Classic Car meet Earls Barton in my 57 Chevy April 2018

Classic Car meet Earls Barton in my 57 Chevy April 2018

So I’m heading off to Earls Barton.
iI’s the Classic Car Meet it’s the first one of the year, first one of the season.
It’s a glorious day to day and the event, couldn’t remember the word, event opens at 4:30pm through til dusk. On a Wednesday, first Wednesday of the month. It’s the 18th
today says I was not the first Wednesday because it was postponed due to the
waterlogged grounds or field so they put it back two weeks so this is the
rearranged rescheduled one. So I going to tootle over there now and see who’s
there. It’s only the second one I’ve been to I see that the first one I went
to was in September of last year which was actually the last one of the year so
I’ve had a bit of a wait to go to the second one. And the plan is that I would
like to attend a few more this year so was he how we get on. I was unsure on
which car to take. It was either Chevy or the Cobra and you’ve probably worked
out I’m seating in the Chevy so that’s the one I’m taking. Windows are rolled down, both sides. So I’m looking particularly cool. And yeah it’s about start her up and and
see how we go. I’m just going to fix camera in some kind of sensible position. Which probably won’t end up sensible at all! Move that round a bit. Probably rock a bit. And let’s fire her up. Well, starts. It’s always good. Let it warm up a bit. It has got an electric choke on this there’s actually better than the the Cobra in terms of cold starting and
it runs a lot better on the electric choke you can pull away straight away if
you want to. Unlike the Cobra those who sort of previous video that I’ve popped
up about starting the Cobra. I still tend to wait for this to warm up a bit before I tootle off anywhere. I guess one reason for that is I’ve got a
ramp, hydraulic ramp, which the car is straddled at the moment. So I have to go
up and over that before I go anywhere which means that you have to have a
fairly good warm engine so it doesn’t stall when you start moving off straightaway, because it’s got a little hill to get up straightaway we’ve been about six inches of moving
off. So if it hasn’t warmed up properly sometimes it baulks at that. It’s loving warm outside 24 degrees
apparently so awesomely sunny, so should be a good show this evening. I’m going
take the GoPro out and record lots of stuff, go around with that and see what
cars are there. A bit too early on the choke. It’s been out once or twice this year so far. So that’s in neutral… Drive… that’s in reverse… It’s a bit tight getting in and out of the garage. As long as you’re slow and careful it’s fine. It only just fits in. Over the ramp. The other car I was
looking at was a 59 Caddy which absolutely love. However it’s just too big for the garage, by some two foot. To save me having to get out and
shut the garage doors, we’ve got automated doors. High of laziness. Full tank of fuel. Now we’re good to go. I’m probably going to go via the back roads. More interesting. Glorious day. Oh, brakes are a bit snatchy. Oil pressure is good. I’ve got a couple of extra dials down here, one for oil pressure, one for water temperature. Even though there is actually a water temperature up here. Most people disconnect it it’s not very
accurate. It’s either ‘H’ or ‘C’. There’s like a line in between so it doesn’t really tell
you very much. A lot of people put an aftermarket gauge
in, which is what I’ve done. …now we’re going John. Oh yeah we’ve got to go that way. So around the country roads. So drives completely different from the
Cobra. The Cobra is a lot lighter actually on the steering but I guess
it would be as it’s a lighter car overall, even though it’s got a v8 at the front. This hasn’t
got powered steering, although the Cobra hasn’t either. It’s got skinnier tires so you would think that it was relatively easier, or would be relatively easier and lighter on the wheel. It’s fine when you’re going, but… if you have to do any maneuvering at slow
speed is just hard work, it’s like doing wrestling. So I have ordered a powered
steering kit for it which should be here in a couple of weeks. And that’ll be
great once I get that on there. So we’re just driving through a little village called Poddington. Which if you
know drag strips you’ll be familiar with this because this is the village where
Santa Pod is. Just a bit busy here, so just wait for traffic. We’re going to go past Santa Pod in a second, or the entrance to it rather than the actual venue. They’re just re-done their strip. So over the Winter they dug up all of
the tarmac and have laid concrete down. Only had a couple of events on it so far, on the concrete. But they are hoping for faster times this year once it starts bedding in. There’s Santa Pod, on the left. We just started going over the A45 now, and we’re going to drop into a roundabout and then the entrance to the show is just there. Most people will be coming across on
this road, we’re just taking the most scenic route. We should now start seeing other classics, and bikes. All heading to the show. Don’t know if I’m early or not. Possibly. Wonder what the time is. Oh yes, a couple of minutes early So we’re just in a bit of a queue here,
because it doesn’t actually open till 4:30pm. And it’s twenty past four now. So a little bit early. But I guess they’ll probably open up in a
second when they realise that there’s a bit of a queue. And we’re blocking up the road a bit. We’re going, it’s starting to trickle in now I think. Just get my three quid ready. It’s all hot and sweaty as it’s been in me trouser pocket. I guess we’re not destined for left and
right hand drive here. There’s a lady, is on the wrong side. If you go along to the next one. Oh bless you, thank you. Thank you that’s a bit easier. Thanks so much. We are here very early doors the
ice-cream man is in front of us. You’ve got classics on one side of the
field which is obviously where we are heading. And you’ve then got general public parking on the other side. Thank you. Loads of people know loads of people here because everyone’s stopping to chat. Trader stands all set up and raring to
go. We’re on the front row. With one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, we’re the eight car in. oh ninth car in, can’t count. So it’s early in the event here. As I say we’re actually here before its opened. So not many cars here the moment. I’m just going to tootle along, see what is here and then as more start filing in I will show you those as well. Okay so we’re heading home. My back’s
killing me, walking around so much. Try and get out without running people over. Thank you.

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  1. This was a superb drive out with gorgeous weather. The first meet of the year, and a super starter for the year. First real trip out in the Chevy too! So many firsts! 🙂

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