scuttle before taking it to the track

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  1. Bet he wished he was wearing a full faced helmet after that one. LoL!! In all honesty who cares. He owns it, it was on a closed circuit, next case please.

  2. Here's a guy who understands the price of everything and the value of nothing. Off to the flea market.
    Iron American Dream on YouTube Share it. Take a ride across the promised land. Ride a Harley.

  3. This kind of cars should be in garage you moron, if you want to race buy a race car not this tractor

  4. Not a real Bugatti. They make clones that are built "period correct" so they crash a 250k "Bugatti" instead of a multi million dollar original.

  5. One lucky SOB…👍👍 gonna be a little tough.. removing those brown stains from that red leather seat.beautiful car… can't wait to see it back on the track… where it belongs.

  6. Tak się dzieje jak jakiś geniusz ściga się autem na kołach od roweru ,wiem wiem auta miały kiedyś takie koła ale nadmiar pieniędzy nie zwalnia z racjonalnego myślenia

  7. Pmsl its only money and he obviously has plenty of it so i suggest some driving lessons would be a better way of spending his cash , having loads of cash and an expensive vintage racing car doesnt make you sterling moss lol

  8. That’s why you don’t race collectible cars it’s one thing driving them but trying to put it around a track is stupid

  9. Nice to see the thing get damaged. WHO CARES if it's OLD and irreplaceable ?? The damn thing is a race car, it was MEANT to be raced and possibly bent. It can be repaired, the driver is OK, the car will be too, and she will return to the the track again.
    At least this gets USED not just wiped over once a week with a soft nappy, and molly coddled like a new baby in a pristine garage somewhere.
    Thank God for guys like this man, one of the Jay Leno's of the world. Without whom, guy's like me wouldn't get to see these old beauties do what they were made to do.

  10. I agree a car like this should be used Edmund is a local legend in Suffolk. He also owns a type 51 . Both are used frequently on the road

  11. I've just stumbled across video…. somewhat later than others by the looks of things 🙂 But I have to agree the last comment by wigs1098.   WHY the negativity??? Are people Jealous because of the price of the car, or because they haven't got the balls to do it themselves?  Hillclimbs are very unforgiving, Old School Race Courses in the UK, and most have changed little since their creation …. and that's the appeal to many racers.  I have been lucky enough to get into the Hillclimb scene in the past 18 months, after years of circuit racing.  And what I love about it, is that there are many people like Edmund Burgess racing all sorts of real Classic machinery (Bugatti's, ERA's, 50's F500 cars, 60's F2/F5000, Classic Sports Cars and Touring Cars and many more) alongside the lastest machinery.  AND THE THING that everybody shares – is that Nobody is there to SHOW OFF their Machinery!!!  Everybody is there to push themselves to their own limits in (or On) whatever they are competing!  SO BIG RESPECT FOR PUSHING TO THE LIMIT (Shame went beyond) but Glad Driver was OKAY.   No point racing if you not trying!!! 😀

  12. rallye avec des véhicules malheureusement pour certaine elles seront accidenté comme celle ci dommage magnifique voiture ancienne

  13. To all the people saying this car shouldn't be driven: if Ettore Bugatti never intended for the car to be driven, would he have put an engine in it?

  14. Safety improvements in the last century: Seat belts, full face helmets, HANS device, roll hoop and cage, fuel cells, etc. I used to race open wheel cars but would never drive something like this. Driver is lucky to be alive.

  15. I love cars and motorsport and all of it….But…….I cheered when the car got wrecked. Thankfully the guy was not hurt. As for the car though I say good riddence. I fail to see why people even care about Bugatti. They won races in the 1920s and 30s before going bust. They were never really relivant ever. They were so hidiously expensive nobody could buy one and so there are probably only 15 of these vehicles in existance total. If I were the guy I would turn it in to a barbecue grill and go by something safer and more relivant to race.

  16. When you take your classic car to a race if may be the last time you see it in it’s original condition(unless you manage to get it fixed) it’s why I wouldn’t take my classic to a race if I owned one

  17. Too dangerous, about time these climate damaging lumps on wheels were sent to a museum and stopped from racing completely.

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