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  1. Volvo made cars that doesn't look like bricks?

    Holy fuck! xD

    Btw. 3 mil miles = 1050x around the globe(!)

  2. I don't think anyone will pay 3 million for it. Maybe he'll get around $200,000 – $400,000….if he's lucky.

  3. Earth's circumference is 40,075 km (24,901 miles). This guy could have done about 120 turns around the whole world.

  4. it made the news because this car has the most miles on it (of the cars documented). If you get more miles than him on your Octavia, it will also be a big deal.

    Quite simple and logic, actually 😉

  5. l remember a Lutheran minister back in the mid 60's who had a Volvo P544 from the 50's.
    l was amazed in that he put on over 1/2 million miles as he use to travel back and forth from montreal,que to saskatchewan. rebuilt the motor at one point of time himself as well suspension. Then l remember a Catholic minister use to drive a brand new '66 Buick Electra which had me scratching my head.

  6. Lol he wants $3mill forit he will be lucky to get $30,000 for it unless some guy needs the highest mileage car in the world.

  7. I should go drive into him and total the thing off just because he's asking 3 million for it… just laugh as the insurance company gives him next to nothing for it.

  8. My dream car is probably an old ferrari 1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi

    yeah it might not be new, but its so beautiful and perfect oh god

  9. Volvo gave him a new XC60 to commemorate the 3 millionth mile. At each million-mile mark, the company has given him a brand-new car for free.

  10. One of the most beautiful cars volvo has ever made I think, and lets be honest, while they had a real boxy period, today no one makes a more beautiful every day family car. Think about it, what car on the road is better looking, without looking to flash. A volvo pulls off an impressive trick, beauty while retaining modesty, and that's my favourite trait in an every day car.

  11. This guys a douche, acting like the car has 3mill on 100% original drivetrain and chassis. that car has had a whole bunch of rust repair done on the body and the motor was rebuilt like 6 times since he bought it, look it up if you don't believe me

  12. maybe 357 oil changes, there no way he went 20k miles per oil change, i call bullshit on that! but still how they prove it has that many miles?

  13. I believe that Volvo was the first car make to come out with 6 digit odometers in 1968. It was not until the 1980's and 1990's that the rest of the auto industry finally converted over to six digit odometers, that show how many hundreds of thousands of miles the car has. This change was long overdue! Until then, cars had only five digit odometers that would only show "00000" when the car turned over 100,000 miles. But if Irvin Gordon does sell his 1966 Volvo P1800 for three million dollars, he ought to apply some of that money toward custom installation of a SEVEN digit odometer, that shows how many millions of miles the car has without going back to "000000".

  14. Volvo should be honoring him and the car. They should buy the car from him, and put it in a museum. They should also give him a new car or two ( new ones may not last that many miles )

  15. Talk about greed . Look I give him about 2,000 and if say no then my next offer will be less . Another words I wouldn't give that fat ass what the fat slob asking .

  16. I think he pulled out the speedo/cable and hooked it up to a dremel tool……. Now that I finished the video, " A dollar a mile " ? I'm going out to buy me a dremel for sure, I'm going to be RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Lol.

  17. The first engine rebuilt was done after 600.000 miles the second was done at almost 2 millions and Volvo will buy the car from him to take it to their museum in Sweden.

  18. 3 millons miles seems a bit exagerated but I can testify 600,000 miles on a 240 volvo that I've driven every day to go to my work and return home in the canada climate and this on the same drivetrain without any other maintenance than changing oils, replacing the timing belt(many times), the water pump ( twice) ,the alternator ( once),oil seals, steering rack and ball joints, … and the oil pan
    this car have 30 years and serve me every day…not so bad

  19. I always loved my Volvo 240's. I owned 3. The best one was my second… an 85. I only paid 1700.00 for it and i drove it 90,000 miles. I learned to work on cars with that one, and I barely had to take it to a mechanic. It was a treasure, and beautiful!

  20. He was featured on the Tonight Show, & all Jay Leno wanted to talk about was what kind of sandwiches he liked when he traveled (& Jay is supposed to be a 'car nut')

  21. So who is buying all the fuel ?paying for all service's? all needed repair's, all the tires? and all the lodging? looks a little small to sleep in on the
    road ? or is this gentleman independently weathy? 3 million miles don't come cheap in today's world eh?

  22. this man is a pure legend he drives a volvo for more than 45 years and the car is still going, now thats the power of a volvo!

  23. I just purchased a Volvo 940 1995 with 405k miles on it. No leaks. Very clean and good condition. My boss laughed at me when I told him I purchased a reliable car. My other car is a Mazda Miata with 235k. But now I use my Volvo for work and take me home to see my family. I made a video about it if y’all wanna Check it out. I plan on keeping it forever

  24. What a fantastic piece of machinery, and what a fantastic man to have taken so good care of it all these years!

  25. There are some mercedes 190 D from early 90's with 600.000 miles without engine rebuilt and still running strong, personally i saw one with 800.000 as a cab.

  26. According to my calculations 3 million miles costed him 400k $ . With this money he could have bought a nice house and a modern day sportscar so basically he is a dumbass

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