CLASSIC CAR FOUND IN STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found car

CLASSIC CAR FOUND IN STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found car

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls today 180 190 190 200
let’s go quarters how about two and a quarter 200 whisper quarter two and a
quarter and half two and a half 75 75 she said no 75 how much 500 bucks 25 any
525 no 525 525 525 twice he stole I wouldn’t
even get 25 bucks on that I went for 525 yeah yeah the VW bug was our bus was
smashed we got it for 750 and we sold this how much ten already made 10 bucks
back one whites
going twice no motor enough to make a homeowner no
motors you can see in it got a tag on the back so if you plan on and you’ll
sign off parts only on okay here we go we got one more vehicle after this I got
a hundred bucks open how about one and a half hundred bucks look for half half
anywhere yeah one and a half to two and a half yeah three three and a half yeah
five hundred over here about half no five hundred look for a half 500 bucks
550 anywhere about 500 here look for 550 500 going once
again five and a half six five and a half six and a half six and a half seven
750 Hey 750 look for eight seven eight anywhere
751 once 750 twice Oh eight just in time eight and a half
800 bucks a cup for a half eight hundred half anywhere no 800 looking for a half
800 on what’s 812 but yeah no oh fuck wouldn’t we look let
me look cute going up to this look at the rest 4s paperwork’s done what two days and
you come get it get all the paperwork only things not included transfer and
the back okay 15 open right there about 75 51 475 here sexy another bus hundred
bucks one of the quarter one and quarter back yep one and a half and a half 75 to
turn a quarter two and a half 375 303 the quarter PI over three and a quarter
you out there in the half 375 350 but 475 350 75 four and a quarter 400 look
for a quarter and a half 75 for 50 75 back to you 450 to 475 five five and a
quarter 504 and a half five and a half yep 75 by 75 six and a
quarter 625 back to you 600 looking for 25 625 I got 600 here 25 and a half 675
650 left for 675 650 75 back they said no 650 75 anywhere okay seven and a
quarter seven half 725 and a half seven 75 800 800 and a quarter and a half a 25
25 and a half that one Scott bought one of those recently he said that he had a
hard time getting a thousand that Porsche was not really worth that the
car before I bid 800 almost had it almost had it and then good old George
had to have it for 850 shout to you George oh I had a percent fifty he added
I stopped I couldn’t do it now we’re gonna look at the VW bus boys and girls I don’t think there’s any way that make
that accident go away this thing is nice what do you think ladies and gentlemen
look at the bumpers cars have this collector ability I know it’s probably
not a word collector ability 750 725 now probably could darn near pay for this
car with those bumpers I bet you there’s highly sought after and hard to find in
that good a condition you look at the body this thing is nice it’s dance we
had a decent paint job put on it at once this is the problem with the cartas what
drove the value down it had some type of accident pretty much have to just cut
the whole car off bike there by the door panel you don’t wanna save us the end of
the video and then open it and trick everybody empty case look at the quality
of this the original interior great shape look at the handles this thing is
in really nice shape all things considered let’s check that sting out oh
you could live back here kids I’m leaving you I’m gonna live back here for
that one this thing is in Nice shape the back windows busted yeah but that’s not
a big deal it probably is busted on impact it’s flat here
I don’t it’s metal I could have guessed that there you go that’s cool you guys didn’t
notice this thing turns into a bed up here
this mechanism up here could probably pay for this vehicle as well a bathroom
in this no this is just a little quote hanging closet everything looks so nice
in here too bad pimp my ride wasn’t still out
cuz you could put this on pimp my ride here we go no you know who might like
this you know how to probably like this as well Michael yeah cuz he likes these
things oh yeah look at that paint job you’re a painter car parts this thing is
think this thing is in good shape the transmission works still what I look
like in a VW everybody yeah this thing is just flawless right 71 72 this is the like I said if you can take
this get a new body cut it off right there you got a whole new VW again but
the thing of the rest of its flawless to find this in original quality that’s all
original interior wood parts everything you see and this pop up right here is
hard to come by as well engine is probably flawless in this if you took of
the engines probably flawless by far pay scored as well it’s leaking the oil look is this ingenuity but I got the
standard 3750 about 40 bucks okay on that take a half a dollar forty
dollars anywhere 42 I know my 40 bucks 450 $40 50 anywhere
50 60 60 years 70 80 80 back no $70 80 70 bucks the Cooper 80 70 dollars going
once 70 going I got 80 90 bucks $100 110 120
110 looking for 2,100 10 bucks 20 anyway got a hundred ten going once
110 twice sadly it’s the way the storage business
goes I came here for the specific unit was supposed to be here and I paid up at
the last minute and that’s what happens sometimes around here traveling looking
for treasure is it’s not there once you get there 40 45 45 or 50 55 45 minutes thanks for the seats look
like in that hole back there behind a nice it’s a nice suite I couldn’t
believe it they didn’t like the one that was sawing
the crank c’mon yeah yeah five of cord yeah seven or eight go to their half
thousand yeah

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. The only thing with those bugs is parts they are expensive Mike, my mate restores them and it can be a money pit mate

  3. Michael can you say why you can buy vehicles at this auction but not at others?? You should be able to at all auctions because you can do everything a towing company can do by checking for liens and changing titles over. Thanks and maybe you can fix the van for your son !! 👍👍👍

  4. You should get ahold of mike from "American Pickers" on history channel. He loves vw anything and loves the vans and if i recall Mile also collects some VW buses. You could make some good quicxk flip money off him as he might take as is for a good money….just an fyi!!

  5. Buying parts and doing some of the work yourself you have the potential to have a vehicle b/s in the area upwards of 30k

  6. You can part out the good parts of that VW bus and make a ton. The emblems alone could cover your cost. If the engine is there and good, you're golden.

  7. Why is Scott going through the unit??? Did you two go half on it? Please, please don't part it out. Spend the money and have the damage repaired. These vehicles are worth a fortune now. There are thousands of people everyday fixing them up and living in them. It's a big thing called "van life" which you can find documented here on YouTube. There are even specific groups who only buy the v.w.'s. Fixed and cleaned up, you're probably looking at between 25,000 to 40,000 dollars. Even selling as is with the parts you have you're looking at $15,000 to 20,000. Just advertise it, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast it will sell. I'm not an expert on many things, but I absolutely know what I'm talking about on this one. It's even more desirable than the Mercedes sprinter which is what I have. Good luck Mike. Your units just keep getting better. Your karma is paying off due to the way you live. Kudo's. And once again that person was running up the bid.☹️

  8. Someone may have already commented this. Alex from curiosity inc buys and restores old cars. A van such as this was referenced in one of his more recent videos and he commented how he would love to have it. Just a thought. Nice find!!

  9. Aww man… my younger brother love to get his hands on any of those
    old cars & VW Bus. He would restore them to mint condition. He
    could even reconstruct that front end. He is that good. Does all
    work, body & paint himself. Call me; GRAM in TX.

  10. Oh man, so many childhood memories. My Aunt and Uncle had one. So many days at the Capitola beach. I hope it can be fixed or sold to someone who will fix it.

  11. I’m looking for a dvd called 24 season 9 with Keifer Sutherland..if you ever happen across it I would be down to purchase it..thanks brother.

  12. We had a 71 VW Campmobile, didnt have the pop up top thou. You lift up on that back seat and pull forward and it makes into a bed. It is was an absolute blast to drive, gear shift on the floor. Got ours used and the wiring was shot in it. We had to get rid of it. It sure was a lot of fun.

  13. Nice VW van !! Beautiful interior!! Can’t lose , it will part out for more than you have in it, if you don’t restore it!

  14. Hi, I was wondering if you all ever think of contacting a scrap metal guy to take your scrap off your hands then you wouldn't have to pay dumpster charges just a thought? 💕👍🤗

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