Classic Car Detail 1962 Thunderbird – Chemical Guys Car Care

Classic Car Detail 1962 Thunderbird – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. Today we’ve got a blast from the past. This is a 1962 Ford Thunderbird. So the customer is on a tight schedule so he only gave us this car for a little while. Today I’ll be focusing mainly on the exterior
such as the paint, the top, the wheels and the metal trim pieces. As you can see the car is actually really
dirty but that is to be expected when you daily drive a classic vehicle like this. Same thing with these white walls as you drive
dirt and debris kick up on the white walls and dulls out that color. This top is supposed to be a bright white
clean finish but it’s turned this brown dirty filthy top so we’re going to address that today. This chrome trim that runs all the way around
the vehicle, I’m going to clean that up and put some polish on there to bring back that
high shine luster. So lets get to it! To start off I’m going to clean the exterior
using EcoSmart. I’m using EcoSmart because one it is easy
to use while still being gentle and two if I foam this vehicle there may be leakage because of a fitment issue on the top, the windows and doors. So with my EcoSmart I’ll shake up the wax
and cleaner then spray it on the vehicle. Then using a clean microfiber towel I’m going
to wipe in one direction pulling off the dirt from the vehicle. EcoSmart is a great cleaner because it not
only adds a layer of wax but as it’s cleaning it’s encapsulating the dirt for a scratch free finish. Flip to a clean side every so often and buff
off the extra wax. So already the car is looking a lot better. Now it’s time to clean this top. I’m going to be using our Convertible Top
Cleaner and all you have to do is spray it on the surface. Using our Convertible Top Brush scrub it in
to agitate it and make it foam. Wipe off the dirt with a clean towel. You can already see its making a big difference. So I’m moving along with this detail and now
its time for the wheels. These white walls are pretty dirty they have
some road rash like they rubbed up against a curb. I’m going to use Lightning Fast which is a
stain extractor. It’s meant for carpets but in the same sense
that this is a white surface with stains on it it’ll clean it the same way. So simply spray it on the surface. I’ll spray the brush also. Then start scrubbing. While I’m up here I’m also going to polish
this hub cap. It has a little bit of oxidation I’m not quiet
sure if its going to take off this texture which might be a two tone effect but we’ll
see what some Light Metal Polish does. What you’ll do is apply a couple dots to your applicator. Then work it in. Buff off the polish to see that high shine. Now that I’ve got this tire cleaned and polished
I’m going to hit the other three as well as get the bumpers and trim pieces polished. So moving on to the chrome there is some water
spots and oxidation. I’m going to clean it using the Light Metal
Polish in the same way I did for the hub caps you just apply a little bit to your applicator. Then work it back and forth into the metal surface. Then using a clean microfiber towel just
buff off the excess. This car is covered in chrome so I’ve got
my work cut out for me. I have to finish the bumper, the side trim and the rear bumper so I’ll see you in a bit. Well there you have it! After the short amount of time I had this car I was able to do some exterior cleaning as well as some light interior cleaning. The body has a good shine without any dirt or grime. I brought back most of that white luster to the top. Also the white walls aren’t dirt with
road grime and debris. The car could stand a little more attention because it’s over 50 years old and it could use a polish and waxing. As far as the customers needs go I would say hes expectations have been met. So we’ve definitely added some value to this car. If you want to learn more about these products you can check them out on our website If you liked this video and this car be sure to give it a thumbs up. Also don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you next time.

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  1. promoting the hell out of ecosmart almost every video. but that's a gorgeous car. 9 yrs at ford and never detail one of them

  2. Exactly how does encapsulation works?can you wash a dirty car full with roadsalt and tar/grime with ecosmart?

  3. Great Job Chemical Guys! I am the owner of this ride! Thanks for the SPEEDY & BRILLIANT detail. Clean & Mean Cinematography Phil! #POPOLOGY®

  4. Nice detail job, but it could of came out better. If your worried about water going into the car they have convertible top covers that you could've used and just rinsed the car off first instead of Giving all the work the eco-smart cleaner. And the white walls didn't come out that well. A white wall tire brush could've helped. But other than that good job.

  5. i own an antique vehicle with wide whitewalls, havent found a product yet that will get them clean, def with try this

  6. Hey Nick, I have noticed you are not wearing glasses in these older videos. I take it they are somewhat of a new thing? Great video buy the way. Any way I could also get you to tell me the name of the "Green Onions" remix?

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